• 1. Record your computer screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

Best 10 free screen capture software for Windows10

Alma Elliott
2024-02-22 17:46:20 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

Suppose you are also struggling in getting the right application to record your Windows 10, Windows 11, or Mac desktop screen. In that case, you are reading the right article because by the end of this article; you will get all the juicy information about the best screen recorders of 2021.

We will introduce you to the best ten applications along with their specifications and the reasons to buy and avoid them. This article is going to be very exciting because we will also tell you about the most recommended application for screen recording purposes at the end of this article. Let the reading begin!

Why you will need to use a screen recorder for Windows and Mac

Brace yourselves because, in this section, we will tell you some situations that will prompt you to record your Windows and Mac screens.

Well, there are endless situations that you will face in your lives to record your desktop screens, and for this, you will require the right application with the right tools and features.

As we all see with the emergence of the new Covid variant that is the Omicron variant, our world and lives are again shifting to the virtual or remote network on the internet, and therefore to tackle these situations; we should have the right technology in our hands.

We all are completely shifted to the remote network from our academic to professional life. We communicate on the internet, learn on the internet, and earn through the internet, and sometimes for personal purposes, we also meet our loved ones on the internet.

In academic life, instructors or teachers have to make the online lectures before uploading them on the classroom medium. So for this, they have to require a good screen recorder or a capture with a powerful video editor.

The same happens with the person who works in a professional office environment. He or she also requires good software that helps him or her record the online meetings and prepare the presentations.

A gamer, a social media content creator, or a YouTuber also needs a dazzling video editing and screen recording application. So they also search for the application that performs all the tasks in one platform.

For example, DemoCreator is an all-in-one platform that performs screen recording and video editing. The application is also bundled with more than five hundred video editing and recording resources.

In this article, we will try to erase all your confusion and tell you point-to-point about each of the applications that are defined below.  

Best applications for screen recording and capturing

In this section, you will see and know about all the applications that will help you in screen recording and capturing. All the applications below may differ in their features, working mechanism, pricing, etc.    

No. 1
OBS Studio


Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio is a well-known screen recording and capturing application that performs little video editing actions. The application is completely available for free on the internet, and the OBS project is completely open-source, which means the application will always remain free to use.

You download the application on all the operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux.


The best specifications of the application are listed below.

  • OBS Studio allows you to create high-quality audio and video mixing.
  • With OBS Studio, you can capture or record your screen, microphone, and webcam separately and at the same time.
  • With OBS Studio, you can create scenes from multiple sources simultaneously.
  • With the audio features, you can remove, snub, fade voice from the background, and also add voice overs.


  • The application is completely free to use, and you can download it from the OBS Studio site.


  • The application does not contain more advanced features than the paid application does.
No. 2
FlashBack Express


Another best application for you is FlashBack Express. The application comes in two versions: the paid one, and the second is the premium and advanced version. FlashBack Express contains both the video editor and screen recorder that allows you to record and edit your screen efficiently.

The application is bundled with multiple tools that suffice the users to perform the editing and capturing tasks. You can download FlashBack Express for any Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system.


  • With FlashBack Express, you can record your screen, webcam, and sounds.
  • FlashBack Express allows you to add captions, transitions, annotations, captions, emojis, etc., to your video editings.
  • With the application, you can add commentary, do live streaming, and upload your project anywhere on the internet.


  • As mentioned above, the application has a premium version too. If the free version does not fit your needs, you can purchase the paid version.


  • There are some features like writing on the screen while recording, pan, and zoom, magnifying, etc. are not available in the premium version too.
No. 3
Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder


Apowersoft Screen Recorder is an application that is specifically developed for screen recording purposes. The application has all the features that are required to record and capture the screen. You can easily download the application from the Apowersoft site.

The application is completely free to use and also provides APIs to application developers if they want to integrate the recording functionality in their application. The best thing about the application is that it is available on Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows devices.


  • Apowersoft Recorder has made the recording task easy for the users by just clicking on the recording button right after downloading and installing it.
  • The application lets you export videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF, and GIF.
  • With Apowersoft, you can record all activities on your screen, including video stream, self-demonstration, live chat, and more.


  • The application is free to use.


  • Apowersoft requires downloading additional Java libraries before the application's installation.
  • Also, the application's video editor is so basic.
No. 4
Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture


Debut Screen Recorder is also a great choice for you if you only want to perform the recording tasks. The application does not contain a video editor. Moreover, the application does contain some video color and filter effects that you can use while recording the screen.

Debut Screen Recorder is only available for Windows users, and the version of the application is not available for Mac and Linux users. The application allows you to record anything from your computer screen.


