DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Start a New Video Presentation

In this guide, you will learn to use DemoCreator to create presentation videos. DemoCreator has a stable recording feature and various virtual video effects, go ahead and try it!

After installation, and click on the "Video Presentation" from the main interface to navigate to Presentation Mode.

Step 1. Webcam, Microphone, and Volume Settings

Firstly, please check the authorization settings for the camera, microphone and sound. From the "Webcam (External Camera)" icon setting options, you can also select a virtual camera when another lens effect program occupies the webcam or the external camera.

select camera

The virtual camera function brings various surprises. For example, if you prefer to use Snap Camera software's effects when creating the presentation or explainer video, try to launch and click the favored lens effect in Snap Camera software. Make sure the selected effect is applied correctly to your shots. Then select the "Snap Camera" from the drop-down options of the Webcam icon. You will find your character image has already switched to what shows in Snap Camera.

virtual camera

Step 2. Choose the Camera or Avatar

In Camera Mode

In "Camera" mode, you can adjust your lens's facial beauty and presentation background. Try to active the facial beauty mode in "Dressing" tab.

dressing room

As mentioned before, if you select the "Camera" mode and navigate to the "Camera Effect" setting. You can adjust the background in the webcam or external camera in advance.

The highlight is the "AI Recognition" function, which supports removing the background in one click. In this way, you can only show your face when recording. Surely, the Green Screen and Chroma Key are also supported in the program.

camera effect

Also, you can use the virtual camera, and stream the third software's camera to DemoCreator. This way, different magic camera effects and filters could be used in your camera recording.

In Avatar Mode

In "Avatar" mode, you can first select the virtual presenter you like and take specific actions to enable auto-matching for the avatar.

There are several attractive virtual presenters for your choice. In that case, you need to click one, and the character will apply to the preview window.

select avatar

Change Virtual Backgrounds

DemoCreator Video Presentation mode also contains virtual backgrounds, transition effects, objects and Demopedia. Browse the effects in "Background", "Transition", "Object", "Demopedia" download and mark Favorite to make it simpler to locate the target effect when making videos.

For example, choose a preferred virtual background, then click to apply the background for your presentation video.

background effect

Import Clips

Next, import your PowerPoint, images, video clips and other media files. You will find them listed in the "Clipboard", and the clips' order is free to adjust by drag-and-drop with the mouse.

After uploading PowerPoint files, a pop-up window will ask you to select all or some clips to import.

upload powerpoint

And you can always right-click on any clip to upload or delete.

delete clip

Step 3: Start Presentation or Recording

After all the clips and presets are ready, you can adjust the size of the content clip or the presenter by dragging and dropping the four corners.

adjust content size

It is convenient to move or adjust the position of the portrait character, the content clips and the background of your recording screen by dragging.

adjust position of content

There are four position preset settings are provided to adjust the recorded contents' layout.

preset setting

Click the "Start Recording" button to start your recording.


start recording

While recording, you can use drawing tools to explain and point out the highlights in the contents.



* The Clear All tool can only be used in Whiteboard mode, and when you turn to the next clip, all the brush marks by Pen will be cleared and can't be restored even if you go back to the previous clip.

* Also, the transition and filter effects are easy to use on hand. If you need to apply a transition, click on it, and the effect will apply to all clips.