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Top 10 Screen Recorder to record GoToMeeting Session on Mac

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:45 • Filed to: Video Conference

A premium status in the portable computer world, Apple's MacBook was the first to introduce features that bias you towards spending more for a MacBook than its competitive companies' models. However, having a different OS to deal with to record the GoToMeeting session also comes up with supportability features for various recorders. But to tackle the query of how to record a GoToMeeting session on Mac we haven't leave you alone. Stick with this article to find out more.

Although, to record a GoToMeeting webinar with keeping in mind Mac's specialties while surviving the bumps and drops, something that's rugged is preferred. Hence, we have compiled some top-rated screen recorders for you, which are designed especially for the macOS. The best part is that we have also enlisted the overview of the important features of such tools that can record the GoToMeeting webcam of your MacBook.

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Top 10 GoToMeeting Session Recording Software on Mac

Here in this article, you'll find out a brief introduction of such high-rated software tools compatible with MacBook systems with their key features. At the end of this article, you'll have the best screen recording software tools for your MacBook which can record GoToMeeting webinar effectively.

Wondershare Filmora

A masterpiece by Wondershare Technologies, Wondershare Filmora, is a screen recorder with swift compatibility for MacBook systems. Out of the ordinary, this software tool has a recording and editing suite of advanced level, which helps you share a professional-looking GoToMeeting recording to your audience. You can produce a creative, well-polished, and professional-looking GoToMeeting session with this intuitive software tool right from your Mac.

Key Features:

Here are some key points for the MacBook version of this screen recorder software:

  • With its handy interface for beginners, this screen recorder has the mass of MacBook users who love to do their GoToMeeting recordings with this software.
  • You can edit and watermark your GoToMeeting sessions with its built-in video editor to make it your property and avoid being used by the scammers.
  • With its advanced level updates, you can do audio recordings and adjustments while maintaining the high-quality for your GoToMeeting sessions both in sound and from a video perspective.


Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is just another triumph by the Wondershare technologies, which has the power to make your GoToMeetings a pro-level playlist of sessions that your viewers enjoy while taking lessons. Compatible with the MacBook systems, Wondershare UniConverter provides you a suite of special effects and transitions to put in your GoToMeeting recordings while editing in the post-production phase. You can just bring life to your boring GoToMeeting videos with this masterpiece.

Key Features:

We have discussed some of the notable key features for this toolkit for MacOS

  • Wondershare UniConverter has a user-friendly interface in compliance with the MacBook display to give a perfect overview of your GoToMeeting recordings.
  • You have the video editing availability with this software as well which means you can shape your GoToMeeting recordings right before the publishing phase with the same software.
  • Wondershare UniConverter allows you to take screenshots of your MacBook screen for GoToMeeting thumbnails with its built-in feature and also you can save your images and recordings to the various number of formats.



ScreenFlow is considered to be the best screen recording software for high-level production GoToMeeting recordings. The reason is its powerful design and numerous features to sift your GoToMeeting recordings in the post-production phase. You can bring your GoToMeeting sessions to the whole new level and that too right from your MacBook. So if you want to enhance your business or revamp your brand through GoToMeeting sessions. ScreenFlow is a suitable choice to give it a try.

Key Features:

Here are some key points for the MacBook version of this screen recorder software:

  • A software by Telestream, ScreenFlow can record your GoToMeeting sessions at retina resolution which means that right from your MacBook, you can enjoy very high-resolution screen recordings.
  • ScreenFlow allows you to save your audio and video of GoToMeeting videos with plenty of elements meanwhile you can also split your recording into segments to bring some powerful transitions.
  • You can access their media library as well which has numerous layouts and effects useful for giving your GoToMeeting recordings and lectures a stunning touch.


OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a suite of open source GoToMeeting videos recorder and editor, enabling you to effectively record your sessions in real-time. This software toolkit has the ability with the MacBook compatibility to record the real-time streaming of your GoToMeeting sessions to the other end as well. This means that you can capture the GoToMeeting screen from multiple sources with the same destination.

Key Features:

We have discussed some of the notable key features for this toolkit for MacOS

  • OBS Studio allows you to take screenshots and do webcam recordings at the same time right from your MacBook PC.
  • With a handy user interface, you can add your brand or channel watermark to your GoToMeeting recordings, but you can't do advanced-level editing with this toolkit.
  • OBS Studio also allows you to do audio recordings along with the GoToMeeting session and also it can support the retina display recording feature.



Snagit is a user-friendly screen recorder tool compatible with MacBook PCs. This software has an intuitive design as well which can capture your MacBook screen GoToMeeting session without any delay or anomaly. This software also encourages you to deal with previous users' feedback so you can have a better understanding of their toolkits.

