Benefits of Lecture Capture

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We are living in times like the world has never seen before and while it has disrupted what we perceived to be the normal way of living, there has been an opportunity which has arisen and has gradually gained prominence and that opportunity has been for the online classes sector. The sector has become extremely popular in the world today and teachers have been recording their lectures and making them available for their students.

This is not just restricted to the schools and colleges that have started to create their teaching online but for independent teachers who teach courses and other teachers who are teaching soft skills and vocational training. While we are still new to the concept of online learning, there are a few benefits of video lectures which have come up these days and have slowly grown on to the world. The ones who were sceptical of teaching online and not physically are gradually getting convinced about it and here we list out why that is happening


The biggest advantage which is offered by the online learning concept is the accessibility factor that comes along with it. Now people don’t have to reach information, it is information that has started to reach people and it has been able to reach the remotest part of the world where it is difficult for a school or university to open and sustain therefore with the investment of an internet connection and a streaming device, they can access information from all over the world and not have to be worried about the physical toil of managing to reach a particular learning place for education.

This has arisen from the need of being locked down into homes with the threat of a virus looming around the world but has perhaps laid the foundation of how learning is going to be carried out in future. Accessibility also allows people from distant places to explore different aspects of learning or different courses without physically having to go and enquire about it and perform the taxing processes of filling up forms and registering physically for courses. Not just the lessons but the peripheral activities can also be taken care of online very comfortably like paying for the course and other such activities.

Visuals Speak Better Than Words

Another advantage that has been observed for the online education has been tat that the content can be designed in the form of creative visuals which leave a better impact than a physical class where people just speak and explain the concepts. Here, tools such as graphs, charts and other artwork can be used for communicating the concept that is being taught in the video.

Visual memory is said to have a much more lasting memory than anything else and is a smarter way to teach. The world has gotten used to this concept and teachers are even inculcating it in the regular physical classes where tools like graphs, charts and other demonstrations being used so it has definitely upgraded the world of education for sure.

Faster Medium

This is definitely a quicker medium for education and that is because the students who are viewing this can in all certainty speed the unwanted parts up and that is a service to those students who might be clear about a particular topic and might not want to go through that particular topic again. This makes the online education a faster medium of education where the students can also view a few parts at 1.5 or 2 times the speed of the normal video and save time on their overall study hours

Personalized Way Of Teaching

The students are able to download these lessons individually and then view them too in the comfort of their homes. This is where they would always have an option of pausing and looking back at the points which they might have missed and this is a key feature because the learning abilities of every student is certainly not the same and therefore such personalization goes a long way in creating educated people. This is most definitely one of the lecture capture advantages that the world has observed in the last few years and it has benefitted students all over the world.   


Another one of the significant benefits of video lectures has been the way students have been able to go back to their classes and revise. This is one of the most inconspicuous advantages that has been observed.

This is because in a physical class, while students would be able to take notes and refresh the concept, there is always a big chance that the students may forget the context and the explanations related to the lectures and an online lecture allows them to quickly brush a topic up without having to go into the details of the whole of the topic and focus on only the relevant section which needs attention. This is a critical part of online learning which has emerged beneficial ever since the online learning norm has started.

Best Tool for Capturing Lecture Videos

If you want to record a lecture for your students, or you are a student who wants to screencast your class, then Wondershare DemoCreator will be the best choice. This software is design to record your computer screen activities and webcam to help you learn better in remote distance. Besides, it is also embedded with many annotations and caption options, which let you express yourself better in the videos.

recording lecture with democreator

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There are many who were reluctant to make the transition to online learning earlier when the concept came into being. There were those who would ask the question does recording lectures help? But clearly the benefits of the online learning concept have definitely overshadowed its shortcomings and people are now taking to it a lot better. There is a sudden wave of companies who are facilitating the concept of online learning and this is where the world seems to be heading in future as well and considering the benefits that are evidently there, it is no surprise why such a thing is happening. Online learning has shown that it is beneficial and in future it is expected to provide greater benefits as well with newer technologies being developed.