Camtasia VS Captivate – Which to Choose?

David Wilson
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Are you into video editing and eLearning? If yes, then you must be aware of Camtasia vs. Captivate comparison. Using software on video editing knows the details and features of the two most famous video editing platforms, Camtasia and Captivate.

But if you are a novice in the field of video editing and do not know which software is better for serving your needs, which software has got better performance, then worry not as the following article would help you with the comparison and detailed features of the software like Camtasia and Captivate.

ELearning and video editing are some of the most crucial steps in your work. If you deal with social media platforms like that of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or videos related to some websites to promote individual businesses, then video editing platforms like Camtasia and Captivate can be of immense help to you.

But it is high time you decide which software you would use to bring out the best for your video editing. Each of the software serves you in the best way possible, but there are a few differences that make them differ on a wide scale. Go through the article to find out more! 


Camtasia has been a great boon to the video editors since the first release of the software in 2002. It acts as a video editor and a screen recorder at the same time. The user interface of the software picks up timely updates for the convenience of the user.


You can get all the necessary modern video editing features in the software, and the high-quality editing tools help bring out the best of your video. Camtasia’s screen recording option enlightens the users' tasks for accessible remembering lectures, classes, presentations, important videos, etc.

You can edit the recorded or non-recorded files in Camtasia as well. The software gives your videos a complete makeover after the editing. The tools available in Camtasia's software help create and recreate changes in the video of your choice anytime you want to attract the people or audiences watching your video.

Camtasia’s features are worth all the attention of the viewers of the video on proper editing. Camtasia can turn out to be one's best friend is a professional line for high-level video editing and screen recording. 

Key Features

  • Auto Adjust: The best feature of Camtasia is the auto-adjusting feature of audios. The quality of the audios in the videos increases using Camtasia. It sounds better than ever with the auto-adjust feature in Camtasia. Camtasia manages to keep the audio quality high despite the number of videos in the timeline.
  • Keyboards Shortcuts: Another fantastic feature of Camtasia is the customizable keyboard. If you use Camtasia as the video editing software in your system, you can take help in typing from the shortcut keyboard at ease for the users' convenience. The customizable keyboards help in fast typing.
  • Mouse Cursor: Mouse cursor movement, while editing a file, indicates the time consumption in the editing. If the mouse cursor movement remains rough, then the video's editing speed slows down, but the editing speed increases if the cursor movement is smooth. Camtasia helps in making the mouse cursor movement smooth.
  • Watermarks: You can easily edit or customize the watermark or logo of your own in the video while editing.  The watermark turns out to be quite clear and specific between the video, which is quite visible.

The above points mark the features of Camtasia. You can go through the article more to find out the details of Captivate now.


Captivate is another video editing software that has got a lot of tools for video editing purposes. The software is much newer to the world than that of Camtasia. It has been in use since the year of 2018. It has got a lot of new features and customizations as a party of the more contemporary world.

The technically advanced features of Captivate help in easy video editing to please the viewers. You can use Captivate to edit videos on any level through social media videos, demonstrational videos, random quiz videos, etc.

You can not only edit any video using Captivate but also in various formats like HTML5 and Shockwave Flashes. The best part of Captivate video editing software is to save the edited video in any format you want, like MP4 and all. The videos are easily playable with media players and other platforms from the host websites. Below are the unique features of Captivate, which might be useful to you.

Key Features

  • Virtual Learning:

Captivate is one of the rarest video editing software which offers virtual reality learning to the learners. In this feature, you can visualize various images in a 3D effect where those are visible in 360 degrees.

  • Previewing Facilities:

In most video editing platforms, you do not get to see a preview of the final result after the video's full editing until you download it. But in the recent updates of Captivate 2019, you can see the live preview option available where you can preview the edited video once before the completion of the procedure and re-edit it when necessary when the Captivate software is on.

  • Fluid Boxes:

When it comes to the newest feature of the fluid box in Captivate, it can help you make the video editing procedure relatively smooth, as the flow of fluid. The fluid boxes in Captivate are highly customizable, where you can edit them with initiative UI controls in the best way possible.

