How to Do Customer Service Video

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:33 • Filed to: Customer Service Tips

It is not difficult to notice the increase of video has become popular recently-for the one reason, the easy to digest design gives the eyes rest from excess textual information found online. This is the more reason over one billion views per hour are reported daily. For the organizations that want to remain afloat in the market, they should know how to do customer service video that appeals to their prospective customers. Customer support videos are convenient, personalized and simple to make. Since they are asynchronous, customer can view them at their own convenience time. More so, they save on time needed to answer the customers with more precision. Customer support videos help in managing the customers’ expectations upfront capture the customer support queries and make your products and services shine.

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Part 1: 4 Ways to Improve Your Support with Video

1. Replace Email And Phone With Video

Marketing agents can save more time by using video to replace using phone calls, letters and lengthy emails to communicate to the customers. Take an example, a customer who wants to understand how to install a software and operate. When using emails to explain to the customer how to install the software, the customer support team would need to offer a detailed explanation using illustrations that can be boring to the customer because of the wording. A simple mistake in the language used can derail the entire process making it inefficient. On the other hand, using a video will be more precise since the customer follows what is shown on the screen and practically installs the software. The other advantage of video is that the customer can save the video and watch it later and check on the details they never understood. Video can replace communication of chat support, remote login, phone calls, annotated screenshots and lengthy emails.

Videos are more precise since the customer support team simply records as they carry out an activity. This greatly reduces the need for interpretation by the support team which saves time for both the support team and the customers. The agents will need less time to record the few and similar time taken by the customer to watch. You will not need to write, edit or rewrite emails. There is no delay time due to inactivity during a chat support or repetition over a phone call. The call support agents have time to attend to other complex and technical tickets.

Easy recording with Wondershare Democreator: You can quickly record and edit customer support video by clicking on DemoCreator. You will be prompted to edit an existing video, record a new one from the full screen, section of the screen or other saved files. The created video can saved in the form of MP3, MP4, MOV or GIF formats which can easily be uploaded on YouTube for public viewing or sent to individual customer.

2. Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Support Video

Videos have proven to greatly boost customer satisfaction. More and more customers are looking for customer support service that they have a direct visual interaction with support team. Sending email addresses or making calls do not offer a convincing touch to the customers compared to the video. Using a video to explain to a customer gives the customer to see rather than hear and they can easily relate that to their problem. In addition, when a customer support has video showing body languages shows the sincerity of the team and will see the seriousness in the matter at hand. In marketing, video shows all the features of the product and the customer have a clear picture of what they want. This helps them make informed decisions before making a decision to close a sale.

You can use the video to further increase customer satisfaction using the following tips;

  • Deliver a personalized help. When a customer receives a personalized video with their name included shows that the support team took their issue seriously. This greatly increases satisfaction in the feedback they receive.
  • Begin with personalized introduction. Even where the customer support agents are sending pre-recorded video, it is highly advised to insert a personalized introduction to serve the same purpose as a personalized video.
  • Faster resolution of issues. Videos solve issues fast since all the information is captured in one clip.
  • Including a personalized thumbnail. When sending videos include a thumbnail with the customer’s name on a whiteboard. This will make them curious to know what the video contains.
  • Replacing the ‘thanks’ notes with a video. Replace the ‘thanks’ note with a video showing a personalized note of gratitude to boost customer satisfaction.

3. Invest in CRM integration

Organizations that use automated video responses have proved to be more productive. A good automated platform has tight customer response management integration. The customer support agents are able to tie the responses from CRM, create and then share the specific video. The videos are automatically tied to the particular case and the system makes a feedback. For instance, where a customer has watched a customer support video, they can easily make a feedback of whether the video assisted without necessarily leaving the video and the support ticket is automatically closed in the CRM.

4. Use Videos to Increase Efficiency

Video analytics can be used to increase the performance in the organization. The customer support agent creates, save and send videos to the customers in response to their queries. The videos can be used to check what was useful to the customers and vice versa. Unlike support contents like PDF guides, FAQs, emails and portals, customer support videos offer more detailed data on the customer reactions. You can be able to see the number of views on a video and the number of pauses a customer made when watching the support video. This information can then be used to find out where the customers get value in your response. Make a comparison on the performance of videos from other agents dealing with a similar product by looking at their most viewed videos. If a video is receiving more views than your prioritize on the content that is missing in your video. Improved video will generally increase the efficiency of the organization and a general increase in productivity.

Part 2: How to Do Customer Service Video

After understanding the importance of customer support video, the question that remains is, ‘how do I make a good customer video?’ There are available video recording and editing software in the market that can help you make a support video with immense impact to your customers. One of the most effective software in the market is Wondershare DemoCreator. The software comes with an easy to read and understand tutorial that can easily be understood and implemented. You can use it to create videos for customer services, social marketing, games, presentations and more. The DemoCreator has video editing feature that allow you to customize your recorded or imported video footage. You can cut, crop, rotate and add captions, annotation and even cursor effects. The DemoCreator videos can be converted to GIF, MOV, MP3 and MP4 which are easy to share.

With the WonderShare DemoCreator you can make customer support in the following simple steps.

Plan your video

A good video should be planned in advance. Describe what your product does, its features, how it works and finally end with the call-to-action. Proper planning means that your video will meet all the customers’ expectation and answer all the questions regarding the product features in advance.

Record the video

When you want to record a program in action a strong and quality program like DemoCreator comes in handy. This PC screen recorder allows you to capture the full screen or a specified section of the screen. It also allows you to edit the contents of your video and maintain the quality crisp clear nature of your video. You can resize the video, add notations, crop or add other features. Add the audio features on the video with DemoCreator when recording.

record screen with democreator

Edit the video

The fun part when making the customer video is editing! With WonderShare DemoCreator this has been simplified. The software allows you to trim footage, add narrations, add animated intro and effects among other. The DemoCreator has simple instructional tutorials that allow you to get familiar with available options. While there are numerous options for editing in WonderShare DemoCreator, try and keep the video simple for the audience to focus on your message.

rotate videos

Distribute Your Video

After editing, the final stage in creating your video is distributing. WonderShare DemoCreator can convert your video into MP4, MP3, MOV or GIF which can easily be saved to your local computer.

Videos have many uses as a marketing tool, more importantly they are the most appealing content for customers. Hopefully, the article has offered a clear explanation on how to create customer service video clips that you can use to improve your customer satisfaction, engagement and support. Customer support videos will help your organization improve the customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, saves on time and acts as a great marketing tool for the organization through social platforms that have become a common media of communication among many potential customers. Put your foot ahead and embrace customer service videos to reap the fruits of digital marketing!