Best Screencast Tool for Teachers 2021

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:02 • Filed to: Teacher Skills

Online teaching in the modern world has emerged to be a new way of learning for the students where the teachers sitting at one place can share their knowledge with everyone who wants to attain that knowledge all across the world. Particularly in the so called new normal in the post COVID world and the lockdowns around the globe, online education is a sector that has emerged to be one that has gained immense prominence in the modern world. One of the best tools that teachers follow for their online lectures is screencasting.

Screencasting is a process that involves the recording of computer screen digitally and also the addition of voice narration on those digital recordings in most of the cases. This is an effective way for teachers to explain everything they want to explain to their students in a visual form. It is a proven fact that visual memory has better retention and hence screencasting forms the core of online education in the modern world. In this article we will bring the best screencast tool for teachers.

What Screencast Tool Should Be For Teachers

A Screencasting software is effective only if it fulfills the following criteria:

Easy to Use

For screencasting software to be truly useful, it is essential that the software is easy to use. This is because most of the teachers who are teaching using screencasting aren’t exactly experts when it comes to the nuances of technology and software. The teachers must not find it too difficult to assess and come to terms with the software and their focus should solely be on the subject that they are teaching. If technology of the software turns out to be a hindrance for the teacher, they are likely to reject and move on to simpler options.

Record Voice

The screencast videos are never too effective unless there is a voice that gives commentary on the actions that are happening on the screen. The voice recording is an essential part of the screencast videos. They define how and where the video is going to reach in terms of engagement. The screencasting software should always have the option of voice recording in order to really be a good option for the users.

Annotation Features

These are the features which allow the app to have text labels. The annotation features must most definitely be present in the screencast software which will allow the users to document or write on whatever the user is screen recording. The screencast software must also be allowing different types and styles for text in the annotation features.


This is a key factor when it comes to screencasting software and their popularity because if the concept of online learning has to reach a wider audience it must reach those who might not have the ability to afford it. A lot of the screencasting software are free with many features however there are a few which do not provide all the features in the free version and a subscription fee is required by them.

Best Screencast Tools For Teachers

For the best screencasting software, we would recommend Wondershare DemoCreator. The process of recording the presentations, tutorials and other videos such as the gaming videos can be done with ease in this software. The users have an option of recording the video and also editing the video and quickly capturing the ongoing screen. This is also a very intuitive screencasting tool and also has many courses online along with the training videos which provide the users with an option for understanding how this software works.

Wondershare DemoCreator is the best screencasting tools for teachers as the users can record the screencasting process and share their expertise with the users. It has options for the sound clip and microphone which the teachers can create the most creative and simple videos. The teachers can also avail the options for recording thorough webcam as per the needs of the users. They also have an option of the annotations which have the captions and the banners as well as other overlays and stickers for the text addition to the users.

Other Screencasting Tool For Class

The users can record their screen using the following few screen recording software.


This is one of the most popular screencasting software among people and also has as many as 12 million downloads. This is one of the best free screencasting software for teachers as it comes in the form of an extension which is there in the browser. Another big-time feature for the users is the fact that it is very easy to use and the and the users can get the hang of the software in no time whatsoever.


The users also have an option of sharing the videos to the social media sites and also through the google drive. The users have an option of editing and drawing the pen tool along with the clicking and highlighting. There are other options for export of the video in the format of MP4, GIF and also the audio options of MP3.


This is also another a video recording tool which is easy to use for the users where they can quickly create a screen capture, one which is customizable along with the webcam video and narrations. This is also one of the most popular video recorders because of how interactive it can make the video that has been recorder. This is particularly good when the users want to create an experience for their students.

screen o matic

This is also free and the users can also have the option of editing the video through the video editor which is also provided by the same software. There are many reputed companies which have used this software for education and training in the corporate setup as well.


This is a screen recording app which focusses on learning as a visual medium being more effective than the medium of text. They focus a lot more on the business and training solutions and focus on replacing one to one sessions with the voice recorded tutorials. This offers a complete set of solutions for helping people screen capture and organize.


It can also help the users in controlling who watches the video. It is very easy to use and also has many reactions to the users. There are other options such as easy options for editing and sharing instantly for the teachers. This is being used by many colleges for the undergrad and post grad students to positive reviews.


This is perhaps the most complete recorder as it offers an all in one solution for the recording of presentations or anything else that is being played on the screen. It is suited for all kinds of videos as in the tutorial, training and other such videos. It creates videos which look professional and can work well with both Mac and Windows. It has an option of recording as well as editing of videos.


It has some of the effects which are unique to this software and can create some of the most creative videos that do still manage to live up to the professionalism levels. The scoring point in the software is the effects one can add to the video.


This is another most popular screen capturing software where the annotations and step tools are the most effective features and are preferred by the users. They have step tools along with the Grab text tool which are helpful when a part of the image is captured by one file and then pasted on to the other file.


The user allows the sharing of the images immediately in a lot of formats and to all the leading video sharing and social media devices and also the Google Drive as well for those who want to send it privately. It has a trial version that is available for free but the users will need to pay for the unlimited features.


The above article determines the best screencasting for teachers 2020 where we have made an attempt to ascertain which of the screencasting software are useful for the users who have different needs and demands. Users are trying to make online education a part of their daily lives and due to that, they have had to make screencasts a part of their lives too. They can use the voice narrations along with the webcam-based videos too to make it a lot more exciting. With more innovation, it is likely that the users will be getting a better hang of this video capturing process and also make sure that the videos reach a larger audience in a more engaging manner.