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How to Make a Good Screen Capture Work on a Windows PC?

Oliva Eve
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Face Recognition

Sharing information through screen recording is quite powerful, especially if you use the right desktop screen recorder. However, whether it is your first or tenth time making a screen recording, many things could go wrong. So, you need to make ample preparations to make a good screen capture. There are multiple screen capture solutions in the market and so you should begin by finding the best desktop screen and audio recorder, which can make your recording attractive. Below is a guideline on how to make a good screen capture work on Windows PC, and the most recommendable PC desktop screen recorder for the task.

What should you do before starting your Windows screen recording?

Before starting your Windows screen recording, there are multiple things to consider, including the purpose of the recording and how to display it. Decide the role of the webcam as well and the dependability of the computer microphone. Before posting your video, editing is crucial, as well as determining the right target audience.

good Windows screen capture

Step 1: Plan your video script or make a PPT

Planning your video script means organizing what you will say. You can make an outline to help guide you through the screen recording, and writing it down will keep you focused. A perfect script should be detailed with the exact words to use, a list of steps, and other phases to keep your memory sharp. If you choose to make a PPT plan, you can incorporate images since visual work helps you in remembering all important aspects. After this planning, study it well.

Step 2: Add your Webcam

If you choose a free desktop screen recorder for Windows 10, such as Wondershare DemoCreator, you can record the screen and webcam at the same time. As you set up the webcam, remember that eye contact is important to build credibility. Your audience would like to relate to you and your message through your eyes. Additionally, mind your position and pay attention to anything in your background. Ensure that it is clean and without elements that could distract your viewers.

Step 3: Add your Microphone

Audio quality matters in a screen recording in a significant way. If you do not trust your computer's microphone, you can use an external microphone to upgrade the audio quality dramatically. In this process, get rid of anything that could interfere with your quality sound, including background noise. The microphone is powerful enough to pick up noises around you, such as barking dogs and music. Although a desktop screen video recorder like Wondershare DemoCreator can remove such noises, it's better to eliminate them first.

Step 4: Annotate your screen

Annotating your screen means minding any activity that goes on during recording. First, put off all unnecessary notifications that could pop up as you make the video. You must also be careful with the movement of the mouse cursor since it shows your audience where to look on the screen. If you move the cursor around unnecessarily, you could confuse your viewers. So, you must use it deliberately and with purpose. You may make the cursor colorful so that your audience can follow each step.

Step 5: Edit your video

Editing the video helps in cutting out mistakes and unnecessary content. Mistakes are unavoidable especially when you move the mouse to the wrong place when recording, or select the wrong or unexpected item. With the right desktop screen video recorder for Windows 7, you can cut out any problem or unwanted content. Proper editing tools will ensure your video becomes concise, attractive, and appears professional. Any audience is likely to watch a polished video to the end, so long as it is direct to the point.

Step 6: Posting your screen video

Before you post the recording, you need to understand your audience and where to find the majority. If the screen recording is meant for family members, you may post that video on the family WhatsApp group. However, if you are dealing with a more diverse group of people, find the right platform and most importantly, ensure that you upload it in the right format. It is advisable to use the most common formats like MP4 since they are playable in all players and platforms.

As you create a script to plan your ideas well, position the webcam appropriately, choose the right microphone for quality audio, and annotate the screen, you need to consider the best and most clear recording equipment. It would be disappointing to make all the right screen recording preparations, but acquire an unreliable desktop screen recorder for Windows computer. You need to find a competitive desktop screen and audio recorder that has multiple professional editing tools to modify the recording. It should do screen and webcam recording simultaneously and be easy to use and understand to avoid making too many mistakes when recording.

Recommended Software: Wondershare DemoCreator

record screen with democreator

DemoCreator screen recorder is the best and clearest equipment for the task. It is easy to understand and thus reliable if you are making a screen recording for the first time. To acquire this desktop screen recorder software for free, download full version from the official websiteand install it, as you learn more about the software capabilities from the site. It is advantageous because it allows you to set your screen and audio preferences. Since it does audio, video and webcam recording at the same time, you can probably use the picture in picture function, to put the webcam video inside the recording so that the audience can see you as you offer guidance. If you wish to make a tutorials or record a class, this program provides you with the right tools, since it saves recordings in popular formats like MOV and MP4. The professional editing tools are also impeccable and they guarantee the best results.