• 1. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

Best Computer Screen Recorders

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:19:09 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

With the advent of social media and video sharing platforms, many users are becoming content creators. The content creators may include those who make gaming videos or tutorial videos and these are the users who need a screen recorder to make the content they share a lot more effective. The content creators usually prefer a computer for this as it can offer a better and more comprehensive video content and add to the quality of their videos. In this article, we provide some of the best computer screen video recorder solutions and also provide an effective way of how they can be used.

A good computer screen recorder fulfils a few basic criteria in order to become useful for the content creator. The screen recorder must be easy to use and offer a simple yet aesthetic interface. The screen recorder must also provide other tools such as audio recording, video editing, annotations and video sharing options. The user must also get different options to save their videos as per their needs. Some users might not want to the content to be heavy and easily shareable while others might look for a better quality video and be ready for a heavy file.

The screen recorder requirements also differ from device to device. Here we provide some information with regard to the use of screen recorders on different devices.

Part 1. Free Screen Recorder for Windows PC

The recording of videos on various windows computers is extremely easy and one of the easiest ways to do it is with Game Bar. Game bar is a tool which is built in and extremely effective. It was designed in its inception for recording the games which were recorded on PC; however, it can also capture the screen video from the web browsers and applications among others. The screen recording files get saved in the form of an MP4 file. Game Bar is arguably the best computer screen recorder for Windows 7 and above. Game Bar however does require a few specifications which must be met which mostly include the graphic cards and not having them might cause an error in the recording.

Below are the steps to know how screen recording has to be done for the Windows laptops and desktops.

Step 1: The first step here is making sure that Game Bar has been enabled. For doing so the user must go to settings and then go to the gaming and from them go to Game bar. Now turn the switch on to the recording of game clips.

launch game bar

Step 2: The game bar opens by using the Windows key and the G key. A lot of the game bar widgets come up with these options for the capturing of screenshots and controlling of audios and videos. This pane further displays the names of the ongoing app, window and file being the source for video captures.

running game bar app

Step 3: The camera icon must then be clicked for taking a simple screenshot or hitting the button for starting recording for capturing the activity for screen. The user also has a shortcut as he can use Windows + Alt + R for starting the recording.

start recording game bar

Step 4: When the screen recording activity is chosen for the first time from an application specifically or the windows, the Game Bar is going to require permission. The checkbox needs to be clicked for enabling the gaming features so that the app records this game play. Then start recording needs to be clicked once again for capturing the video.

game clip recorded

Step 5: For stopping the recording, the floating bar's Recording button needs to be clicked after which a notification comes up which tells the user that the game clip has been recorded. This then makes the File Explorer open up on the location which has been specified. A double click of this video file saves the video by default and it can be accessed from the open folder button and then can be saved on another folder.

open folders gamebar

Part 2. How to Record Screen Video on Mac

Quick Time is the best free computer screen recorder for Mac users. It is among the most popular for Mac because of the ease with which it can be used by the users. It is one screen recorder that does not require any difficult editing in terms of procedures or any different complex filters. The main reason why it is so popular is that it is extremely reliable and also very quick. It offers few tools for editing such as the splitting, trimming and rotation tools. For adding references, the user may combine it with other clips at the end. Also it is free and that makes it the most eye catching one.

Here are a few steps to know how to record the videos using Quick Time.

Step 1: Open the Quick Time application which is already there in Mac

Step 2: In the menu bar which comes after clicking on the application, click on New Screen Recording

quicktime player new screen recording

Step 3: The down arrow must be clicked next to the button of record and the cursor and microphone options need to be selected.

recording settings quicktime

Step 4: The application that is to be recorded needs to be opened after this.

Step 5: After this, the record button must be clicked

start recording

Step 6: The recording area needs to be set with either the full screen to be recorded or a portion of the screen to be recorded.

Step 7: When the recording is completed, the application will display the video which has been screen recorded.

Step 8: The video then needs to be saved and exported into the format which is required by the user.

save and export video

Part 3. Best Computer Screen Recorder Software

The best screen recorder software for both Windows and Mac has to be Wondershare DemoCreator. It is one of the top screen recording software and one of the most popular ones and this is in large part due to the value added services it provides. This is also one of the best computer screen recorder with audio which records higher resolution videos. It is a software that gamers use due to the range of frame rates which is provided by the software. This software also exports high-quality videos which are editable and provide many other advantages for those who are regularly creating content.