Key Features:

Here are some key points for the MacBook version of this screen recorder software:

  • Snagit allows you to do the GoToMeeting webcam recordings simply and effectively that you can have no problem doing so even being a beginner.
  • You can also do your audio recording and merge your different audio channels while recording your GoToMeeting sessions with this software.
  • Snagit also has its built-in video editor, giving you access to edit your recorded GoToMeeting webinars intuitively.



A free screen recorder tool for Mac users, Screencast-O-Matic is a simple to use GoToMeeting recorder runs smoothly on your MacBook. It has an intuitive design that has special features to enhance your GoToMeetings to the whole new level. This means that with this software, you can do the post-production on your GoToMeeting webinars to polish them according to your branding needs.

Key Features:

We have discussed some of the notable key features for this toolkit for MacOS:

  • Screencast-O-Matic allows you to save your GoToMeeting masterpiece to your required destination with several formats suitable for Mac users worldwide.
  • You can also give a direct hit to your YouTube channel with this handy software for GoToMeeting recordings.
  • It can run smoothly on your MacBook with its lightweight memory space with now delaying issue at all.



Camtasia provides you a straightforward interface with which you can have your GoToMeeting webinar recordings editing options. With its powerful video editing software, you can now enjoy the all-in-one functionalities for your GoToMeeting videos right from your MacBook. If you are a beginner with this software, you can use their tutorial guidelines to further enhance your recordings and editing skills with their powerful video editor and recorder.

Key Features:

Here are some key points for the MacBook version of this screen recorder software:

  • Camtasia has the power of doing the video editing with an advance level tools that synchronize your GoToMeeting recordings according to modern needs.
  • You can do a lot of variations and add transition effects to your GoToMeeting webinar videos before publishing them to your audience.
  • With their numerous and featureful audio and video recordings toolkit list, you have all the pro-level necessities right under this software menu list.



QuickTime as its name suggests is an extensible screen recorder with live streaming practicality. With this software tool, you can expect your GoToMeeting webinar recordings as an exact real-time capturing as this software is a master of on-screen controls. QuickTime is a quick and efficient screen recorder especially when it comes to GoToMeeting sessions because this tool has incorporated cloud adjustments which ensure its super-fast efficiency.

Key Features:

Here we have discussed some of the notable key features for this toolkit for MacOS:

  • With its handy interface, you can take a screenshot and do your webcam recordings in parallel with the GoToMeeting session recording.
  • This software also allows you to add watermark to your GoToMeeting video sessions, which is nothing but protection to your content while expanding your business.
  • QuickTime has streaming phenomena applicable which also ensures retina display recordings for better post-production quality.


iSpring Suite

A renown tutorial maker with its screen recording functionality, iSpring Suite is a powerful yet easy to use screen recorder for Mac users. With its efficient recording tools, you can create professional content from your GoToMeeting sessions online. You can form up your playlist of a course via this handy software. You can also do screencasts on your MacBook where you can add voice to your GoToMeeting videos.

Key Features:

Here are some key points for the MacBook version of this screen recorder software:

  • With iSpring Suite, you can play with the audio part of your GoToMeetings i-e you can add additional voice-over as well as record your system sound effectively
  • This software also captures the cursor movement over your Mac screen which enables you to record tutorials and online GoToMeeting sessions for eLearning purposes.
  • You can also add another video file and embed it to your GoToMeeting session recording to give a better perspective of your discussion topic.


Movavi Screen Recorder

An easy-to-use screen recorder with built-in editing tools is Movavi Screen Recorder. This software tool has very useful features, including GIFs creation and capturing audio while the recording is being done. With such stunning features, you can easily understand this screen recorder's functionality if you are new to GoToMeeting recordings.

Key Features:

Here we have discussed some of the notable key features for this toolkit for MacOS specifically below:

  • With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can directly upload your GoToMeeting recordings to your Google or YouTube accounts with a single click.
  • This software gives you an overall video editor assistant which can bring your GoToMeeting recording videos to a whole new level.
  • Movavi screen recorder also allows you to schedule your GoToMeeting capturing on your MacBook with its timely resolution and capturing settings.



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Undoubtedly, the best screen recorder for getting your GoToMeeting recording job done is the one that can bring life to your tedious and time-consuming GoToMeeting recordings. But here's the kicker as we have enlisted the best available tools for you to shortlist your most suitable toolkit, which can effectively solve your GoToMeeting recordings trauma.

Here's the bottom line of this article, which revolves around finding the best among the other screen recording tools, which have drawbacks of either limited time recordings or limited features availability. Hence we recommend going for a super handy tool that can have the enriched features built-in and an intuitive interface that can provide you a better and straightforward recording capability for your GoToMeeting sessions online.