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Facebook Ad Video Maker

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:43:11 • Filed to: Facebook

Businesses got to a higher level of exposure with the onset of the internet a few decades ago. Prior to that, radios, television and newspapers were used to advertise company services, and products. With the ubiquity of the internet and influx of social media users to platforms like Facebook, promoting a company is now profoundly easier. Creating videos for social media platforms like Facebook is tantamount to maximum exposure, and healthy profit margins.

Facebook ads can be counted in the millions, with everything from personal products, cars, political campaigns and business endeavors represented. Creating these video ads is quite simple, even if you are not as tech-savvy as your peers. One Facebook ad movie maker free for use is Biteable Facebook Ad Video Maker. With countless editing options and templates to choose from, your up-and-coming business will be on people's lips, and minds, overnight! So how does one create a Facebook with limited experience?

Facebook Ad Video Maker

The ad requires next to nothing investment, except a little bit of your spare time to realize your concepts. In order to create a Facebook ad video, there are few preliminary steps to consider.

Brand Awareness

This refers to who and how viewers will see, or appreciate your brand. Jot down what your product entails, and capture things like lead-generation. Essentially, this will guide you on what your ad should cover, perhaps what it will look like and how it will appear to a targeted audience. The idea is to recognize who your targeted audience is, before you create your ad.

Adherence to Rules

Facebook implemented certain vital rules a few years back to curb the spread of useless, destructive and misleading information. That being the case, always account for the authenticity of information presented on your ads, while staying in line with all relevant regulations. Of course, if you participate in derogatory or marginalizing activities, it's probably best if you refrain from social networks entirely.

Short is Better

Remember, most people have no time to read, and though they enjoy videos, they'd rather you get to the point. Using a Facebook ad maker doesn't mean you should go all-out in terms of duration. Get to the point as quickly as possible, with fewer words and captivating visuals.

How to Make a Facebook Video Ad

First off, you need to set up objectives for your ads. These range from app installs to score visits.

App installs – assuming your ad is connected to an app, and you'd like to see more downloads, this is a good objective to optimize.

Product Sales – for individuals or companies selling products, this ads can be optimized on Facebook accounts.

Engagement – perfect for setting off chats in order to raise awareness, or mobilize people.

Store Visits – for anyone who'd like to increase traffic into their stores, this ad suits you perfectly.

Technical Aspects of Your Facebook Ad

Instructions on how to make a Facebook ad video would not be complete without covering technical aspects.

  • For mobile usability, ensure that video aspect ratios are 2:3, while a desktop can easily work with 9:16 ratios. Because most of your audience is bound to be mobile a majority of the time, it is best to focus on optimizing it for mobile platforms.
  • File size should not exceed 1.75 Gigabytes. This is the limit as far as Facebook is concerned, unless you are willing to pay a heavy price to have it allowed.
  • Prepare an ad that is as short as possible, presenting as much information in a comprehensively condensed manner. The longer the ad, the more likely you will pay more, or miss out on clients who “have better things to do”.

Once you’ve observed these rules, follow these steps to create your clip with a Facebook ad video maker.

  • Select a blueprint from the template selector on the software. Some are optimized to help your ad stand out from the crowd, in your feed.
  • Add visuals, like photos or short clips to your story board. Most of this ad-making software has hundreds if not thousands of photos available, so don’t fret if you have nothing on your hard drive.
  • Add texts. Remember, people watch videos in Not-Safe-For-Work mode. This means they will keep the visuals but would rather follow with texts, or subtitles.
  • Finally, brand it using colors and themes of your choosing.

Create Facebook Ads Page

  • Log In to Facebook and select the drop down menu on the top, right-hand corner. This Facebook page should be synced to your business page. Scroll down to “create ads”
  • Proceed further to select your preferred objective… it could be brand awareness, reach etc.
  • The next step is to select or rather create a tailored audience. Criterion includes age, location, gender and languages.
  • Once you've picked the audience, select where you would prefer your ad to be placed. Pick a payment plan/ budget schedule and upload your video.

Keep in mind the following for a successful Facebook video ad.

Attract and maintain audience's attention with the ad. Ensure that it is engaging in a funny manner, heartwarming or heartbreaking tone, or it sparks awareness.

Make use of a Call to Action. People may have watched it, perhaps even cried over a scene or two. What's the way forward? Interest them to join your next webinar, or to subscribe, like and follow your feeds.

Ensure the initial five seconds or less grab all of your audience's attention. People have little patience for wordiness, and beating around the bush. Get to the point.


Selecting a Facebook ad maker free for usage is easy if you know your targets. Setting up objectives beforehand is important, as it would be under any other advertising platform.