How to Make Online Lessons Fun and Engaging

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:19:22 • Filed to: Online Class Strategy

As the world begins to accept the inevitable change of teaching being done online, the content creators and trainers are beginning to adopt the aspects of online video lessons. Online video lessons enable the lessons coming from one location reach an audience that ranges to the deepest and remotest part of the world. While creating online lessons, it is important that the creators are conscious of the fact that they are creating content which is useful for the users whom they want to cater to.

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The success of a video is usually determined by the number of people watching the video. Therefore, if a video gets more number of views, it will be a lot more successful. Therefore, the users definitely need to know how to make online lessons more interactive. A common mistake that those making video classes make is fill it with too much text, it is important that the videos which are being made are not boring in any sense and are in one way or the other interesting and engaging.

The communication between the tutor and student or listener in this case is one way so in order to maintain the interest of the users, it is important that the viewers keep hooked to the video and make an attempt to follow what the video has to say. In this article, we give you a few tips on how the videos can be made fun and a lot more engaging.

Keep the Visuals Relevant to Your Viewers

Those who are creating these online classes make sure that the video has a lot of visuals in them. As a lot of us would have experienced while being a part of a text presentation, it becomes extremely monotonous and often takes the interest out of the presentation. Therefore it is important that the visuals are added to a presentation. However, it is also important that the visuals are very relevant to the presentation and something that is not just used to catch attention.

The videos in such cases also act as a big detractor. If the visuals are not done properly, they also become a distraction potentially and instead of being a mode of clarification of information for the viewers, leave them in more of a fix and confused not knowing what to do. The videos and images must work for the simplification of the content that is being taught in the video class and make it easier for the viewer to grasp and understand the concept.

The user must not just have a video or image be there in a lesson without having any conceptual significance and there only for adding to the aesthetics. These visuals should be clear in their purpose and make it a point to further enhance the experience that the user is getting as a learner. The visuals do not always work in the same manner for every viewer and it is imperative that the visuals as well as the consequent content is altered for the specific needs of the users in the way that makes this learning a lot more material as well as efficient.

A good way to do this is bifurcate the learning in the video as per the different kinds of users it targets such as may be the users who are studying the subject for the first time or are experts at the subject that is being discussed. This would mean that the user can create compete different set of content not just in the form of visuals but also the content. It is also important that the different situations of the audience and their perspectives have been taken in consideration for the viewers.

Using Different Forms of Media in Your Course

Sometimes if one type of visuals is used in the classes, it also begins to become monotonous. The users who are creating the tutorials or how to contents, they can easily use a few templates which are available all over the internet and these can be added to the presentation in order to make it a lot more interactive. This is very useful for the users who are creating the classes on different topics or the same topic having different sub topics. The users will have an option of explaining different topics in different ways by adding various text, image and video elements.

The users can also use things like charts and graphs for the presentations that require explanations which are data based. In this manner, the users don’t have to make the presentation become one dimensional and make it have different dimensions. The viewers gradually are becoming busier in a faster moving world and it is important that the users can just scan through the videos without having to go through every single detail. This is where these media elements become a big asset for the video creators.

Another tool that can be used is the GIFs which can create the videos a lot more engaging. They are now becoming more and more frequent particularly in the sector of learning and professional environments for conveying the information. These GIFs are very simple for the viewer for following than the series of the images.

The animated GIFs become easier for the user to also make than a video that is difficult to record and create. The GIFs also play very automatically. This may explain the process of the video that has been processed without any of the narration. These GIFs can also become answer to many questions and then give many comparisons, demonstrating processes providing the answers which are entertaining. GIFs can also be created by using of templates.

Don’t Forget to Include Yourself in the Video

The best way to create the video is done by recording oneself by creating the audio and video content as per the experience of the audience. The users will connect a lot more if they see a face to the video and the audiences know the face of the voice they are able to see. The experience of the audience gets enhanced by a significant level and they will relate to the personal touch. The users do not need a great voice for connecting to the users and it is important that the creator is just who they are.

The viewers appreciate the fact that they are connecting with someone who is authentic and this will help in boosting engagement a great deal by seeing a face they can relate to. This also makes the recordings a lot more spontaneous and a lot less scripted. For recording a video through webcam, we here recommend the use of DemoCreator for the best result. It is a video recorder and editor which can help the users create the videos of their choice and edit the videos too in this software and there are other options of screencasting too which are available.

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For recording a webcam video in the Wondershare DemoCreator software, the user will have to gain access to the Game Bar. For doing so, the user will have to press the Win + G shortcut. This option will then get access to a few options which will enable the screen recording and webcam recording at the same time. A few of these options do not provide enough until the user enables the microphone and begins the recording of any activity that is happening on the video screen Now with the use of a webcam and a few extensions such as the installing of encoders, the user will be able to simultaneously record the screen and the webcam video.

Loom extension is one extension that offers the solutions to the recoding questions. This allows the users to choose the microphone and the camera which the user wants to use for the recording of videos and audios. Introducing the webcam recorded video footage to the users makes the video a lot more relatable than the ones which do not have it.

If you want to record an instruction video or audio for an assignment to Google Classroom so every student can watch and understand their tasks. You can simply use DemoAir free online screen recorder. Just set a laptop or Chromebook on the desk and connect a webcam then you can record your assignment and your gestures for their understanding to assign their tasks.

For recording a screen with audio and webcam. You can install DemoAir from Google Chrome Store and give access to webcam and microphone. There are 3 recording modes in DemoAir, Desktop, Current Browser, and Webcam Only recording modes. If you want to read test instructions for students, you can choose Current Tab recording so you can display the current question and yourself. They can stop/start it, go back anytime they want no disturbing the reading process. If you want to record an instructional video for your class and you need to open different applications to showcase your educational materials, you can choose Desktop recording mode.

The biggest difference of DemoAir compared with other applications is that you can directly share your assignment to Google Classroom no need for any downloading. It's a benefit if you use a Chromebook or want to record a brief video for your educational purpose.

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For making the videos engaging and fun, the content creators often ask how to make online lessons more interesting? Well, in the article above we have provided a lot of options that can be accessed by the viewers and tried in order to create the videos a lot more interesting and entertaining. Adding visuals in the form of charts, images, videos and even webcam recorded videos can create the most engaging videos that the users can directly connect to. The content creators are coming up with many different interesting techniques to make the videos extremely interactive. The users can also use video screen recorder to make the video a lot more interactive and grasp the attention span of the users in the best possible way.