How to Record a Podcast in Wondershare DemoCreator?

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2023-04-20 19:42:26 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

There are around 1.4 billion listeners around the world who listen to Podcasts. These audio recordings or files consist of stories, theatres, series or episodes of shows, and sometimes audio therapy on digital audio platforms. With the increasing listeners and demand, many have started recording podcasts successfully as it is open to all. You can record a Podcast with the help of any recording tool like Wondershare DemoCreator. It's a user-friendly tool that allows recording of audio and video for all kinds of work. If you have content and looking forward to recording a podcast, go for it!

Why do you Want to Record Podcasts?

The main reason why podcasts are now in a booming market is the keen listeners. Like videos, only audios like podcasts can be very useful for people in many ways.

  • With around 144 million listeners worldwide, it's evident that this can be a good medium of connecting to listeners and promoting your work. A good platform with a monthly subscription system can allow listeners to grow your exposure and business as well.
  • Podcasts are portable; you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. It allows us to relax your eyes and avoid visual attention, unlike books and digital screens.
  • Podcasts come in a variety of ranges and different genres. It can be motivational, educational, political, philosophical, or even just funny; anything but an excellent audio recording to which listeners connect to be a podcast.
  • Suppose you have good content or voice if you do storytelling, recitation, or even stand-up comedy record podcast in Wondershare DemoCreator. It helps you to reach people and listen to you.

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How to Record a Podcast with Wondershare DemoCreator?

Wondershare Democreator is a fantastic tool that helps record screen activity; the web can live recording and sound for the podcast. Its advanced features make things easier. Usually, when you record a podcast in DemoCreator, it's not just about your voice. To create that certain ambiance through audio, you need to put some sound effects and your voiceover. This is what makes your recordings unique from others. Make sure you provide the exact feeling that you expect as a listener yourself.

The following steps will make you understand how to record a podcast with Wondershare Democreator:

Step 1. Download the DemoCreator program

  • The first thing that comes is downloading the software on your computer to access it. Open Google chrome or your regular browser and search for Wondershare DemoCreator.
  • Click on the first link or open the official website. You will see two buttons: Download free and Buy now. You can buy it for a perpetual license or download it free and start using it.
  • Now double click on the downloaded .exe file to run the installation program.
  • Open the installed software and click or capture or video editor.
  • Now register yourself by clicking the icon on the top right corner and putting your Wondershare ID on the pop-up window.
  • If you don't have an ID, create one by choosing 'Create Account.'

Step 2: Get Ready to Start Recording

  • Open Democreator and click on the red icon 'capture' to start recording.
  • Set the parameters for your recording like - audio setting, recording region, webcam, etc.
  • Of course, you need some excellent microphones to get your sound better. Make sure you are in a noise-proof room or at least silent to get the best result.

Step 3. Record a Podcast

  • Now that you are ready to capture, assemble everything near you, like the microphone and your laptop or pc.
  • Keep your pointers noted down accordingly how you will read or act on the content and keep the required sound effects downloaded.
  • In the case of video podcasts, you try to find a good background.

Step 4: Edit Your Recording Podcast

  • This tool provides you the opportunity to choose audio both from your computer and microphone as well. This is a default setting. The software will capture both sounds automatically as you start recording.
  • You can change this default setting by clicking on audio then choose Capture/Don't capture from the two options of Computer Audio and Microphone. You can add the sound effects through this.
  • In case you are making a video podcast, you can change the screen and camera setup by clicking on the 'Screen' or 'Camera' eventually.

Step 5: Save and export

  • When you are done recording, the software automatically saves it until your next recording. You can see all the files from the queue in the project panel or left side panel.
  • The autosave option secures your projects without any worry of data loss.
  • Export the finished files in the required file format. In the case of videos, it will be MP4, AVI, H264, etc. For audio, it's MP3.

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Recording a podcast doesn't take much if you a proper tool or recording software and the right approach to it. Nowadays, podcasts have a huge listener base, just like songs. Making a podcast or even a video podcast makes sure it has all the ingredients that make it unique. Wondershare DemoCreator is a fantastic tool to record and edit your audio and video components. However, it is recommended for video podcasts more than audio ones since it has various features to edit videos but minimal features for audio. Although the purpose can be done by it. The DemoCreator Podcast Recorder is a powerful tool among other substitutes like Filmora, Manicpod, etc.