Best 10 Remote Learning Guidelines for Parents

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:42:53 • Filed to: Remote Learning Engagement

Learning and education particularly for the younger students is as much the responsibility of parents as it is of children. Parents are very actively involved in their children’s education because education forms a critical part in how their child is going to grow up and develop into the person he is going to be in the future. However, the recent turn of events with the schools and institutions being shut has meant that parents have felt disconcerted about their children and how this year is going to impact their studies. In this article, we try and offer the distance learning tips for parents, so that they can assist their child in this new way of education

Planning Their Child's Day

The world has seen a seismic shift and not just parents but also children have been forced to stay home due to the threat of the coronavirus looming large over the world. This elongated period at home has meant that the daily schedule for both parents and children has gone awry and it becomes imperative for parents to make sure that their children are following a schedule so that they do not compromise on their study discipline and compromise consequently on their education standards.

Going to school would have meant that the child would get up early and then follow a set pattern of the day where they complete their housework and have enough time to play as well. This is where parents need to be careful that the schedule is maintained properly by children

Arranging for All the Necessary Material

The students at home often cannot arrange for all the material required to study and this becomes the duty of their parents that they are pro-active in their child’s learning and make sure that all the material that is required for their child is provided to them.

This might appear to be a simple task however it turns out to be a difficult one because the parents themselves in the era of remote working are pre-occupied and it usually takes special attention or some extra effort on their part to ensure that their child has everything that he or she requires for being able to study properly. This is a major aspect of remote learning that parents need to take care of relentlessly.

The Learning Atmosphere

A big point that has been raised by the critics of online learning has been the fact that the environment which is there in school is more of a learning environment and the one which is there at home might not be similar with household activities or the sound of television or other such distractions being a major deterrent to learning.

It is important that the parents take enough steps to make sure that this is not the case with their children and they are given an environment which is not only free from distractions but also encourages learning in a manner that is most suited to the needs of their children. They need to take care of this aspect.

Making Their Learning Personalized

There is no one who knows their child better than the parents and that is where distance learning could be a big positive for the parents who can now personalize the learning for the needs of their children. Distanced learning can be an effective tool as parents can actively now take part of the learning process of children which will make them monitor how and where their child is lacking and can get better and where they would like to continue the way they are continuing

The personalized learning concepts give parents a chance to be with the children in school and help them through the difficult concepts of learning. This is where the parent and child bond can grow deeper as well.

Helping Them Understand and Be Self-Reliant

In continuation to the point above, while the distance learning concepts do allow students to be under the supervision of their parents, it is important that the parents do not enforce learning for them and it becomes very difficult for the child if they impose learning. Instead they would be better served if they help the child reach the ends of the concepts themselves while they can be the means.

This is where spending a lot of time with the children can also help the parents in realizing what approach works better with their children. This is where remote learning really gives a chance for the teachers and students to establish a relationship with parents as well.

Creation of A Workspace

The remote learning concepts work even better for the students when they make sure that the learning is done at a particular spot. Fixing a spot for the learning of their children is the beginning of creating an environment for them which is conducive for learning and this particular spot should be the one which makes the students feel that they are in their study space.

This can always be decorated and made more efficient with the addition of motivational quotes books charts and other such things which will make them feel like they are at the learning environment which is best suited for them.

Making Learning Fun

This is an important part of learning as the parents can really involve their children in the learning process by making games out of concepts of learning and thereby getting the interests of their children in concepts. A part of this are first of all understanding that the concepts which might appear simpler to them might be difficult for their children.

This is where they need to understand that the complex concepts for children need to be treated in a manner that is easy for their children and taken as a game for them so that they can understand the concepts with utmost ease. This is where parents can set achievable challenges for their children and make sure they achieve it.

Enhanced Growth Mindset

This is very critical for the organic development of a child because it is important for the parents to understand that not all children will take to the online learning equally and this is where they need to make sure that they are always supportive of their children and make sure that their child is growing and getting better all the time.

A growth mindset helps the children to focus a lot more on their development and not just focus on the marks that they are getting and it is a way to help them in development of the mindset of the child which will help them in the creation of an atmosphere where the child will always focus on processes rather than result.

Discovering The Motivation

Not every child is the same and it is very important that the parents to focus on what motivates their child. Parents understand children a lot more than their teachers do and therefore it is critical that parents make sure that the motivation is identified and also nurtured for their students.

This is where the parents will have to understand that the theories of learning and the basics of neurosciences are studied properly in order to understand how the mind of a child works. This is where they will be able to understand what the child really wants and how the parents would want the life of their child to be.

Help Keep Up with Changing Demands of Knowledge

Another step in the remote learning for parents will be for the parents to understand how the demands of the knowledge are going to be in the present world and in the world they will step into in the future. This is where the world has been changing and becoming more practical based than academic based.

Parents need to understand while at homeschooling that the efforts are taken for making sure that their child applies the concepts which have been learning the academic knowledge. This will be helping in the scenario of formal learning and also the learning of the student. This will help the child tackle the needs of the modern world and also understand where the world is going in the future.

tips Tips

If your children have trouble in remote leaning, it is always recommended to use DemoCreator to record a video clip to illustrate the problem and feedback to the teachers.


This remote learning tips/guide for parents are ones which will help the child adjust to the happenings of the modern world and the scenarios that have arisen lately. Parents are an active part of their child’s learning and will become an important the part of how the child will adjust to the modern world's demands of online learning. Online learning is a new conceptual challenge that parents need to counter together with their children and that is how parents will be helping their children become better students and eventually better human beings.