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Wondershare DemoCreator VS CyberLink Screen Recorder 4

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:15 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

If you are a student who wants to learn different concepts steadily, a screen recorder will help you. You will be able to keep a record of the covered syllabus with you. Similarly, teachers can save their online teachings on their system and share the recordings later with the class.

If you are a Youtuber who has a cooking or traveling channel, you can screen-record while live-streaming, which will attract your followers. Screen recorders save time and money for people as they provide all the beneficial features in a nutshell.

To help you get more knowledge about screen-recorders and their provided features, the article will give a Wondershare DemoCreator VS CyberLink Screen Recorder 4 review, covering the following aspects:

Part 1: DemoCreator VS CyberLink Screen Recorder 4: Main Features Comparison

Now, let’s comprehensively discuss the offerings of both Screen recorders, DemoCreator and CyberLink. Here, we will organize a comparison between the features offered by both applications.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an all-in-one tool for your business. If you want a voice-changer tool for your games, a screen-recorder for your vlogs, or video-editing software for your channel, DemoCreator is here to serve you. Here, we will learn the extensive features offered by the DemoCreator tool:

Screen Recorder

  • Record the Computer Screen: The screen recorder feature is beneficial for teachers, students, and vloggers, which helps them record important aspects from their devices.
  • Customization and Webcam Recording: You can choose the frame rate and preferrable resolutions yourself. Moreover, the AI-embedded technology of DemoCreator recognizes the face automatically and melts it into the screen. The application also supports the mask and mirror function.
  • Game-Boosted Recording Mode: With the help of DemoCreator’s screen recording tool, you can detect the gaming software on your PC automatically.
  • Live Screen Drawing: The screen recording feature enables you to write and draw spontaneously while recording the screen in real-time.
  • Microphone Sound: DemoCreator’s Recording tool automatically records the audio of the system. You are also provided with the option to disable the system audio.
  • Mark the Recording Nodes: If you are a video editor or a vlogger, this feature will help you mark the crucial recording nodes, so you can accurately edit them in the future.

democreator screen recording options

Video Editor

  • Facial Recognition Mirror: The facial recognition in the videos removes the background of any portrait. Moreover, you can also add a mirror, cinema, mask, and mosaic effects to your videos.
  • 50+ Animation Effects: There are almost 50+ animation effects in the DemoCreator, which include video clips, motion, and different text behaviors.
  • Zoom And Cursor Effects: The software has a zoom function and a pan that helps in easy zoom in and out on objects and scenes in a video. Moreover, the 5 cursor effects, including magnify, left-click, right-click, spotlight, and cursor highlight of DemoCreator, make the editing of videos more efficient.
  • Customized Watermark and Built-in Video Effects: You can also add a watermark of your page or brand to protect it from copyright issues. Moreover, there are thousands of video effects that will make your video aesthetically pleasing.
  • Automatic Captions: If you are a vlogger, your videos will reach different countries and their people. Therefore, the Automatic captioning of DemoCreator makes your content super accessible and understandable for people worldwide.

democreator video editor


The Voice Changer tool of DemoCreator provides you with interesting voice filters and effects that will change your voice to that of a Transformer, Robot, or Child. The application has a low CPU usage that does not quarrel with any other running application on the system. You can apply the voice-changing effect to pre-recorded files or record new videos and change your voice in that.

democreator voice changer

CyberLink Screen Recorder

CyberLink Screen Recorder 4 provides wide-ranging features in the domain of screen recording. The detailed outlook on its screen-recording features are given below:

cyberlink screen recorder 4 interface

  • Streaming via Gaming Console

With CyberLink Screen Recorder, you are not limited just to a PC, as it allows the Livestream gameplay from an Xbox, PlayStation, or any gaming console to Facebook or YouTube. You can add a reaction video while playing games that will engage people.

  • Use your Webcam

While screen recording gameplay, you can also integrate the microphone audio and video along with a webcam that will help you share reactions, secrets, and commentaries.

  • Easy-to-Use Recording and Editing Tools

The simple interface of the CyberLink Screen Recorder allows people to easily edit their videos by quickly importing, cropping, adding titles and transitions, along with any track in the back. Moreover, you can record, edit, and publish presentations online.

  • Live Streaming and Reduced System Footprint

With CyberLink, you can get exposure to your audience by streaming presentations to YouTube or Facebook. Moreover, the application ensures to have minimum CPU and GPU load for the better performance of other applications running in the meantime.

Part 2: DemoCreator VS CyberLink Screen Recorder 4: Supported OS

We have extensively discussed the features of both DemoCreator and CyberLink screen recorder. Now, let’s move on and compare the support of Operating systems provided by both software.

Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator tool is a flexible screen-recording and video editing tool that supports both Windows and Mac Operating systems. Here, we will learn about the detailed descriptions offered on these compatible systems.


Supported OS

Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows 11 (64-bit OS).


Intel i3 and later multicore processor, 2GHz and latest.


At least 3GB physical RAM (8GB needed for HD and 4K videos).

Screen Resolution

1366*768 or better.


At least 2GB free hard-disk space for installation (SSD-Solid State Disk suggested for editing HD and 4K videos).


Supported OS

macOS v12, macOS v11(Big Sur), macOS v10.15(Catalina), macOS v10.14(Mojave), macOS v10.13 (High Sierra).


Recommend Intel i5 or later multicore processor, 2GHz or above.


8 GB RAM (16GB required for HD and 4K videos).


Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. 2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD and 4K videos).


Minimum 10GB free hard-disk space for installation (SSD-Solid State Disk suggested for editing HD and 4K videos).

CyberLink Screen Recorder 4

CyberLink Screen Recorder is only compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 SP1. We have provided the explanation in the below table:


Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7 SP1 (Windows 10 64-bit recommended)

Processor (CPU)

Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above

Graphics Processor (GPU)

Desktop recording: 1GB VGA VRAM or higher

Game recording: 3GB VGA VRAM or higher



Hard Disk Space

600MB for product installation


Sound Card


Windows compatible sound card is needed


Screen Resolution


1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above


Language Support


English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish (European), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean

Part 3: DemoCreator VS CyberLink Screen Recorder 4: Price

Moving on from the differences between features and compatible Operating systems with DemoCreator and CyberLink Screen Recorder 4, we will compare the pricing plans of both screen recording software.

Wondershare DemoCreator

If you are interested in buying an uninterrupted plan for your Windows or Mac system, the perpetual plan is available for $69. It provides all V5 features of DemoCreator along with a customizable watermark option. If you are a businessman who wants to grow his business with the help of this software, the service will be available to you for $69.99 for 1 user.

You will be provided with all the screen recording and editing features along with multi-user control for the business and team. You can also utilize the flexible payment options and volume discount given to you. Similarly, students can also avail the beneficial services of DemoCreator for just $29.99 for 1 year.

CyberLink Screen Recorder 4

If you are a new user of CyberLink Screen Recorder 4, you can avail of the Deluxe plan for $49.99. It will provide an all-in-one solution for streaming, recording, and sharing content. The application offers easy-to-use editing tools as well as an option to Livestream your content on different social applications. The watermark option is also available in the Deluxe subscription plan.

If you are an upgraded user, CyberLink will provide its improved services for $34.99. You can reach the online audience and do live streaming by using custom servers. The app allows you to quickly capture and record your content with the available hotkeys on the interface.


If you belong to a content-creating field, you will know the hustle of creating and uploading content. You need a lot of software, including editing, screen-recording, and voice-changing tools. To help you broadly on this, this article has given a CyberLink Screen Recorder 4 VS DemoCreator, explaining the features, compatibility, and pricing plans of both software.