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Gecata Game Recorder Review

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

With the presence of the Gecata game recorder, it is all pointless searching around for another one. However, it is stunningly better when you will impart that dreamlike experience to the world, correct? All things considered; game recording software assists with simply that.

For Windows clients searching for a lightweight yet exceptionally practical game recording software, Gecata is reasonable perhaps the most ideal alternative. It additionally guarantees consistent a single tick, a slack-free activity that allows you to stream and record all the while.

Part 1 Key Features Of Gecata Recorder

Gecata game recorder accompanies a free preliminary, following which you can download the full form at a sensible cost. The interface of the stage permits you to alter the undesirable part from the streams easily.

1. Get Game Sound and Microphone

This Movavi game catch software upholds two-way solid catch in-game audio files, music, and discourse, just as mouthpiece yield. Gecata by Movavi allows you to remark on the activity as you go. Save sound streams as discrete sound documents in AAC design so you can undoubtedly alter out bloopers without butchering the video film.

2. Transfer Speed

Make your recordings accessible on YouTube in HD quicker, they're saved in MP4 with the suggested settings. Transfer the video proof to YouTube. Gecata by Movavi has upgraded the catch design utilizing YouTube proposals, so your HD recordings will be handled in minutes.

3. Catch Screenshots

Many gamers like to transfer screen captures of the ongoing interaction to give a fundamental thought regarding the substance of the video and the realistic characteristics of the game being played. The product permits the client to take screen captures while the video is recording.

4. Execution

The product permits you to alter, convert, and change the record size, bit rate, outline rate, and different traits of the video, straightforwardly, before transferring it to any stage. Whenever utilized appropriately with NVIDIA NVENC and Intel HD Graphics equipment speed increase, the product can record and encode the video up to multiple times quicker.

5. After Production

Save game film, webcam video, and sound critique as isolated documents: alter out bloopers without butchering your playthroughs. At the point when you've completed, you'll have the option to see the video in MP4, an arrangement upheld by most gadgets and suggested for transfer by YouTube.

6. Catch Sources

Gecata by Movavi allows you to overlay webcam video onto the game film. Pick the size and position of the webcam window or even save it as a different video track for additional altering. Use them to make faces and remarks in a hurry.

Part 2 How to Use Gecata to Record Games

Movavi Gecata is a fairly new ongoing interaction recording software that costs just $19.95 and offers the elements gamers need. PC games are more famous than any other time in recent memory and gamers are keen on recording their interactivity. Some need to impart to companions while others do this professionally as decorations on Twitch or YouTube. Regardless of the ideal use, be certain you consider Gecata in light of the accompanying realities of interest.

Step 1 Install Gecata by Movavi

After the download is finished, run the .exe document and adhere to the Installation Wizard guidelines. It will require only a couple of moments to complete the interaction. Whenever it's done, run the application and record any gaming video you need.

Step 2 Adjust the Capture Settings

In the primary window, ensure the Capture mode is set to Game. Framework sounds will be caught naturally. On the Devices tab, empower the Microphone and Webcam assuming you need to record your voice as well as your face while you're playing.

Adjust the Capture Settings

Step 3 Record Gameplay

Assuming you need to begin recording following dispatching the game, click Start Recording in the program interface before you run the game; in any case, simply start the game you need to record. Press F10 to begin or quit recording and F9 to stop. You don't have to do anything – the game film will be consequently saved to your hard drive as an MP4 record. This is how to record games on a PC, it couldn't be simpler!

Record Gameplay

Step 4 Export your Gameplay

Pick the output video quality by changing the Video quality slider. Note that excellent game film will take a great deal of room on your PC, so ensure you have something like 2 or 3 GB of free space before recording. You can likewise save the screen catch and webcam recordings as discrete documents – simply check the Capture separate streams box.

Export your Gameplay

Part 3 System Requirements for Gecata Game Recorder

Gecata is one of the most solid ongoing interaction recorders. The easy-to-use interface of the product makes it simple to utilize in any event, for amateurs. The recording of any game can be begun by dispatching the product behind the scenes and afterward squeezing the F10 key during the ongoing interaction. Any soundtrack or sound through a mouthpiece can be added to the recorded video or the video having a chance during the ongoing interaction. Download Gecata by Movavi for free and record games in a hurry.

Here are the system requirements for the Gecata game recorder,



Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 64-bit with up-to-date patches and service packs installed


Intel i3 or higher, AMD’s equivalent to Intel i3 or higher, or compatible processor


Minimum 2 GB RAM

Screen Resolution

1024 × 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color


110 MB available hard disk space for installation, 5 GB for ongoing operations


Administrator permissions are required for installation

Part 4 Alternative Software to Record Games

Even though You can stream and record simultaneously with Gecata, it's not difficult to overlay your webcam and everything is not difficult to control with hotkeys so you don't have to intrude on the interactivity. The interface is quite moderate yet it's reasonable enough and directs to utilize. Likewise, it is membership-based, which isn't normal in the game catch software market thus you need to consider the option as here we suggest Wondershare DemoCreator as one.

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Furthermore, in most cases, the best screen recorder for games will be a Windows PC program since that is the place where the best games are. However, if there should be an occurrence of DemoCreator, it's accessible for the two stages. DemoCreator empowers you to record the full screen, a chose region, simply your webcam, or even only a little region around your mouse, and it yields in every one of the key configurations, including MP4. The implicit manager empowers you to add text, lines, call-outs, and other on-screen things, which is helpful assuming you need to make an instructional exercise as opposed to simply catch your ongoing interaction, and the application can likewise record sound from anything that is playing on your PC or Mac.

Step 1 Launch DemoCreator Game Recorder

In the next step, you need to open the software tool so you can start recording the gameplay without any hassle. To do that, head towards the New Recording button in the start-up window and it shall open the recorder as follows:

Launch DemoCreator Game Recorder

Step 2 Customize the Recording Inputs

In the recorder of DemoCreator, you can fully customize your recordings with its embedded features. You can also select the desired source of your gameplay recordings i-e microphone, system sound, or both.

Customize the Recording Inputs

Step 3 Start/Stop Recording

After you’re done with the recording, now is the time to start the recording, and to do that, hit the Red circled recording button which will eventually start the recording of your gameplay

Start/Stop Recording

To stop the recording, hit the Square shaped button that will stop the recording.

Step 4 Save and Share Recordings

In the last step, you can also edit your game recordings with fully customized editing tools. To do that, head into the editor of DemoCreator and edit your recorded gameplay files from basic to pro-level editing techniques.
After you’re done editing your recordings, now you can hit the Export button and save your recording to your desired location with the desired format of videos.

Save and Share Recordings

You can also share your recorded files directly to your YouTube channel as well as other cloud platforms including Google Drive and OneDrive platforms. Inside the export window, just rover into the YouTube menu bar and select the Sign-in option to share your gameplays directly to your YouTube channel.


The game recording software applications prove to be useful for consistent game screen recording, particularly for the gaming YouTubers who share similar involvement in their watchers. There are numerous kinds of game recording software for windows out there, and every one of them guarantees to be the most incredible on the lookout. Gecata by Movavi is a lightweight streaming and game recording program for Windows PCs that guarantees a single tick, slack-free activity.