Can WhatsApp Video Call Be Recorded?

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

WhatsApp by Facebook is now having a monopoly in voice and video chatting platforms with billions of users worldwide. Until now, the query can WhatsApp video call be recorder? Was a mystery on its own as the users were unable to do so while using WhatsApp video call services. Fortunately, this era has this tendency as well. Now you can use plenty of third-party software to record your WhatsApp video and audio calls.

Until today, there was no such thing as WhatsApp video call recorder, but now the internet provides you a plenty of such applications which you can use to record your desired calls for future purposes. Here in this article, we have covered all the queries with their solutions to assist you in that way. Because out of so many WhatsApp video call capture services, there might be several other troubles associated. Learn more here...

record whatsapp video call

Why do you want to record the WhatsApp video call?

Now is the time to install WhatsApp video call for PC as WhatsApp now supports the desktop version too. But why would you want to go for a WhatsApp video call recorder? Here we have enlisted some of the reasons which will help you understand the importance and need of making use of this special feature. Have a look here:

  • To save the memories which you would like to show to your distant audience and record their reaction.
  • To make a record of your important business meeting which can be helpful in your future career development.
  • To save the lecture or a piece of the important advice you would have received from an experienced person

Furthermore, there come many circumstances while using the WhatsApp where you want to record the screen to make the best from it in the future. In addition to that, WhatsApp video call screencast is also your need when you are about to begin an online session with your clients to overview their reactions and make assessments.

Can WhatsApp video call be recorded?

Now is the time has gone when you have this trouble of how to record your audio/video call in real-time. WhatsApp video call capture is an important factor now as our daily life is revolving around these social media platforms. Hence, we can say that a WhatsApp video call is possible to record while streaming. And the best part is, the internet is filled with such amazing tools which will help you to do so.

According to the reasons enlisted above of recording your WhatsApp live call, it turns out to be a need nowadays to record your WhatsApp video/audio call. While being in an android device, you can download various applications that tend to record your live activities including Video/Audio calls via WhatsApp platform. The same is the case for iOS devices where plenty of applications are available on the App Store for this specific task.

Now the biggest achievement is on the Desktop as there's a bit complication in selecting the best platform to proceed with your WhatsApp video call recording. To ease your panic, we have shortlisted Wondershare DemoCreator which is a Desktop application by very famous Wondershare which has this special feature of recording your Video/Audio calls on WhatsApp with its screen recording abilities. You can easily use this handy software and intuitively enjoy your recording.

Without being a pro in this, Wondershare DemoCreator has all that a beginner needs to make start with using such services via his masterpiece. You can download this all-in-one software from these links:

How to record Whatsapp video call on Windows PC?

Contrary to the above-recommended software tool; Wondershare DemoCreator, here we have enlisted the step-by-step guide on how to be able to record WhatsApp video call with this intuitive software tool. Learn more here...

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator

  • To be able to use this desktop software, use the link below to download the software for your desktop PC.
  • After download finished, now install Wondershare DemoCreator by default settings of installations:

Note: You can also install the software if you're a tech-savvy and have the know-how of the software customization. Wondershare DemoCreator provides you a variety of customized options valid for your specifications.

Step 2: Open Wondershare DemoCreator software:

democreator recording screen

  • After installation, open the software from your desktop and you shall have an interface.
  • Select the Capture button from these three buttons
  • You shall be prompted to the DemoCreator customization window and here you need to hold on for the next step.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp video/audio Call for Desktop

  • Now you need to open the WhatsApp for Desktop with Video/Audio call version.
  • Simply follow the procedures to start your video/audio call on WhatsApp as normal.

Step 4: Start the recording on DemoCreator

  • After everything is set up, and now you're connecting to the video/audio call on WhatsApp
  • Hit the Red Dotted button on the DemoCreator window situated in the corner of your desktop screen.

After you're done with your Audio/Video call on WhatsApp, you shall be directed to the recorded file handily done by Wondershare DemoCreator with few clicks. Just select the file and edit or resize it to make it a perfect fit for your desired quality. Now the best part with this software is, you can also edit the recording with its audio as well as video part. Just drag and drop the video in your timeline and edit it accordingly for your taste.


This article will assist you in not just clearing your conception on can WhatsApp video call be recorded? but also helps you with the step-by-step guide on how to do so. You can easily follow the procedures enlisted above to record your important audio/video calls via the WhatsApp platform.

You may be shocked to know that DemoCreator screen recorder does this job without even knowing your caller that this call is being recorded. You can capture the surprising memories moments with this masterpiece and make its best use after the call ends. This is why we must recommend Wondershare DemoCreator software to use as it's a perfect match for you either you're a tech-savvy or a new beginner in this industry. You can download it from these links: