How to Record Radio Stream

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:06 • Filed to: Audio Recording

There will be times when you will need to record the audio stream that is being played on the radio and to do this, you will need to find an app. There are also multiple times when you will need to record a meeting's narration for any future reference. The apps and methods that are going to be discussed here can be used easily, all thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. We hope that we are able to clear and answer all your questions on the topic of ‘record radio streams'.

As you are listening to a radio station, you might want to record a song so that you can listen to it later, as well.We are going to go through a few methods that will help you with all that you want to know. If you are doing your own research, we believe that you will end up getting all confused. This guide will help you with the best methods and you have landed at just the right spot.

Best Way to Record Audio Stream

Coming to our first method, the audio stream can be easily recorded with a multi-purpose software application like Wondershare DemoCreator. The app comes loaded with features and you will find it quite simple and straightforward to use. It will also offer you an integrated editor that you can put to use to trim/edit the audio. The dashboard is also quite easy to navigate and you will be able to start recording with just a few simple steps.

1. Launch the app and based on the system specs, it will take a few moments to fully open up. Make sure that you have set the computer to high-performance settings.

2. It will greet you with an intuitive dashboard that will be used to proceed. For those going to record a new clip, click on the "New Recording" button.

run democreator

3. The Capture button will give you a new pop-up where you will get a number of options to tweak accordingly. You will get to set up the audio settings, webcam settings, and also screen recording area.

If you are also going to record the screen, you can drag and drop the corners according to the recording area.

4. Before you proceed to hit the Record button, launch the radio that you want to record. You can also record the input from the system microphone.

settings in democreator

Hit the Record button, or you can also use the hotkeys to record. The F9 will be used to start recording and press F10 to stop the recording.

How to Record Audio Stream Online

There are various computers and devices that are not able to bear up high loads, and for those devices, we are going to explain an alternative method. This tool from 123Apps dubbed as Online Voice Recorder will help you with all the issues related to record radio shows and streams. You might not know about this hidden gem, and we are going to introduce you to all the features. Let's dive into all the features without any further adieu.

online voice recorder

1. Launch a browser of your choice and make sure it's updated to the latest version. Enter the and click on the red mic button.

2. On the top, you will need to allow a few settings, for example, microphone, flash settings, pop-ups, and cookies. Make sure that you have selected Allow from the drop-down menu. Once you have changed the settings, it will ask you to reload the webpage.

3. Tap on the mic button, and it will start recording. You can open another tab to play the audio stream. It will also give you a pause button along with the time taken.

4. As you press the stop button, it will give you a full timeline. The Save button will allow you to save it locally. It can be trimmed by dragging and dropping from the sides.

5. Once done, hit the Save button, and it will take a few moments to save the file.

Record Audio Stream with Chrome Extension

For those who are only a Chrome user, we are going to introduce you with the one that can be used as an extension. It will be a small file that will be added to the browser, and a few simple steps will allow you to start recording. The extension that we are going to record is Simple Audio Recorder. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and find the extension through the search box.

simple audio recorder

1. On the browser, get to the web store.Enter the Simple Audio Recorder and hit the Add To Chrome tab.

2. It will give you a prompt where you will need to allow the browser to add the extension. Once done, you will be able to record radio stream Mac or Windows.

3. Once the download is complete and it's added to the browser, it will automatically redirect you to the new page.Provide the extension all the necessary permissions, and you are good to go.

4. On the top, you will get the SAR icon, and you can click on it to start recording the audio. It will turn red to indicate that the recording is going on, and you will also get the elapsed time in seconds.

5. When you stop the recording using the same button, it will offer you the Save As dialog box.

Before quickly wrapping it, we must say that the simplest and easiest of all is the first method that we have discussed. Thanks to Wondershare DemoCreator, there are loads of features that you will be able to put to use. Having easy access to audio recording tools will come in super handy while you are in a meeting or listening to a song on the radio. The methods and tools that we have discussed here are quite easy to use. We hope that you are able to find all the right answers to your questions related to the recorded radio shows topic. The steps are also quite simple to follow, and all you will need is this short and simple guide.