How to Create Social Media Videos

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:50 • Filed to: Other Creative Tips

Creating videos in today's world is common, especially with the constant changes in the technological world. Tutorial videos are famous among people as people across the world have different things to offer, and it is no harm in sharing it with other people.

There are various factors involved in creating videos, like recording the video, editing, special effects, presentation, etc. To make these tasks possible, you need reliable video editing software installed in your computer system, and DemoCreator is one of them. Also, you can opt to create social media videos with DemoCreator as there are various good ways of using it.

Social media is a great medium to reach out to people with your content. Ten to twenty seconds of video on social media can create a massive engagement if done efficiently. Also, you do not have to be a pro in social media and marketing, but the right tools and techniques can take you a long way.

DemoCreator is one of the best software to create social media videos that help you create a professional demonstration and tutorial videos. This can be done out of the screen recording from the system with the use of inbuilt features.

How to Create Great Social Media Videos

There are various methods or techniques which can help your content to stand out amidst the tough competition:

Kind of content

Your initial step is to recognize the kind of content you are going to put out. It could range from a 10 seconds DIY craft to an easy recipe. Also, it is important to pick one particular topic for your video. This is because there is a very minimum time to explain the entire process so, sticking to one area of the topic is important.

Define your audience

It is important to recognize the type of audience which might be getting engaged with your content. This helps in increasing the reach of your content. Also, catering to the specific kinds of audiences with your content is the best option. For example, if you are making a video on gaming then, the kind of audience which will be engaging you would be mostly gamers.

Don't miss out on an attractive title

An attractive title can induce more engagement. And hence, choosing your title is a crucial job when you make social media videos or for YouTube, etc. And hence, try to make it as quirky and creative as possible, which should also be relevant to your video's content. Ensure that your title leaves a mark on viewers so that they can search for it again if they need to.

Stick to your topic

The introduction to your video should explain the topic of your video. It is very significant for you to start with your video by defining the content of your video. This will help the viewers to get an idea of what your video is going to be about.

Recording the video

Recording the video is the main task, as to how you record your video determines how good your video will be. Also, the right lighting, perfect sound, stability, etc. all constitute to make a good video.

  • Lighting: Right lighting is an important factor for a good video. Investing in expensive lights might be futile for the starters. You may always use natural lighting for your videos. Try not to block the source of light, if you are recording in indoors. Try to diffuse the excess light using a paper or cloth.
  • Sound: Sound is one of the main components of video making. Ensure your sound is clear; that is, there is no echo or disturbance while making a video. Try to use an external mic for better results.
  • Stability: Make sure that the frames you are using in your video are stable. Shaky videos lead to the viewers being distracted or irritated. Your tutorial video will be efficient with a stable camera frame. Moreover, you may use the tripod or keep your phone/camera on a flat surface.

Using Screen recorder

With the rapid technological revolution, computers are becoming more and more vital with each passing day. From online classes to digital art, everything is being done on computers. Also, there is a variety of content that can be directly recorded from the screen itself without you manually explaining your viewers regarding the same.

For example, if you have to teach creating digital art, then, screen recording is a great way to make your videos efficient. DemoCreator does that job for you by being the best software to create social media videos. It records the video and audio by screen capturing it and letting us see the procedure of the application used.

screen capture frame rate

Furthermore, there are various visual tools through which you can beautify or decorate your recordings. These involve text box, edit entry, animations, and many more. This leads the viewers to the next slide or different URL page and highlighter for emphasizing the specific areas of the slide.

Also, you can rerecord your voice for the tutorials if it deems fit to you. Moreover, music files can also be imported to the tutorials, and multiple videos can be integrated into one.


Editing is another important factor in video creation, and choosing good video editing software can make the job of editing much efficient and easier. DemoCreator is one such video editing software that comes with the variety of inbuilt features that help you make demo and tutorial videos. This application consists of a video editing suite that is created to edit the recorded snippets and other imported videos and screen recordings.

Moreover, the videos which you edit using DemoCreator can be put to export in the form of GIF, MOV, MP3, and MP4. Then, you can put them out on social media.

Background Music

Background music can look nice if you plan to make a short video and do not have any narration. The background music also fills the time silences in the video. It is advisable to use a good and peppy background score for the videos where there is no narration.


People on social media sometimes watch videos without sound as well. In this case, if you want to reach out to your audience, use subtitles or captions for them to be able to read them. It is also friendly for people who cannot hear or can hear very less.

Transitions/Speed Effects

Your demo video might include many steps. For example, a video of you teaching a recipe might have multiple steps. It could be from picking up the ingredients to the preparations. Using speed effects or transitions will help you make your video short and crispy.


Interaction with your followers is a key element to be effective on social media. The easiest way to create interaction with your followers is to ask your followers their views on one of your videos or your work in general and then use the best submissions, edit them into a short snap with background score and speed effects and post the video.

It will not only bring more engagement because more people will find out the best in you but also, will make your followers excited about your work.

Posting BTS

Behind the scenes, clips are really fun to watch. To engage your audience more, you can post the behind the scenes video clips after editing them into one short video. This way, the audience stays excited about the content you are going to post.

You can also post the BTS after you have posted your original video. Showing the audience, the process behind your video can be fun to them as many snaps are candid and funny. Moreover, giving a sneak peek to the viewers on what goes behind the scenes is a great way to interact with them.

Publish Your Video on Social Media

The last step of creating the video is to publish or upload it on your social media platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the popular social media platforms where you can post your videos.

After you are done editing your video with this computer video editor, render your video in the software. After this, export it using export settings and save it in the desired location. While posting the video on social media, add an appropriate title, description, etc.

Also, use the right hashtags to reach a wider audience. Moreover, make sure your privacy settings are set to public before setting up a thumbnail. You can preview your video before posting it. Furthermore, using hashtags and quirky captions can help you widen your reach.