Virtual Learning Activities

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:34 • Filed to: Elearning Tips

Life is never static in the 21st century, and so are the technologies. Have you ever thought to yourself if discoveries and fascinating experiments could be made sitting at home? Well yes! Virtual learning activities are the way out to the vast world of technology and advancement.

You can learn, discover, and explore the world of education and the realities of life by sitting at home and interacting with your online group mates. If you are looking forward to knowing more about virtual learning or eLearning, then the following article might act as your best friend. This guide is sure to help you as there are several ways through which you can take part in virtual learning activities.

How? You will get to know about further reading these exciting ideas on fun Virtual Learning Activities. Here is a list of a few creative ideas you can use to make virtual learning activities more cheerful:

1. Brainstorming

Virtual events become boring soon, without any fun. You can choose to have virtual brainstorming classes online to make practical exercises unique. One of the fun virtual learning activities is the brainstorming sessions where you get to know and share different ideas on any particular topic online.

Also, brainstorming classes make virtual learning more exciting. They bring a change of taste in the cliché norms and old concepts on the issues for discussion.

Moreover, brainstorming sessions break regular ideas and open new gates to a fantastic point of view on the topic. You can use any platform like online video call tools and chat-boxes. They can be used to discuss and share random ideas directly or indirectly related to the topic.

2. Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios are the most exciting parts of the virtual learning sessions. Also, branching scenarios refer to real-life events done in online learning sessions or eLearning. Here, you can experience real-life activities in fantastic ways.

Virtual learning authorities take the help of different software and tools to imitate various real-life events in virtual learning. In this way, virtual learners can easily experience multiple fun activities by sitting at home without much interaction with outsiders.

Moreover, the branching scenario helps in increasing experiences practically and thus helps them deal with real-life situations later. The use of virtual images and sound effects during branching scenarios on virtual learning activities make the sessions more realistic.

3. Question and Answer Rounds in eLearning

One of the best virtual classroom activities includes a virtual question and answer rounds. You might be thinking by now that how are question and answer rounds even possible in online discussions.

But to your surprise, now you can create blogs with different questions and share them online to get views of other online learners. Such question and answer sessions in virtual learning play a pivotal role in enhancing discussions on various topics.

Moreover, they help in discovering multiple points of view and ideas on the subject of debate. It just requires a team leader to judge and re-question the different approaches and knowledge coming out as a fruit of the discussion. This virtual learning classroom also requires a few rules and regulations to ensure equal participation of all the group members.

4. Real-World Mysteries

When it comes to practical learning activities for adults, nothing can be a better activity than real-world mysteries. In such sessions, the mentor or leader provides the virtual learners with a few mind-engaging stories and clues which they can use to solve the real-world puzzles. The case studies and twisted clues help them conclude at the end of the story, which is left incomplete for them to answer.

After completing all the stories, virtual learners can compare their conclusion to the actual outcome and end of the real-world mysteries. In this way, the virtual learners can invent and broaden their mindsets at ease. Moreover, their ability to think and dissolve matters becomes stronger with real-world mysteries.

5. Debates

One of the best strategies for virtual learning activities is debating. Debating helps the virtual learners establish their point of view and helps them judge a particular topic from various angles and points of view of others at ease.

The debates on online classes also expand your mindsets and enable you to fight the opponents virtually and verbally without being violent. The feedback of various teammates on a particular subject gives way to a lot of discussions.

Furthermore, it prevents conversation or virtual learning activity from being boring. Debates stop virtual learners from losing interest from the topic of the discussion and sharpen their minds. Contests help virtual learners in developing mind controls. Also, their communication skills develop at an unimaginable rate.

6. Thought-Provoking Stories

Thought-provoking stories play a vital role in virtual learning sessions. In these activities, you can participate in virtual stories where you can relate to real-life at ease. The story might contain characters that refer to your real-life personalities. Such well-written plots can influence the virtual learners in various ways, like changing the mentality and perspective after taking part in the story as a character.

Moreover, the ability to make firm decisions becomes more powerful. The virtual learners might come across various open discussions and debatable questions in front of others. Now, coming to these questions, they would have to answer publicly for mind clearance and self widening thoughts.

7. Turn The Table

In the eLearning process, it sometimes becomes tough to relate to things that you read online. Bookish knowledge is of no use until and unless you can apply them in real life. In virtual learning activities, you can get a few tasks and projects to work on and share them with your teammates or group mates to extend your ideas on the topic and listen to their feedback on your work. This will enhance your sense of responsibility and duty to work at ease.

Such activities not only develop your working skills but also help in the clearance of ideas. The projects might have to follow a few rules and regulations. Based on the works and perfection, you can get grades to compare your project to the other virtual learners. The sense of competition increases and helps in pushing your limits in education.

8. Course Cliffhangers

Course cliffhangers are the most exciting parts of virtual learning activities. In course cliffhangers, the virtual learners get an unsolved story, sentence, or a riddle to solve. The question contains in the first part of the course cliffhanger, and the second part consists of the twisted answer to the first part, which the virtual learner can only relate to when he or she is evident on the concept of the first part.

Such cliffhangers develop the thinking ability and mental strength of the virtual learner from eLearning at ease. The curiosity among virtual learners helps them work on the riddles more often than in practical learning.

9. Pair Chat

The act of pair chat in virtual learning activities initiates educational skills and develops the spirit of teamwork at ease. Pair chat in virtual learning divides the virtual learners into small groups and teams working together on different projects and fun activities in virtual education.

The concept of pair chat helps you attain your goal faster and helps in understanding the mindset and point of view of various people on one specific topic. It broadens merely your mentality.

10. Mock-Jeopardy

The concept of mock-jeopardy is similar to the idea of quizzes. Quizzes involve a lot of knowledgeable questions and answers which can encourage your brain's activities at ease. It can even refer to PowerPoint projects and on screening live sessions for the virtual learners' advancement in studies.

11. Summary

Summary formation in virtual learning helps the mentor or leader understand the learning skills of virtual learners at ease. At the end of a session or several online courses, the virtual learners are asked to summarize the whole thing in one sentence. Later on, virtual learners have to summarize the sentence into a few words. At the end of the discussion, the virtual learners have to summarize the concepts into a couple of words or a single word.

12. Fast Finish

The idea of fast-finishing in virtual learning refers to the rapid accomplishment of a specific task or online activity. If the virtual learners have to perform a few tasks or projects or online activities, then they can use a hand raising sign or any specific word for indicating the completion of the virtual activity. This process prevents virtual learners from taking a long period to complete fun activities online.

13. Images

Every person is capable of imagining something as soon as a particular term strikes their ears. The virtual learners can share any image or a couple of pictures online in the virtual learning group and explain how the image or images relate to the topic for discussion. The involvement of photos in the virtual learning sessions helps in understanding ideas on the subject from more than one angle.

14. Between-Session Activities

The between-session activities can lead to the well being of the virtual learners at ease. It refers to the separate fun activities which you can do, keeping aside the group works. It involves PowerPoint making, projects, presentations, case studies on various topics, etc. Also, virtual learners can share their ideas on various new topics with fellow online virtual learners to get feedback on the subject. Moreover, it initiates the thinking capabilities at ease.


The above points relate to the various creative ideas on virtual learning activities. It helps in self-development and educational skills as well. Virtual learning activities can help learners widen their mentality and stable their thought procedures slowly. It enables one to gather knowledge on various topics and eventually concentrate thinking in them to present selective ideas at times. Try out virtual learning today!