Good Screen Recorders for Minecraft

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:01 • Filed to: Hot Games

Minecraft is a well-liked game that is being played by many people all over the countries irrespective of their age. The game is a survival type of, multiplayer sandbox game that is developed by 4J Studios and Mojang and was launched in 2011.

It continues to offer enjoyment and pleasure to its users so far. The main reason for the popularity of this fame is its amazing platform along with the survival storyline. In addition to this, this is also one of the reasons why many users record this game.

If you are a big fan of this, we are sure that you are looking for options to record this game. Gamers are in search of Minecraft screens to share their personal achievement throughout the game and also offer some tutorials and advice to those who are beginners. If you are one such gamer that is searching the internet for free Minecraft screen recorders, your quest ends here. Read below to know about a good screen recorder for Minecraft.

1. Best Screen Recorder for Minecraft

Wondershare DemoCreator comes under the best “Minecraft screen recorder mac free" category. The software is ideal for Windows as well. The tool is very simple to use and does not need any brainstorming. With its advanced features, DemoCreator is the best free screen recorder for Minecraft PC. Here are some features of the tool that will leave you shocked.

Key features:

120 fps Recording

High refresh rate gaming has become a necessity for gamers; however, not many recorders can do such a thing. Wondershare DemoCreator, on the other hand, offers a recording feature of almost 120 fps, making it one of the best and a free screen recorder for Minecraft Mac in the market.


Webcam and Screen Recording Simultaneously

If you are planning to upload a game-play video with your face in the video on YouTube, DemoCreator allows you to record both simultaneously, with options to adjust the resolution, as well as the size, offering you full control over how you need the output video to be.

Audio Capture

You can not only capture the video with the screen recorder DemoCreator but also the audio. This allows your viewers to have a complete experience when seeing your videos because without the audio, it would just be useless.


Video Editor

Having a video editor built into the Wondershare DemoCreator makes it a good Minecraft screen recorder free.

Here are some other features to add to the list:

  • You can add blur effects to hide information in your videos.
  • You can select from 100 cursor effects and annotations.
  • Audio Editing lets you increase the speed, mute the audio, record your own audio, and reduce the background noise.
  • Users can change the speed of the video or the audio.
  • You can use quick fade out and in on both audio and video easily.

2. How to Record Minecraft with Wondershare DemoCreator

In order to record Minecraft using DemoCreator, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the software and select the Quick Capture option from the welcome screen.


Step 2: Now start your gameplay. Click on the big red button again to end the recording session.


Step 3: After the recording is done, the video will be opened automatically in the software's video editor.

video edit

Step 4: Exporting videos from the software requires you to choose the destination folder on your PC where the recording will be saved.


3. Other Recorders for Capturing Minecraft

Here are some other options to record Minecraft.

Game Bar

Windows 10 comes with a program called the Game Bar, which can be used to record your screen while gaming. This is one of the best-inbuilt features that the OS giant has offered so for. You can access the Game Bar by pressing the Windows + G at the same time, or in the Start menu. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

windows 10 game bar

Step 1: With Windows + G, the Game Bar will appear on the screen. You will find there are other windows visible, such as Xbox Social and Performance. You have to focus on the Capture pane.

Step 2: Begin a recording by clicking the Record button (the circle), and the capture will continue until you tap on Stop in the panel that comes while recording.

Step 3: You can also begin a recording at any time by pressing the Windows + Alt + R. Your recordings are saved in MP4 format and are saved in the Gallery section of the Game Bar.


ShareX is a free, open-source, feature-filled screen-recording and screenshot-capturing software for PC. You can record onscreen activity as an animated GIF or video. Its Workflow feature makes it very customizable, offering you the capability to automate common tasks. Being able to use a single keyboard shortcut to begin a delayed screen capture, save the image automatically, specify a region, upload it to cloud storage, and share it online are some of the features. Here are the steps to record the game using ShareX.

sharex screen recorder

Step 1: Launch the app.

Step 2: Choose Screen recording option to record screen including sound.

Step 3: Choose the Recording region for Screen Recording.

Step 4: Once you have finished your recording click the Stop button to stop recording.

Step 5: You can view the recorded file's name, file format, the status of the file, and the location where the recorded file was saved in your machine.


Tying all the loose ends together, you just had a look at the best free screen recorder for Minecraft PC. Wondershare DemoCreatorserves as a good computer screen recorder for Minecraft. Its advanced features help you in recording your game and make the recording job as simple as possible. In addition to this, you also saw other screen recorders that can be used to record the game. For us, DemoCreator remains the ideal option for Minecraft screen recorder.