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DU Recorder for PC Review

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:19 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Screen recording has become a norm nowadays for content creators, tutors, students, and office workers. With the widespread use of screen recording software around, you can never miss one that does the job beyond satisfaction.

DU Recorder for PC Windows 10 is one of the best screen capturing software with a simple recording process, and high-quality screen captures. It also supports editing videos and helps you go live, giving you quality clear videos.

du recorder for pc

The DU Recorder was developed and launched by the Beijing Xiaoxiong Bowang Technology Co, LTD. The program developers claim it’s best suited for recording gameplay and instructional videos.

Du Recorder is reliable and easy to use. It is used to screen record and also create live streams. The software records your screen video and automatically saves it locally on your PC . it can also support live-streaming your screen to several social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more.

Why Should You Use DU Recorder for PC Windows 10?

DU Recorder for PC Windows 10 is a reliable screen recorder with excellent performance. It offers multiple reasons to choose it over other software; here are a few.

Screen Recording

The DU Recorder ranks as among the best and most used screen recording software, and this is because it offers an advanced level of recording with its free version. This recording application has several resolutions up to 1080p that promises to come up with HD quality videos.

The DU recording application has features that enable you to perform screen recording from your front camera. This application lets you stop the recording in the simplest way possible; all required is to shake the device you are using, and the recording stops. With this great recorder, you can pause and resume your recordings quickly.

Live Streaming

The DU recorder application contains an exciting and catching feature, the DU recording live. The feature allows you to broadcast your screen to many social media platforms, TV shows, Films, and more so, record gameplay videos.

 The DU Recorder software has a unique feature. With this live streaming feature, you can see the front camera of your device. The application allows you to set privacy levels settings, and it also allows you to comment on your live stream. The DU recorder application brings out a video that is of high quality.

Video Editing

DU Recorder for PC Windows 10 does its best to edit videos to achieve the quality desired. This mind-blowing application is sufficient for video-makers to record and edit their video on the same application. With this excellent video editing feature of the DU recorder, you can easily trim your video and get rid of the unnecessary parts of your video.

This feature also allows you to add subtitles to your plain videos and a short description and details. The DU recorder also allows you to adjust the volume of your video, rotate it, and crop it. If you’re into creating GIFs, the software supports generating GIFs from recorded videos.

Additionally, it allows merging several videos and adding background audio if required. The application permits you to do whatever fancy editing you want to your videos and turn them into what you wish.

How to Download and Install DU Recorder on Your PC

DU Recorder is a multi-platform software built for android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It’s also offered through a Chrome browser extension. Installing it on your PC is straightforward.

Simply visit the official website of the screen recorder,, and choose the Windows version of the application. When you click the Windows icon, you will be redirected, and the executable file of the application will start downloading.

Once done with the download, locate the file and double click to start the installation. The executable will direct you on what to do from the installation to completion. And that’s it; you’ve successfully installed DU Recorder on your PC.

How to Use DU Recorder on your PC

Using the DU Recorder for PC Windows 10 is very easy and smooth. Even though using this screen recorder is straightforward, it still may be daunting for some.

If you’ve used a screen recording application before, you shouldn’t be troubled to use DU Recorder because everything is laid clear once you run the app. Here’s a guide on using the screen recorder.

  • After installing the software, find the shortcut icon on your desktop and double-click it to launch the program.
  • Once the application window loads, click the big red button to begin recording.
  • Once you have completed the recording, click the red button again to stop the recording. You can also click on the “stop” icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once the recording is ended, the video is automatically saved on the recorded video section. Instead of struggling to locate the physical file storage location on your PC, DU Recorder has the Recorded Videos tab on the program main window. You can access your recorded videos any time you want and edit them.


  • Highly intuitive and easy-to-use UI.
  • Supports live streaming of the recording session.
  • Offers multiple screen recording options.
  • Records high-quality videos of up to 60 frames per second.
  • Simple video editing process.
  • Adds a virtual assistant for easy recording.


