DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Navigating the DemoAir

The DemoAir online toolkit is very simple to navigate. There are two places within the online toolkit that you'll become familiar with:

  1. The main interface of DemoAir
  2. Key features of different parts:
  • Screen & Cam Recording
  • Online PPT Presentation
  • Quick Online Record
  • Game Recording

The Main Interface

In the main interface of DemoAir you can see four plates :

main interface

  1. Video Creation Mode: There are four different recording modes you can choose from.
  2. Tool Box: You can take a screenshot of a website and get more tools related.
  3. Tutorial: Here you can watch the tutorial videos from social media in one click.
  4. User Cases: Here you can view more user cases based on your interests.

Screen & Cam Recording

In Screen & Cam Recording mode, you can choose Desktop, Current Tab, and Webcam Only from the Control Panel. You can also set Microphone, Webcam, Tab Audio, and Drawing Tools from this Panel.

screen webcam recording

Online PPT Presentation

In Online PPT Presentation recording mode, you can record the PPT presentation screen, audio, and webcam at the same time, it belongs to multitrack recording. Also, it supports you to choose the template that fits your PPT style and add text content.

online ppt presentation

Quick Online Record

In Quick Online Record recording mode, you can choose Screen Only, Webcam Only, Screen & WebCam and Audio Only. You can start recording in seconds after choosing the screen you would like to record.

quick online record

quick online record

Game Recording

By clicking Game Recording, Democreator can be opened to record your game efficiently if it is installed on your computer. If not installed, you also can download it conveniently through this link to get a more advanced game recording experience.

game record

game record