  • Easy PowerPoint Handling:

The best part of Captivate updated features is the easy handling of the PowerPoint. The feature helps you convert any editable video to a PowerPoint presentation or slide at any time possible. The quality is not unique but also rare to find.

Hence, the above features mark the capabilities of Captivate. In the following article, you can have an exact comparison between the two most popular video editing software of Camtasia and Captivate now! 

Pros of Camtasia

  • The most significant advantage of using Camtasia is the limitless video editing timing and length. Camtasia is one of the rarest software which provides long durations of video length at ease. It helps users with business presentational videos or promotional blog videos and YouTube channel tutorials on various items.
  • Another significant advantage of using Camtasia is the screen recording capabilities of it. Camtasia can help you record computer screens, PowerPoint slides or presentations, computer webcams, narrations, etc. The best part of this point is that you can get featured at ease while recording PowerPoint presentations or any webcam recording as a host in the below section of the recording.
  • Camtasia comes with several video editing options. It does not matter in Camtasia from whichever platform you have recorded the video. What matters is how you are editing the file using Camtasia. Camtasia provides drag and drops options in editing. You can even add various animations and other small features in the video while editing it. Quizzes also act as engagement materials in the videos in Camtasia.
  • Camtasia is highly compatible with other software and applications. It appreciates the intervention of any third-party apps.
  • Camtasia's best part is that the editor can easily share the edited file directly to the platform from Camtasia’s dashboard anytime after video editing. 

Cons of Camtasia

  • Camtasia does not run on any platform at ease. It requires particular bases to run the software at ease, which is not available on various platforms.
  • It only allows one update at a time for free at a suitable time of Camtasia.

Pros of Captivate

  • The fascinating benefit of Captivate is responsive features like that of motion, effects, interactions, etc. The fluid box compatibility and responsive designs make Captivate quite impressive software for video editing. 
  • Captivate comes with flexible video or screen recording clips sharing options. You can upload or publish a thoroughly edited video from Captivate at ease to any other platform available like social media, business websites, etc., according to your suit will. 
  • The fast video editing features of Captivate makes it one of the most popular video editing and screen recording software among the youths of the century.  You can add texts, animations, flashes, photoshop images, etc. to the video editing clips on Captivate in no time. 
  • The users of Captivate can use the already existing templates and designs available in the software by default. Such templates come with interactive features, game layouts, PPT slide graphics, and layouts, etc.

Cons of Captivate

  • The video editing links in Captivate sometimes come broken to the users and do not allow them to back out from the step at ease without charging a huge fee.
  • Sometimes, Captivate's installation procedure turns out to be worse than most of the video editing and screen recording software.

Camtasia VS Captivate - Which One to Choose

When it comes to making the right choice between Camtasia and Captivate, you should choose according to your need. Both the software provides excellent services to users in different ways. The platforms are based on the same points, which are video editing and screen recording.

You need to consider your requirement before choosing one of the video editing software. If you need to focus on video editing and screen recordings, nothing can serve you better than Camtasia. Camtasia brings in the best customizable video editing tools to bring out your videos' best to enlighten the audiences.

On the other hand, if you want to create a tutorial or eLearning course, nothing can equip you with more tools than Captivate. Captivate has got a pair of excellent templates, engaging outlets and layouts, various fast video editing features to edit the target video in no time. It helps in creating more engaging content for winning the hearts of your viewers on any platform.

In simple words, Camtasia makes a better choice in case of video editing, screen recording, and publishing. But Captivate is always a better option in case of tutorial video editing, eLearning course videos, etc. You cannot judge the different software based on their features, but you can do it by judging your need. 


After reading the whole article, you can now make a proper choice between Camtasia and Captivate at ease according to your video editing platform requirement. In the never-ending controversy of which software makes a better choice, people often forget that each software is best in its way.

They serve the users in different ways and with the same base, which is video editing. The software cannot be properly compared to find out the better one as both of them are equally compatible with the users and efficient in their own way. If you are still in a dilemma, then go through the above article thoroughly to clear your confusion in no time.