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Top 6 Online Screen Recorder with Audio Recording Function

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:50 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

There are cases where you may desperately need to record screens with online audio effectively. People have considered the adoption of this tool as ineffective for various reasons. However, when it comes to sharing opinions, thoughts, and narratives, screen recordings can help users present the world from a unique point of view (POV).

The concept of recording the screen with audio has developed over time. Many new techniques and methods have been induced together and reformed to set up into one efficient tool. This article shall be focusing on the discussion of how to record screens online with sound with ease.

Part 1: Top 6 Online Screen Recorder with Audio Recording Function

Part 2: The Best Offline Audio Editor with Video Editing Function

Part 1: Top 6 Online Screen Recorder with Audio Recording Function

This part shall be listing the top 6 online screen recorder tools in the market that offer a quick and efficient function to their users.

DemoAir Online Screen Recorder

A tool known for its diversity, Wondershare DemoAir is an online screen recorder that is a very effective tool for recording screens with audio. Being a tool that can be beneficial for all users, DemoAir leads everyone to a prosperous tool providing online recording services. Wondershare DemoAir is very quick and simple in function while integrating with other applications in terms of compatibility.

DemoAir Online screen recorder

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Users can consider annotating or highlighting the portions of their recordings with DemoAir. It surely is an all-in-one video recording tool that makes the process extremely easy and simple for collaboration across a mass scale.


  • DemoAir offers one of the best user experiences as an online screen recorder.
  • It is very simple for users to upload their recorded videos across cloud services such as Google Drive.


  • You may face the problem of blurred-out recordings if the internet connection is not stable during recording.


If you search for diversity in operability, Loom is a very impressive option to record screen online with audio. Loom is a platform available across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome Extension, where it can be used in an extremely quick manner for recording and sharing the resultant video. Its simple interface makes it a reality to record and edit videos through this tool.

Loom Screen Recorder

Following every recorded video, the users can add their comments and notes to the video at their discretion. All the videos across the platform are saved in the generic MP4 format.


  • The complete process of recording a video is very easy and efficient, which involves a few clicks.
  • Select a specific section or the complete screen to record.


  • The free version of Loom limits the recording of a maximum video of 5 minutes with audio.


Talking about proficiency, Ace Thinker is quite efficient in providing proficient results in online screen recording. This tool is an extremely lightweight software to work with, which makes it quite different from the other tools that exist in the market.

acethinker screen recorder

Being an online screen recorder, Ace Thinker does not fail in ensuring the quality out of any recorded video. This tool even provides the option of converting recorded videos into different formats.


  • Extremely easy and simple to use for recording online with audio.
  • A cheap option in online recording, as compared to other high-quality screen recorders.


  • Ace Thinker has a very limited set of features across its free version.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Another free option for an online screen recorder that may come into consideration is Apowersoft's Online Screen Recording Tool. This tool is known for its operability of effective screen recording with real-time edits across the recorded video.


The online tool offered by this platform is highly encouraging compared to other tools that feature online screen recording with audio. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is all about proficiency, embedded with uniqueness.


  • Offers a flexible and user-friendly user interface.
  • Allows users to share their recorded videos across different social media channels with ease.


  • Apowersoft fails to capture across a secondary monitor with its online screen recording function.


This online screen recording tool has not only set its name as a video recorder but has also made a mark in the best voice recorders available across the online platform. ScreenCastify provides multiple features, including an annotation toolkit across the service for enhanced services.


The tool has a very user-friendly interface, making it highly preferable across multiple platforms and industries.


  • Highly compatible across all kinds of devices.
  • Numerous drawing tools can help users create engaging screen recordings with audio.


  • This tool is limited across Chrome as an extension.

ClipChamp Online Screen Recorder

This screen recording tool is a relative option to record screen online with sound. ClipChamp is not limited to recording the screen; it even helps users compress and convert files once recorded by its screen recording tool.


There are a lot of basic editing tools that are also available across the platform, which is highly encouraging in terms of enhancing the video quality.


  • Diverse toolkit involving functions more than just screen recording.
  • Automatically access your device's storage and process all the media content.


  • The editing procedure across the tool is quite time-taking.

Part 2: The Best Offline Audio Editor with Video Editing Function

The market is saturated with various online screen recording tools that provide efficient services in ensuring that a qualitative video has been recorded with the set of limited tools available across the platform. However, having an offline tool makes things quite different and expansive in terms of the features offered.

Wondershare DemoCreator is the offline desktop tool that is believed to provide you with maximum results. It provides all the necessary tools that can help users record a screen with audio. Multiple features should be kept in mind while focusing on the best offline option in screen recording.

Carrying Out Smart AI Recording

Wondershare DemoCreator is induced with a special facial-recognition technology that recognizes the presence of a face across a video. Videos can be recorded across the platform with high-end results. Masking and mirroring the video is also possible with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Record High-Quality Sounds

Users can easily record high-quality sounds across the tool with the help of the microphone and system audio features. Audio is one of the most highlighting features available across the platform.

Node Marking within Videos

The important sections of the videos can be easily marked with the help of nodes across Wondershare DemoCreator. These markers can then be used to access a specific point within the recorded video with ease.

Customize Screen Effectively

Set up the sizes of the screen with preferred resolutions and frame rates across DemoCreator. This can help users decide the quality of the recorded video.

Growth Video Effects Store

DemoCreator is offered over 10000+ royalty-free stock media, video effects, and audio for your video editing. All kinds of video effect packs are suitable for creating engaging videos. Make your instructional videos much more entertaining with these pre-rendered icons, transitions, or captions. Round out your film or video with these video effect packs.

Concluding Words

Online screen recording is one of the safest options when it comes to recording high-end videos with audio. While figuring out the best online screen recorder for this purpose, many factors restrict the user to effective results. Under such circumstances, the need for an offline screen recorder such as Wondershare DemoCreator becomes evident and significant