How to Make Video Courses

Oliva Eve
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Teacher Skills

The world over the last few years has seen a significant change and that change has been mostly driven by the advent and outreach of the internet. The internet has expanded manifolds and the users of internet are now fast reaching into the very depths of countries and regions which had been earlier deemed to be remote and unreachable. Such is the power of the World Wide Web that people all over the world are getting connected.

One sector that has benefitted greatly from this outreach has been the sector of video course creation. Online video education is a sector that has led the content creators to create online video courses and tutorials and make it reach different people who would benefit from the course without the definitions of any borders or limitations. In this article, we will tell you how to create video course?

making video course

The sector isn't just restricted to the conventional definitions of education but has gone on to expand its horizons into other aspects such as soft or hard skills or the creation of videos which may be useful to a larger audience and be impactful in their life. An effective video helps the users in getting views and consequently getting money out of these videos.

How to Choose the Right Topic

For those wondering how to create online video classes, the first and the most essential step in this process is choosing the right topic. The users must be aware that they do not necessarily have to be degree holders in a subject to create an online video course. This is something that the creator needs to be very passionate about and need to have working knowledge off. It is important that the topic is something that the user is good at this particular topic. For example, a user doesn't need to be a degree holder in writing to give lessons on how to write a fiction, being good at it and having working knowledge of it is very important.

The second most important fact that needs to be considered by the users and creators is the fact that the video course which they are planning to create must be well in demand. Some basic amount of market research on the demand of this particular course is going to go a long away in determining the success of the video. The user obviously doesn't want to create a video and see all that go waste with no demand for the course therefore it is important that the creator assesses the demand for this video.

Types of Video Courses

1. Screen Captured/Recorded Slide Presentations

This is among the quickest ways of producing the videos for the online courses as well as events. This involves the use of recording tools or screen capturing tools for creating an online course. There are many free and simple options available for creating these videos which offer many different features which even allow the conversion of the PPTs into the videos. There are options which are there for not having any watermarks, ads or time limits. These are videos which can then be uploaded directly to the social media or video sharing platforms easily as well.

2. Screen-sharing Videos

The screen sharing videos have been over the last year with the lockdowns being in full swing have become very popular. These screen-sharing apps and websites often allow the users to have the options of screen sharing the presentation. The users have an option of doing a live class with students being present as well and the live session can be screen shared. Zoom which is one of the most popular screens sharing apps has an option of recording the audio and screen and that would mean that a training session gets recorded simultaneously and can be used in the form of an online video.

3. Close up videos

For the users who want to go in for the videos that have higher engagement, this is among the most suited methodologies. This requires a very low-cost minimum setup such as a video recording camera phone and perhaps a tripod and maybe a mic extension. The mic also requires an audio jack which is an audio jack which can be inserted into the smartphone. The phones can also focus on the face automatically. The users can also use natural lighting for the real looking for the benefit. The setup is very low cost and an easy, quick way to finish the job.

4. High Quality Videos

These are the videos which require a big setup and a higher production and provide really high quality. They are usually a high cost and difficult process. This is something that requires teams of the videographers, editors, scriptwriters and the producers. These are the videos which are permitted by the budgets and needs to be worthy of the investment.

The users need to understand that the focus would have to be on the important aspects of the core businesses which is the marketing and selling of the online courses. These are meant only for the high investment projects which are meant for generating higher revenues.

5. Webinars

Webinars are videos which are done live and usually last for the duration of around 30 minutes to an hour. There are many formats which can be used for the meeting of different needs of business. This can be done just by the use of the webcam of the computer and it is a process which doesn't cost anything at all. This can also be done by a multi camera setup if required All the user needs is a very high-speed connection of internet.

How to Create a Video Course on Your Own

Users have the option of creating a video of their own and do not need any other setup. For this, the uses need to know how screen recording software works. The users have an option of recording their videos and creating videos by using their expertise in the field of their choice. Screen recording is an effective tool which is also free and does not require too much of skill development. It is something that is also available to everyone all across the world and can be used by a common person without the help of an expert. Here, we would like to recommend DemoCreator Video Maker which is simple and easy to use recording software. We provide a few steps on how to use the Wondershare DemoCreator.

Step 1: Once you have installed this software on your desktops, you should be able to double click on your desktop icons and then start the mode known as Full Feature. After the launch of the software, click on the menu Record and then select the screen option of Record PC. The scree recording window will then open and the you will be able to adjust screen settings in the upcoming session.

democreator recording screen

Step 2: The window's left side will have a rectangle icon that is going to let you choose the area where the screen will be recorded. You will have an option of choosing from the option of Full screens and Custom and the Target Window option.

customize recording area

Step 3: Now click on the icon of Microphone and then select the mic which is will be used for recording of a narration and then click on the icon of Speakers if you want to disable or enable the computer speaker in the session of screen recording. You can even do other things like deciding where the file is going to be saved and adjust the recording and frame rate.

microphone options

Step 4: Further, you need to mark the checkbox of Mouse if you want the mouse to be present in the recording and the maximum duration too can be set and also the default screen which you prefer. You can then start the recording by clicking on the record button or the F9 key for the stopping of recording. Moreover, you also have the option of editing these videos before they can be shared.


Many users who have knowledge to share with the world have wondered how to create online video classes. This article above answers that question and also gives a few workable solutions on how it can be done. The user must choose the right video which they think would be able to connect well with the users all across the world. With the world experiencing a seismic shift, it is critical for creators that video editing is given utmost importance and the quality of videos is not left to chance and properly worked upon for creating videos on computer. Withe the best video recording software DemoCreator, everyone can be a professional photographer.