Top 5 Online Video Training Best Practices

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Training Video Tutorial

We have seen the world go through a transition period over the past decade where people are now shifting online for their needs be it shopping, communicating or even networking. Learning and Training has been no difference with online training videos becoming a norm lately. This trend has escalated manifolds in the dreaded year of 2020 with the new normal involving restrictions on physical union of people and people out of necessity being forced to explore the virtues of online learning.

However, it has been a blessing in disguise with people realizing the benefits of online learning and how this new way of learning can help people in different parts of the world have access to getting the best training in the periphery of their homes. In this video we will answer a question that has surrounded many a people. How can I make my learning video effective? Here below, we will provide you with a few tips on the best practices which need to be followed in order to create good videos.

Expert Analysis

The most important part of the online learning video in the most obvious way has to be the content that is delivered however what does differ here is the credibility of the content that is provided. While the online medium provides those who are experts in a subject to share their expertise with a host of viewers, the online medium being free and available to all also allows the ones who are not perfectly familiar with the subject or have half-baked knowledge about a subject to make their views reach an audience who would further be educated in a wrong manner.

The online menace of fake news has already been one of the most difficult menaces to tackle and improper education will be difficult to control. This is where the first and foremost best practice here is that the information that is given out should be given out through the experts. This increases the credibility of the information that is given and ensures that the information and teaching that is being done has its propriety taken care of. In case the content creator is not an expert himself/herself, it is their duty to hire experts but not compromise on the quality of information that is being given through the online class.

Making Shorter Videos

If the video that is created is too big or involves too much of time to view and this is where it can get boring or monotonous for the students. The attention span of the viewer needs to be also kept in mind while creating these videos and another important factor that needs to be given focus is the fact that the students have limited data. Now in a physical class, the viewers often get the opportunity to take breaks or request the faculty for breaks.

But it is difficult to do so in an online lecture therefore it becomes the duty of the content creator to make sure that the videos are short and do not burden the users with information that is beyond is attention span. Also important to note is the fact that the users will not always have enough data to download the bigger videos and it becomes easier for them to download these videos and watch them without buffering.

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If the content just includes text, it becomes very difficult for the viewers to read and comprehend because too much theory particularly in the subjects which require practical application can only encourage them to cram the subject up. And this way they would not have working knowledge of these subjects.

Therefore, it becomes critical that the faculty and content creators fill their content up with useful demonstrations which may be in the form of tutorials, graphs, charts or even the screen-recorded videos. This gives the users ample visual knowledge of the subject along with something they can then go back to and analyse as and when the need arises. This is an extremely effective tool for engaging the viewers.

Making The Communication Two Way

There have been many content creators asking how to make an instructional video with screen recording interesting for the viewers. The answer is simple and that is by making the communication two ways. The online training videos often suffer from making the communication one way where the speaker speaks and the listener only listens however if the faculty includes questions and real life examples in his online class, it would go a long way in keeping the students engaged and increase participation which would also give a more personalized touch to the entire exercise of online video classes


The online video classes are a concept that is new to the scene and there aren’t many benchmarks or standard operating procedures which have been listed out for those creating such content. While this does offer a problem for some who do not know where to begin, it also comes with an opportunity where the content creators who are creative and innovate with their content can come up with different forms of creative techniques to make their videos reach a better audience and also get better understanding of how their audiences are responding. In the initial phases of this era, it is critical that the content creators innovate and try to create something out of the box.


In this article we have made an attempt to answer a common fundamental question these days which is how do you conduct effective training online? The best practices have often been observed to give better results and are a must follow for the ones who are new to the world of online training however these are only suggestive and do not offer a hard line. Each video caters to a whole new set of audiences each time and this is where content creators for online training can use these tips as a starting point or as a to-do list while creating the online videos. We would surely like to hear from you about any other practices which you have been following.