Best Screen Recorder for Windows

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The world has shifted to a virtual workplace and to fully cope up with it, there are a few tools that you will essentially need. All the meetings and conferences are now conducted online and a major section of the workforce is now working from their homes. Students are also attending online classes and there are times when they will need to record a lecture for future reference. Not only the students, but the professionals might also need to save a live session for the future and for that, they require screen recording application. When you will start researching for the best screen recorder for Windows, there will be numerous options.

It 's obvious that you will end up getting confused. What we would recommend is to find the feature-set and decide on that basis whether a particular feature is useful to you. Not only the students and corporate, but screen recorders are also needed by the creators who want to share a game capture, guide, or a tutorial on a particular topic with their audience.

What Are the Features for a good Recorder?

As we pointed out, finding a good screen recording tool can be a bit of a hassle for a beginner who isn 't quite familiar with the technicalities. The tools that are available online come with different feature-set and it 's important for you to go through them and settle for the one that perfectly fits your requirements.

However, there are a few features that are considered to be the ones that should be present on all of them. The very basic feature that is highly essential for a screen recording tool is an intuitive UI so that users don 't have to juggle around to find basic features. We are going to provide you with a list of features that are a must-have for a screen recorder.

  1. Recording screen & audio

The recorder that you are going for should offer you a high-res screen recording without any lag. The best recording software for Windows will also offer you the option of choosing the recording resolution. It should also let you record the system sounds so that you can record meetings and lectures without any audio loss.

  1. Customize recording area

Apart from offering the best resolution, the screen recording tool should also allow you to customize the screen area that you want to record. The high-end tools that are available will let you enter the custom ratio to select the screen and will only record that particular area.

  1. Screen drawing

The feature that should be present on the screen recording applications is a tool to let you annotate the screen. It will specifically come in handy with the creators who are making tutorials or guides for their audience. Another category of users who will truly appreciate this tool are teachers and they will get to easily explain a topic.

  1. Support external cameras

A majority of screen recording applications will give you the capability to add the webcam footage in your video. The feature that will help a screen recording tool become the best screen recorder for Windows 7 is the capability to use an external camera.

  1. Separate audio & video

An advanced screen recording tool will not only help you in getting the screen recorded in high-res, but it will also help you in tweaking it the best way possible. The integrated editing tool will help you in extracting the audio from the video. It will help in making a better-looking final product.

  1. Stability

When it comes to a tool that you will use to record the screen, it will become quite essential for you to find one that can offer a stable experience. There are various options that will simply stop working without completing the recording and will show some error. You must check the user reviews before installing them on your system.

  1. Support social share

The screen recorder that you are going to use should also support social media sharing. It will allow you to directly upload the content to your favorite app and share it with your audience. It will also make the overall user experience much easier.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows

When we are discussing the best screen recorder for Windows 7 or any later version of Windows, we would like you to introduce a top-end feature-rich recorder, dubbed as Wondershare DemoCreator. There are various features available here focused on the simple and easy screen recording feature. The application will let you use any external mic and camera so that you get to enhance the overall quality of the recording. Thanks to an integrated editor, users will also get all they need to produce professional content.

Wondershare DemoCreator is the tool that will also allow you to select a particular section of the screen that you want to record. The dashboard will also give users the option to use the annotation tool. It will be a feature that you can enable to draw on the screen and if you are making a tutorial or a guide, it will become very useful. The dashboard that you will get here is highly intuitive and all the features are made available through easy navigation. Users will also get to select the recording quality right from the dashboard using the provided drop-down menu.

How to record using this software?

Now, after enough influx, it 's time to go through the steps that you require following to record the screen using this tool. The steps are quite simple and straightforward with detailed onscreen instructions.

At first, launch the app and you will be greeted by a compact dashboard with Record and Video Editor option. If you have footage that you want to tweak, go with the Video Editor option, else click on "New Recording".

run democreator

It will take you to a new dashboard with multiple options. In the middle, you will get the option to select the recording area. You can go for a particular window, a particular section that you can select using the drag & drop tool, or full screen.

democreator audio and webcam settings

You will also get to set a custom size of the screen area that you want to record. Moving on, you will find the settings related to the Recording Device. You will get to select the mic, system sounds, and webcam. This wide range of options is the primary reason why we have included it as the best free screen recorder for Windows 7. There is also a paid version for more features.

democreator recording lecture

Once everything is set, it 's time for pressing the given “Record” button. You will get a 3 seconds buffer, and then, the recording starts off. You will also get to control the recording using the keyboard shortcuts, F10 will be used to stop the recording and F9 will be to pause/resume.

Related FAQs

What is the best way to record your computer screen?

The simplest and the easiest solution that you can settle for is to use advanced feature-rich software that can offer you all the quirks and features. Wondershare DemoCreator is that tool and it offers a wide range of features.

It will also include an integrated editor where users will get all the tools to tweak the recording into a full-blown professional video. In the editor, you will also get to add a voice-over and/or add external videos & pictures from your computer.

How can I record my laptop screen for free?

A majority of the screen recorders that are available in the market are free, however, the one that we discussed here offers a free, as well as paid option. Users will get to use the app and all of its features free of cost.

The only caveat is that if you are using the free version, the final product will carry a watermark with it. Apart from it, the screen recording feature will work seamlessly without any effort.

How do I record the full screen on Windows?

Though the latest Windows computers come with a default workaround to record the screen, it was not available on the previous versions. On Windows 10.0 and later, you can use the Game Bar (Win+G) to record the screen.

However, for an older computer, you will need to go for a third-party app. We would highly recommend installing the Wondershare Democreator and you will get to produce quality-rich content.


We hope that you are able to find the right info that you were looking for to find the best free screen recorder for Windows 7 . There are various options available online and it 's obvious that you will end up getting confused. The factors that we have discussed above related to a good screen recorder must be kept in mind while going through the options. If you are finding it all a very tiresome experience, DemoCreator is the best option to settle for.