  • The free version leaves watermarks in videos.
  • Video editing lacks advanced features like adding annotations.

What’s The Best Alternative Screen Recorder – DemoCreator

While DU Recorder amazes many with its simplicity, it lacks plenty of features that a dedicated content developer would want in a screen recording software. If you want to achieve more than just recording and sharing your screen, it’s best to look at other better alternatives.

DemoCreator has always stood as a reliable screen recorder and the best alternative to almost every other screen recording application out there. It’s full of features that make it easier to produce high-quality videos.

What is DemoCreator?

DemoCreator is a Windows application that enables users to record their screen and webcam simultaneously while also capturing the system and mic audio. It’s bundled with many features such as adding annotations, video editing, and captions to support creating different videos.

The application allows you to create exciting video demos, how-to tutorials, engaging presentations, and gameplay. DemoCreator plays a massive role in your video recording, screen capturing, and editing, no matter what type of recording you need to make.

This fantastic program is a valuable resource to YouTubers, gamers, and tutors who share their video content on various platforms like Twitch. The software also contains excellent Features since it employs real-time screen drawing and mouse spotlight features.

When these features are combined, they make the process of capturing system sound, microphone, and webcam content correspondingly personalized and straightforward.

 There are many other screen recorders software out there. Still, DemoCreator outwins the rest with its ability to package its screen recording feature with a phenomenally intuitive video and audio editor. This processes the ability to make the uninteresting videos into a beautiful thing.

du recorder for pc

Features of DemoCreator

The DemoCreator is powered with advanced features like the “audio fade in, fade out” to regulate the audio clarity of the recording. It also offers a comprehensive gallery of green-screen effects, transition effects, annotations, and stickers. These features make it not only a worthy screen recorder but also a noteworthy video editor.

The following are some features that DemoCreator has to offer.

Screen Recording

DenoCreator is widely known for screen recording simplicity. Once you open the application on your device, you come across a large red button inviting you to press it and start the recording. All that is required of you is that you click the recording button on the tool, and it will begin to screen recording the data based on your manually carved aspect ratio.

Real-time Screen Drawing

DemoCreator has another feature that makes you choose it over other screen recording tools. This tool allows its users to highlight their content, draw lines, arrows, and other symbols, and write on their screen while the screen recording is happening.

Screen drawing is among the most valuable features, especially for creating instructional or tutorial videos. Before clicking on the recording button, you are first required to enable the screen drawing mode. You will automatically get a toolbar to select the color and cursor to write and draw on the continuously recording screen.

This real-time screen drawing feature offers simplicity, making it easier to use than DU Recorder for PC Windows 10.

Webcam Capture

Another fantastic feature of the DemoCreator is the webcam capture. This feature allows users to capture their faces via the webcam while at the same time recording whatever is happening on the screen.

This feature suits content creators who want to show their faces while sharing with their audience. It is also effective for online gamers and video commentators.

du recorder for pc

 Microphone and System Sound Capture

For those who do screen presentations without showing their faces, the Wondershare DemoCreator is the best choice. The tool captures audio directly from your microphone and the system to make the videos more engaging.

This app keeps the recorded audio separately from the recorded video to support further editing if needed. The DemoCreator video editor enables you to blend, mix and separate videos easily, making your videos unique.

Audio fade-in and fade-out

This feature is essential since it allows you to gradually raise the volume of your audio from silent with the fade-in option. It similarly helps you reduce the volume to total silence with fade-out.

Fast Export Without Editing

This feature supports quick recording and sharing. If you want to export the recorded video quickly without editing, Fast Export works like a charm. To enable fast exporting, simply right-click on the recorded video in the library and select the Fast Export option.

You can also add a title to your videos and choose your preferred saved path on your device. Your video will automatically be exported to the selected destination in no time.


Annotation is a convenient feature for tutorial creators or users doing demonstration videos. It’s common in most screen recorders. Still, DemoCreator comes with a unique annotation feature that allows the user to quickly add texts and diagrams at any point in time in a video recording timeline.

