How to Plan for Distance Learning

Alma Elliott
2023-08-29 17:32:35 • Filed to: Remote Learning Engagement

Education has changed over the recent years. You no longer have to attend the conventional class to learn. That is how unique distance class is! You may have chosen the best course to take, the amount you want to spend, the distance you want to be away from home, the choice of university and the final decision is always the mode of study. You can either decide to take a regular mode of study where you attend normal lectures or opt to take remote classes. You have received your admission letter and looking at the challenge ahead is wondering how to plan for distance learning. Here you have it all!

Part 1
Why Distance Learning

The following are some of the main reasons why many folks are opting for distance learning.

Easy access

Access is a major reason why students are enrolling for the distance learning. The program is easy to access and simple to handle. Since the contemporary life has become so fast and busy, sometimes you have to multitask, everyone is looking for the easiest way to access and do things, education included.

Saves Time

The idea of studying at the same time you are working sometimes sounds unusual, but it helps in saving time. One feels fulfilled when they accomplish other tasks aside from the work concerns. You have the opportunity to complete your degree as you gain experience at your day job.

Smooth Schedule

Distance learning is a flexible mode of study that is suitable for everyone. It allows one to study from a location of choice as long as they have a computer or a phone and a reliable internet connection. One can also discuss and ask questions from the tutor and receive feedback in real-time.

At Your Pace

Distance learning has made education fun. You can study at your own pace with deadlines almost non-existence. All you require is making a time schedule and have a study plan to complete assignments when required. You can use your free time with family members or nurture your hobby. Since you are free, you can take more time researching on a given topic and get the best grades.

Part 2
How to Prepare For Distance Learning

It is important to have a study plan for distance learning in order to know you are in control before you know what you are expected to know and when. It is important to familiarize yourself with course materials before you begin your study. This is normally important when you are specific in the line of specialization you want in a particular course. The following are some of the tips that can help you get the best out of a remote learning program.

Manage your time

When you are taking an online course, it definitely means you have other responsibilities that you need to take care of. Taking an online course requires commitment and you should ensure that it fits in your daily schedule. Allocate some times for study during your free time after completing the other commitments. You should not take all the free time to be your study time since this can make you burnout after a heavy schedule. Allocate sometimes for visiting family and friends as well as nurturing your hobbies. You should be able to know the time that your brain best grasps new ideas. Include sometimes for unwinding, by taking a walk, going for dancing classes or even participating in your favorite sport. The best way to manage you time is listing all the daily routines in order of priority, arrange them to fit each day and then look at the free time that is appropriate to take your study.

Create a study space

Finding a study space is very vital when making a lesson plan for distance learning. You can graduate when studying at the comfort of your house. One mistake that people make is studying in areas with distracters like loud music and television on. In order to maximize the few hours you have for studying, create a separate room in the house and dedicate it for studying. It should be free of noise or other distracters during the study time. You can also opt to choose a friend’s house or the local library as a place to visit twice or thrice a week. This will give you a chance to break the monotony of your daily routine. This will keep in touch with the normal world, remembering that education should not make your life dull but it should brighten it!

Have all required software

When joining any distance study program it is important to have computer, laptop or tablet with reliable internet. They are important since most of the study is done online and submission of your assignments is online. There are also virtual classes that you can attend and receive feedback in real time through software like Wondershare DemoCreator that allow for synchronous and asynchronous remote classes. The DemoCreator has the features that help you to edit your presentation and add features like annotation and colors to give a quality presentation. The DemoCreator comes with a tutorial that is easy to understand on how to install and use its numerous features. It can be used by the student to prepare their presentation, edit and submit to the lecturers. The student can use WonderShare DemoCreator to record the online classes and save to share with others who never attended or use it for future reference.

democreator recording screen

Speak To Your Professors

It is important to know some of the professors who are going to be teaching you. You can talk to them via email or where you encounter them physically engage them verbally. Ask them what you will need to have ready before and after you commence your studies. The lecturers can be very helpful when preparing the resources you require for a particular course. On the commencement of the distance learning, ensure that you keep in touch with the lecturers to help you answer the questions on areas you have not understood. One of the distance learning tips for teachers is creating time for the students and offering all the relevant guidance.

Participate in the Orientation Week

Weeks before the virtual studies begins, universities often offer their students with orientation into the college; the available courses, modes of study, different faculties, resource center and any other thing the students should know about their courses. It is important to check whether your college offer orientation program for the distance learners, and if so participate actively. This is important as it will help you settle as a student in their college. It is during the orientation week that you learn on the important contacts you can use to reach to the university both on academic and personal matters. You are also offered the log in details for the course, how to submit your assignments, how to update you study materials and checking for updates and announcements among others

Connect with fellow students

You can get the chance to know fellow classmates even when you are not attending the same lecture hall. This has been made possible by the use of the internet in communication. You can check whether there is a group on social media for your program. In case there is none in existence, make one and send it to your lecturer to request your fellow students to join. This will give you a chance to interact with people from different cultural background and from different parts of the globe. Even though you may not have been able to travel abroad for your course, you will have a global connection. Connecting with fellow students will also help you share the challenges they have in particular area and you will be well informed on the best practices to understand a topic.

Visit the campus

If it is possible, you can make a visit to your college. This can be a chance to travel abroad and get to mingle with the culture of the foreign land from where you are pursuing your degree or certificate from. You will get to see the college, the buildings, the way things are run and get to interact with the lecturers on personal ground, better than the way the internet would have done. Where you cannot afford the trip to the physical structure, check on the available correspondences of the university in your country and make a visit. They will take you through everything that you would want to know about the college and answer any questions that could be bothering you.

The question of ‘how do you plan for distance learning?’ will not be a bother anymore if you follow the above tips. Distance learning has many benefits from the flexibility, ease, saving on time and studying at own pace. One can perform best in distance learning through proper planning and discipline to follow their rule and manage time. Proper use of technology and online platforms like WonderShare DemoCreator can help you in creating, editing, sending and even storing of the video files. This is of great benefit to both the students and the teacher. Invest on digital communication get the success you desire in distance learning!