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10 Best Games in Steam Summer Sale

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Some of us just love playing video games, we don't care if it's childish or immature, we just want to have fun. So if you're already gaming on your PC you probably know that summer is the best time to get new games on Steam. For those of you who are new to the world of gaming, Steam is the largest software distribution platform on the Internet, where you can find over 23.000 video games, as well as animation, photo, and video editing or game development software.

Like last year, Steam has recently launched its new summer sale, with more than 10.000 titles available at reduced prices. Classic video games like Portal, Dark Souls or The Witcher can be purchased for just a fraction of their true market value. Getting a game at 75% off is a sweet deal only if you actually play it, so here are the top ten games on Steam Summer Sale you'll definitely want to try out.

The 10 Best Games From Steam Summer Sales

We've shortlisted some of the most popular and most fun games on Steam right now, that you can get at ridiculously low prices. Let's explore what this year's Steam Summer Sale has to offer.

1. Tom Clancy's The Division

Action and role play video game fans are going to have a great time playing The Division. The game was released in 2016 and in such a short period of time, it has gained an impressive fan-base. The gameplay takes you through the ruins of Manhattan in the search of XP and the deadly virus that caused all the havoc.

The best news is that the game is currently on sale with an 80% discount, so you can purchase it for just $9.99. If you still haven't had a chance to play The Division this is a perfect moment to do so.

2. Guilty Gear Xrd - REVELATOR

Do you like epic fights and stunning graphics? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn't miss out on this offer on Steam. Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator can be yours for $9.89, that is 67% of its regular price. It is hardly a surprise that this fighting game is a major hit because it was created by a team of skilled game developers, that stands behind the entire Guilty Gear series.

The gameplay is fairly simple since you just have to figure out the basic and advanced fighting moves.

3. Dishonored Definitive Edition

Steampunk aesthetics and challenging missions have made this stealth action-adventure game famous. The story follows a character called Corvo Attano as he struggles to clear his name after he is framed for murder. Several Hollywood superstars including Michael Madsen, Susan Sarandon or Carrie Fisher provided the voices for some of the characters in the game.

At the moment you can get the base game for 75% of its full price, or $2.49, but for only $9.99 you can gain access to the Definitive Edition that contains DLC packs. This is quite a treat for the fans of action and adventure games.

4. Dark Souls II Scholar of The First Sin

The update of one of the most talked about games in history, that was released back in 2015, has brought remastered visuals and advanced lighting effects that can be played at 60fps and in 1080p resolution. A couple of years later it is available on Steam for less than $10, at %75 of its market value.

Just make sure that your PC is powerful enough to support the game's system requirements because you'll need at least 23 GB of free hard disc space, as well as an Intel or AMD processor.

5. Bayonetta

Even though the Xbox and PlayStation 3 version of this hack and slash action adventure game were released by Sega in 2009, an enchanted port for Microsoft Windows that supports 4K resolution was made available a little over a year ago.

You can buy Bayonetta on Steam for $6.79, which is practically a steal, so you better be quick to get it while the offer is still available, especially if you like shooting from a lot of different weapons while exploring a world based on myths.

6. Prey

This futuristic Sci-Fi saga set in space revolves around Morgan Yu, the game's main character who orbits around the moon on board of a space station trying to stop the invasion of alien invaders. The Prey's plot takes place in a parallel universe in which the US President John F. Kennedy was never shot and it explores the consequences of his prolonged interest in the space program.

The game is available on Steam with a 50% discount, and it costs only $14.99 during the 2018 Summer Sale.

7. Cities: Skylines

A single player open-ended simulation in which you build your own cities and control every aspect of urban planning from road placement to taxation. You start a game with a small piece of land and some money that helps you buy basic services like sewage or water. Throughout the game, you build police and fire stations and other city improvements you unlock as the city grows.

If you like building your own cities, you can get this game for $7.49, and enjoy its stunning gameplay.

8. Jackbox Party Pack

The first Jackbox Party Pack that included five party games, all based on the TV series 'You Don't Know Jack' was released in 2014. Each game in the pack can be played from a tablet, laptop, or a Smartphone. One player launches the game, while other players can access it by entering a 'room code' at Jackbox's server from their devices.

During the 2018 Steam Summer Sale, you can get the Jackbox Party Pack for $9.99, and play amazing games with your friends at parties.

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of The Year Edition

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is probably one of the most popular games of the last decade. The fact that over 1.5 billion people pre-ordered the game before its release speaks volumes about its quality.

The Game of The Year Edition that contains Hearths of Stone and Blood&Wine extensions, can be purchased on Steam for just $19.99. The extensions include more than 50 hours of additional narrative, and provide access to all additional content, such as game modes, side quests, and weapons.

10. Firewatch

Fans of first-person mysteries and adventures shouldn't miss out on this game. The story takes place in the wilderness of Wyoming in 1989 where the main character named Henry is looking for clues about strange occurrences in Shoshone National Forest. The only communication you have with the outside world is through a walkie-talkie and the game is played by choosing from a number of dialogue options.

Firewatch is available on Stem at 75% discount, which means that you can get the game for $4.99.


As the 2018 Steam Summer Sales continues great deals emerge each day, so if you are looking to expand your video game collection you still might get an amazing deal on your favorite game. The end date for the Summer Sales isn't set yet, but you should hurry because most offers last for just a few weeks. Let us know in the comments which games did you get on Steam this summer.