The process of recording videos using DemoCreator is given below.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your computer, choose the recording option from the main screen.

start screen capture

Step 2. Set up the recording settings to your desiered situation. You can choose the frame record, screen area, audio and webcam recording.

settings in democreator

Step 3. Hit on the red button and start recording computer screen. You are allowed to use the screen drawing feature in this moment.

democreator start recording

Part 4. Other Computer Screen Recorders

OBS Studio

While most PC games center around giving clients an exciting visual encounter, a few games have better sound parts. Meanwhile, learning about how to make OBS only record game sound might be a panic task. Hence, you should record the sound of these games on your PC. Fortunately, you have different instruments to record the game sound. OBS Studio represents a free and open-source device to help you catch your screen, record sound, and stream media. Hence, it’s mandatory for you to how to make OBS record game audio It is accessible for various stages, which implies OBS catches game sound on your Windows, Mac, and even Linux PCs for the sound catch.

obs screen recorder

OBS is one of the free and open-source apparatuses to catch the game sound on your PC. Other than it, different apparatuses permit you to record and save your game sound also. With regards to recording game sound and how to make OBS only record game audio, you need to choose the right sound OBS hotspot for your games, and this instrument will begin catching the game sound for you. Whenever that is done, you would then be able to mess with your recorded document in any way you need. OBS is an allowed to-utilize open-source device utilized for screen recording and live streaming. It's accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux right now. It's a famous decision by more experienced clients since there is a wide range of things you can change inside the product.

Key Features

  • Works with key web-based features
  • No watermarks or cutoff points after the recording has been done
  • Great blending and altering features are available
  • Effective help from the customer support service
  • It's free and user-friendly
  • It supports 4K account at 60fps
  • It also has a recording replay feature included


TinyTake is another free screen recording instrument and screen capture capturing tool that is accessible for both Mac and Windows. TinyTake professes to be the best free screen capture and video recording software out there. The product permits you to capture a video of your screen movement, explain it, and offer it via web-based media. TinyTake promotes itself as straightforward, free, and highlight rich, however numerous highlights are just accessible with the paid alternatives.


TinyTake is a free screen capture and video recording software for Microsoft Windows 10. With TinyTake, you can capture pictures and recordings of your PC screen, add remarks and offer them to others in minutes. TinyTake is worked by MangoApps and is accessible free of charge. The free form allows you to record as long as 2 hours of recordings in length. You can likewise alter the recordings, add some fundamental writings on the off chance that you need to utilize its implicit comment instrument.

Key Features

  • Select the kind of screen capture you might want to make from the work area customer menu.
  • It can clarify your screenshots and videos
  • Increase your screen capture with a book box, bolt, feature, and the sky is the limit from there
  • Offer online and view full history
  • Effectively distribute your screen capture on the web, get a shareable connection, and reference your set of experiences.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Free Cam recorder is an awesome video recording application for Windows PC. Free Cam recorder for pc gives a full arrangement of highlights for making proficient video exercises and e-Learning introductions. This astonishing Free Cam recorder is a free toolkit for Creating Screencasts! You can make a chronicle of your whole screen, a chose space of the screen or a solitary window. To make your video exercise more useful, you can without much of a stretch record a voice-over with your amplifier. You can record the hints of your projects and applications or add some mood melodies to your video with this application suite.

ispring suite

iSpring Suite recorder allows you to make top-notch video chronicles, furnishing you with every one of the instruments you need to catch screen activities and alter the yield to set it up for internet sharing. Enter your YouTube account in Free Cam software and hit share to your recordings with a solitary snap. Although, Free Cam can address various screen sharing issues. You can likewise help other people figure out how a particular application is utilized, giving a video instructional exercise as opposed to a composed clarification.

Key Features

  • It provides you a customizable recording area to screen record easily.
  • Free Cam recorder also has an advanced level audio setting for both microphone and system sound recording.
  • It also allows mouse indication and pointer usage.
  • The basic audio & video recording functionalities including trimming, noise removal, and others.
  • Saving recordings as high-quality videos in WMV as well as the direct one-click upload to YouTube.

FAQs About Computer Screen Recorder

1. What is the best screen recorder for windows 7?

For Windows 7, as stated above, you can undoubtedly opt for the OBS or Open Broadcaster Software, which is a free screen video recorder that offers both recording and streaming in high definition, with no limits on the length of your videos. The desktop software allows you to choose the part of the screen you want to capture, but it also gives an option to record the entire screen.

Customizable hotkeys help control the recording, and an audio mixer allows you to produce videos with smoothly recorded sound. Apart from the intuitive screencasting features, OBS is equipped with live-streaming capabilities that you won’t find in the default screen recorders of major operating systems.

2. What program can I use to record my computer screen?

On the off chance that you have at any point taken a shot at content making, or possibly attempted to record an introduction for your recordings, you know how pivotal is the part of screen recording and video altering toolkit. And the Wondershare DemoCreator software is on the top of the best free screen recorder windows 10 list that is a lifeline for the individuals who need to record ongoing interactions or make instructional exercises to distribute on the web.

The natural interface of Wondershare DemoCreator makes it simple for everybody to record the Windows screen and catch the system sound, receiver, or webcam as per requirements. Moreover, it additionally allows you to set the recording time before recording that guarantees top-notch recording ability.

The various computer screen video recorder download is an explicit way to record and come up with content in different ratios and with different editing tools. The ideal device varies from device to device and the use of screen recorders can create videos of the highest quality which can be customized as per the need of the users. The screen recorders also offer various other services such as annotations and video filters which may be used. A gamer or content creator in the world can make do with all the above screen recorders and in case there is any other which you stumble upon do suggest.