  • With Debut Screen Recorder, you can record your screens, webcam, live video, streaming games, and a lot more.
  • With Debut Screen Recorder, you can record videos as avi, WMV, Flv, Mpg, mp4, MOV, and more video formats
  • You can also record your screen, webcam, and microphone separately and at the same time.


  • The application is completely free to use.


  • The application does not contain a video editor, and it would make you install the additional editing applications.
No. 5


With ShareX, you can get an opportunity to edit your videos and edit them with multiple video editing options and tools for free. The application is an open-source project and is easily available for Windows users. Mac and Linux users are not lucky enough when it comes to downloading the ShareX on desktops.

ShareX has a nice and user-friendly interface that makes the users adopt the environment and use the application efficiently quickly. With ShareX, you can share your projects and files on multiple social media platforms.


  • The application allows you to capture and record the screen efficiently. You can record your screen, webcam, and microphone easily with ShareX.
  • The application also includes the text capture OCR tool.
  • You can also capture in the scrolling order with ShareX.
  • With the application's editor, you can do multiple types of editing to your recorded videos.  


  • The application is completely free to use.


  • There are no serious reasons to avoid an application like ShareX.
No. 6


Another great application that is best for remote work is Screen-o-Matic. The application is packaged with all the tools and technologies that let the users perform all the highly professional tasks of recording and editing that they do on onsite premises.

The application also contains a powerful video editor through which you can edit your videos and make multiple social media content. With Screen-o-Matic, you can also take screenshots of your desktop and edit them with the application's editor. 


  • The application allows you to record your screen, webcam, microphone for free.
  • You can also take templates and photos from the application's pre-generated stocks of templates and other resources to edit your videos.
  • You can also backup your recording on multiple cloud platforms.
  • With Screen-o-Matic, you can also share your contents among multiple other applications.


  • The application has multiple advanced features and collaborative tools that let the users or teams work or learn efficiently remotely.
  • Video editing tools.


  • If you do not like the free version and don't want to purchase the paid application, you can avoid it.
No. 7


Camtasia provides its users with the most advanced and yet the most expensive features. Large enterprises extensively use the application for their professional work. You can download the Camtasia application from the site after purchasing the application or its services.

With Camtasia, you can do multiple types of editing and screen recording. The application lets you do your editing and recording efficiently without any hurdles. You can use the application for your professional, academic, and personal use. Camtasia also lets you go through a user guide before using the application.


  • The application allows you to use multiple video editing resources like templates, filters, effects, etc.
  • With Camtasia, you can record anything on your computer screen–websites, software, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations.
  • The application includes all the advanced editing and recording options that you can check from the application's official site.


  • Camtasia gives you all the advanced features that are not available on other applications.
  • You get user support from Camtasia after purchasing it.


  • If you don't want to purchase it, you can simply avoid the application.
No. 8


The Windows and Mac users can easily download and install the ActivePresenter. The application includes two versions of it: the paid one and the free one. The paid version includes more advanced features than the free one.

The application is very easy to use and has all the features to support you while recording the screen.


  • The application is an all-in-one screen recorder that lets you record and edit the videos in one application.
  • You can also upload your projects on multiple social media platforms.


  • The application has features that other applications barely provide while recording.


  • If both free and paid versions don't fit your needs, you can easily avoid it.
No. 9



Now comes the most interesting and best part of the article, which will familiarize you with the trending application of 2021 called DemoCreator.

DemoCreator, developed by Wondershare, is a powerful application that includes both video editing and screen recording facilities. The application has more than five hundred video editing and screen recording features that make the users edit the videos with the most advanced features and record the screen efficiently.


  • As mentioned above, DemoCreator has more than five hundred video editing resources that allow you to add captions, annotations, transitions, texts, stickers, emojis to your videos.
  • The application also allows you to edit the audio of the video.
  • You can add voice overs, remove, add, fade voice, and background music easily with DemoCreator.
  • With the screen recording functionality of the application, you can record your screen, webcam, and microphone separately and simultaneously.
  • The application allows you to write on-screen, pan and zoom, magnify and add other effects on screen while recording.

The Best Free Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Windows

Multiple text included, make different types of text animation effects with ease.
Built-in thousands of templates, resources, and effects, edit the video like a pro.
Edit the audio, video, recorded clips on different tracks simultaneously.
Supports AI Face Recognition, stress any key point on the recording screen.
Export to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF and multiple formats, and with high quality.
Free Download
Secure Download
Free Download
Secure Download

Key Takeaway

Now, you have all the applications that you can try on. We will recommend our readers to use DemoCreator because of the application's most advanced functionalities that are developed with artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

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