How to Make Game Video in DemoCreator?

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:28 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

Game video making is a head-scratcher. 48 percent of YouTube gamers state they contribute more energy watching gaming chronicles on YouTube than playing. Gamers are an astoundingly enticing group with critical purchasing power. Regardless, to truly relate requires finding a touch on why people are tuning into game-related video content. We now live in a period where game capturing is seen as quirky or strength. Not only do different people like a nice PC game. Anyway many are similarly trapped in watching others play. To be sure, gaming accounts are among the most standard sorts of chronicles on YouTube. In this way, the game video maker transforms into a fundamental association in getting the continuous connection accounts across to a broader group. This article on a very basic level attempts to clarify video-changing projects that are ideal for gamers for making continuous association chronicles.

If you unquestionably acknowledge how to make screencast instructional exercise accounts, the chances are that you'll consider it to be easy to modify your gaming chronicles. In case you are an amateur videographer, you needn't bother with an unnecessarily confusing framework that will cause you cerebral agonies. You need to find an easy-to-use game capturing toolkit which can perform these tasks handily. Making intuitiveness gaming video chronicles is a two-adventure measure wherein gamers get the film from games. With the help of video-adjusting virtual items, change the chronicle into typical accounts that can be moved to standard video-sharing districts like YouTube. Here we've enlisted the best amongst the pile; Wondershare DemoCreator and guess what? You can also learn how to record a game with DemoCreator here in this article as well.

Step 1: Record a Game in DemoCreator

With the DemoCreator already installed inside your computer, the first functionality with game video making you can perform from the set of DemoCreator is recording the gaming videos that you can perform without any anomaly and to the best customizable settings and extent. Recording gaming videos with the DemoCreator is made easy and all-fun activity even if you're a beginner level in the video recording industry. You can simply enter into the DemoCreator recorder with a single hit to the New Recording button from the main interface.

Here in the recording window, you can perform various functionalities to your recording gaming video in real-time.

  • You can automatically select the screen resolution and the dimensions with the numbers if you want to record your screen precisely. Although, with the automatic drop-down feature of the screen, you can select the gaming window screen by default as well.
  • You can customize the gaming screen settings and then when you finish customizing, all you need to do is hit the Record button which will eventually start your game capturing in DemoCreator.
  • You can also customize these features during recording as well as before recording so as soon as you're done with the recording and customizations, just hit the Stop button within the recorder window.

Step 2: Edit a Game video in DemoCreator

Screen Recording is a handy task but with the Wondershare DemoCreator software, you can make it a perfect professional looking gaming video with the advanced-level video editor available to your right after the recording finishes. This video editor has some renowned features embedded naturally where you can light up your gaming videos to a pro-level extent. You can perform various operations on your screen recordings with the video editor functionalities. The best part is that you can also include the previously recorded gaming videos and include them within a single project.

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to make a game video in DemoCreator without any prior experience of video editing know-how. You can learn from the features below to perform on your own.

  • In the video editor, you can import any format of gaming video which you have recorded previously by hitting the Import button.
  • You can perform the basic video editing just by dragging your gaming video recordings to the timeline and clicking on it which will pop up the basic video editing functionalities situated at the right side of the screen.
  • You can also go for the fade-in/fade-out of your gaming video sound to add more impact to your output video file which makes it pro-level. To do that, right-click on the recording video within the timeline and select Edit Audio which will open up the audio editing section of Wondershare DemoCreator.
  • In addition to the basic level audio and video editing features, you can also go for some advanced-level features by visiting the left-side vertical menu bar of the software interface.
  • You can add Titles, Annotations, Stickers, Effects, Transitions, and Cursor effects of your own choice from that menu.

Step 3: Export and share it to YouTube

In the final step, here you can perform the saving of your videos to your desired location and with the Wondershare DemoCreator, this step also has a variety of options to opt for meanwhile whenever you're done with the recording and editing functionalities to your gaming videos, you can always opt for any of the below-exporting options right from the main interface of Wondershare DemoCreator just by hitting the Export button at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Meanwhile, in the export window, you have two options to save your gaming video masterpiece.
  • To save your gaming video to your desired location inside your PC, all you need to do is just customize the exporting options available to you within the Export window and as soon as you're done with the customization i-e project name, location, Fps, etc., just hit the Export button and it will take your gaming video to the desired location which you have recently added.
  • Another option is sharing it on the YouTube platform, being a gamer and a YouTuber has now become hassle-free with Wondershare DemoCreator as you can easily share your gaming video masterpiece to your YouTube channel just by hitting the YouTube menu bar located below the Local menu.
  • From that menu, you need to Sign in to your YouTube channel account by hitting the Sign in button and be with it to hit a direct share to your YouTube channel.


Given the proportion of tumult for gaming, it isn't astonishing that gamers are appropriating video content inferred for a broader group like YouTube gaming videos. Regardless, their middle authority lies with gaming, and ruling video modifying writing computer programs is a helper concerning gamers. Thus, most gamers scrutinizing this survey and starting with appropriating chronicles online should go with DemoCreator with a straightforward interface that does exclude a grand desire to assimilate data. Ultimately, it is connected to conveying reasonable enough video content that finds resonation with the overview swarm. This game video maker here is proper for beginners or experts to wrap up their video looking more master.

Altering a gaming video is additionally as basic as changing some other video. Nobody prerequisites to move their substance that looks unpolished. Accordingly, to move a quality video on YouTube, or some other close to organize, it should be changed fittingly. To change game accounts, clients should be trusted and master game video making. Despite the route that there is a huge load of such endeavors open on the web, it can even now be endeavoring to locate the correct one. With that in mind, we've enlisted the solutions to how to make the game video in DemoCreator. For quality adjusting, clients need expert quality gaming video software is DemoCreator that comes stacked with highlights. You can easily download it from the above-enlisted links.