This DemoCreator’s annotation also enables users to add graphs, drawings, bubbles, banners in different styles to emphasize or highlight various sections.

The Green Screen Effect

This feature is essential since green screens are a great way to create a dynamic and visually appealing background for your clips. DemoCreator provides one of the most complex functions when users apply the green screen effect to their videos.

Simply import your green screen recorded video and the background you would like to apply into its library. You must drag both files into the video editor timeline and drag the green screen effect from the DemoCreator’s library section into the timeline.

You can then remove the green or any other color background simply by selecting the color you want to get rid of. A properties window will pop up on the right-hand side of your screen. Here, you can apply the effect while refining the video with other software like edge feather, edge thickness, etc.

Adding Transitions

A video editor requires transition effects to enhance your video’s visual appearance. DemoCreator has a variety of transition effects to choose from. These effects are on the right side of your tool here, and you can select any result and add it to the timeline where you need the transition effect to occur. This process is quite simple, and anyone can do it.

Adding captions

The captions feature is more applicable when you want to more theatrical effect in your clips. This effect gives a privilege of adding a title card at the beginning of your videos or adding end credits with a ready-made caption available in the Demecreator’s library. All you need is to simply select the one you like and then add it to the timeline where you prefer the caption to appear.

How to Use DemoCreator for Windows

Capturing your screen using the DemoCreator is easy and does not require one to be an expert in using it. The Democreater is an effective tool for all uses, whether you are a gamer or you want to record a tutorial.

The application offers a simple way to start recording, just like the DU Recorder for PC Windows 10. The following is a simple guide to begin recording with DemoCreator.

After launching the application, click the Screen+Webcam mode to record your screen and the webcam. Note that this is DemoCreator’s default recording mode. Choosing this option will display three tracks with the recorded screen, camera, and mic. This allows you to edit individual recordings as desired.

If you want to capture a region of your screen, simply set your screen’s capture area. This option allows you to include other inputs, such as the microphone, system audio, and webcam.

Under the camera recording, you can specify the mirror direction of your webcam and auto face recognition. Once done customizing your recording settings, press the F10 key or click the red recording button to start capturing.

If you want to pause the recording session, simply press the F9 key. To stop recording, press F10 or go to the taskbar and click the DemoCreator icon, then stop recording button.

The editor window pops up once the recording is done, allowing you to edit the recorded video. You can always add more aesthetics to your video with the various editing tools available on DemoCreator. Unlike the DU Recorder for PC Windows 10, DemoCreator is bundled with many features that you can exploit to make your recording more enticing.


  • Offers a simple, intuitive, easy to use interface.
  • Video editor is rich with features, making it easier to perfect recorded video.
  • The application supports specifying the frames per second feature to create high-quality videos.
  • It supports magnifying and recording a specific section of the screen.
  • Allows simultaneous recording of screen, webcam, system audio, and mic.
  • Mic, system audio, webcam, and screen recording are kept in separate tracks to support editing.
  • Allows recording a section or the entire screen.
  • Offers a good number of effects, animation, and many more options enabling you to create unique videos


  • The free version leaves a watermark in videos.
  • Fewer transition effects.
  • The microphone may stay on even after the recording has ended.

Final Verdict

The DU Recorder for PC Windows 10 is an excellent screen recording tool bundled with features to support creating presentations and recording gameplays. It’s ideal for less-intensive and basic recording.

If you want a more reliable, full-featured screen recorder that does more beyond the basics, you need to consider DemoCreator. It’s an application built for Windows and Mac users. One of the unique features of the screen recorder is recording the screen, webcam, system, and mic audio separately so you can edit them independently.

DemoCreator also offers plenty of video editing, annotation, and caption features that enhance the quality of recorded videos. Its ability to support customized frame rates comes in handy in improving video recording quality. This application is best suited for all your recording needs, from YouTube content creation, gameplay videos, tutorials, and meetings.