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How to make your videos more creative? There are many things you can do, such as add special effects, use video templates, add music and more.

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How to Add a Highlighter to Your Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

Read this article, you can know how to change mouse cursor in Windows 10 to better suit your needs and how to add cursor effect to your video.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-17 16:52:26
How to Add Mouse Click Sound in Captured Videos in DemoCreator?

This article will help you add mouse click sounds in recorded videos, change the mouse cursor, and provide an easy guide on using DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-17 21:33:10
How to Draw on Screen and Highlight Cursor When Recording Videos

Use Wondershare’s DemoCreator, a fantastic video editing tool, to make your videos more engaging and exciting. Also, learn how to highlight your cursor when drawing/recording in Windows 10.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-17 22:18:20
Popular Social Media Video Types

Want to prompt your business using videos in social media? This article will introduce you 10 popular video types for social media using.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 11:58:27
How to Change Mouse Cursor in Captured Video

In this article, you will learn how to change cursor scale, opacity, highlight and change the cursor color of recording and cursor sound adjust in DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-22 21:59:26
How to Make a GIF Video with Photoshop?

GIF video is easy to consume, provide a new way to cpture viewers’ attention. In this article, we will introduce how to create animated GIF video with Photoshop.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-23 16:49:56
The Best Free OBS Stinger Transitions

Stinger Transitions in OBS Studio overlay a video over a cut-transition between two sources. In this article, you will learn how to use OBS stinger transition and learn about the OBS stinger transitions.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-25 14:45:50
How to Converter Photos to Videos

Normally, we will want to combine photos together to make a complete video. In this article, we will introduce how to convert photos to videos with DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-25 17:18:10
What Could Be Snagit alternative?

Are you looking for the best screen capture tool to use instead of Snagit? Choose from the Snagit alternatives below.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-26 09:16:48
How to Use Photo Movie Makers on Laptop

Now Microsoft provide a solution on making photos to a video. In this article, we will introduce how to making videos with Windows Movie Maker by combining the photos and editing videos eaily. And we will introduce the Photos Movie Makers alternative to you.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-27 09:55:47
8 Best Windows Movie Maker Alternatives for Windows 10 in 2021

Windows Movie Maker is a simple but effective Program. There are 300+ Stylish Filters, transitions, and titles can be used to create amazing movies. In this article, we will introduce 10 best Windows Movie Maker alternatives for Windows 10.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-27 14:35:59
How to Create Social Media Videos

This article states how you can create social media videos with DemoCreator. It further talks about certain facts that ensure why DemoCreator is the best software to create social media videos and how you can make great video content using it.

Posted byOliva Eve|2021-09-27 14:48:24
How to Connect Two Video Clips in A Creative Way

When you record a video you’re probably going to end up with a number of smaller files that need to be combined together for a coherent video. In this article, you will learn how to combine the video clips together.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-27 15:22:02
How to Change Cursor Size for Tutorial Video Recording

Read this article, you will know how to change mouse cursor and mouse click in captured video for Tutorial content.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-27 15:22:07
6 Tips to Make Video More Engaging

Oftentimes, either it's for advertising purposes or brand launches, inner communication video ideas will always be the hot topic for digital marketers. Meanwhile, you can now make the video more engaging by utilizing the brief explained here.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-27 15:29:44
Why Are my Videos Not Getting any Views?

Creating a video and posting it online is one thing. Getting people to watch it is another. Here, we answer the question, “why are my videos not getting any views?” and show you what to do.

Posted byDavid Wilson|2021-09-28 10:26:28
How to flip video in Adobe® Premiere® Pro

Flipping videos is important when the video footage you have filmed is facing the wrong direction. Today we will show you how to flip your video with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-09-29 12:43:08
How to change your Cursor Color on Mac Devices

In this article, you will learn how to change cursor mouse color on MacOS and how to add cursor effect when editing videos on Mac with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-08 19:40:51
Making GIFs using DemoCreator

Learn how to make animated GIFs using Photoshop and Wondershare DemoCreator. You can compare between the two software and use the one that is more up to your speed.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-09 10:56:04
Top 8 Alternatives to Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10

Read about the Top 8 Alternatives you can use instead of Windows Movie Maker. Click here to see the pros and cons of each alternative.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-09 15:06:10
How to Create Videos with Images from Your Phone and Laptop

In this article, you will learn how to create videos with images from your desktop and your phone.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-11 13:40:39
Wondershare DemoCreator: Zoom & Pan transition with Animations

In this article, you will learn how to add zoom and pan effect to your video. We will introduce what is pan and what is zoom effect and how to apply.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-12 15:36:20
Add Animated Cursor Effect with DemoCreator

Read about different animated cursor maker software and learn how to create animated cursors in them. Also, learn about the exciting cursor effects provided by DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-13 17:48:12
How to Zoom in DemoCreator for Simple Transitions

Zoom Transitions contains cool looking and creative animated presets. They're so easy to use and they can be quickly added into your TV shows, commercials, films, movies, trailers, teasers, corporate presentations, business slideshows, promotions and events videos.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-15 18:29:33
Adding L-Cuts and J-Cuts using DemoCreator

Use Wondershare DemoCreator to apply different cuts and transition effects to your videos or films. Learn what L-cuts and J-cuts are and how to apply them in DemoCreator.

Posted byAlma Elliott|2021-10-21 10:00:31