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  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

Record Online Meetings [Full Guide]

Oliva Eve
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Remote Work

Technology has reduced the world into a global village; we are able to receive information from different parts of the world in real-time. You are likely to work with a colleague in a different part of the world just you are working with another in a different office but in the same premises of your organization. This is why it is imperative for you to understand why and how remote meetings are conducted, and how you can make the best out of them.

record online meetings

Online meetings can be part of the normal workflow among the teams in the organization, but maximizing their efficiency can be a head-scratcher for the management. What are the best virtual meeting tools to use? What do I need to learn how to record online meeting sessions and make sure that all the details of the meetings are captured before everyone disconnects? If organizing an effective virtual meeting gives you a question mark, you are in the right place. Let us take a walk together and look at all you need to run an effective virtual meeting with a distributed team.

Why People Have Meetings Online

Virtual meetings are the most effective method of holding business gatherings today. They are used for holding meetings with staff members and colleagues, client interactions, training sessions for employees, sales presentations, and document reviews. Many are still unfamiliar with this powerful meeting tool or they do not have the prerequisite knowledge to use it effectively. In spite of this, the online meeting is fast-growing and cannot be disregarded, and if you haven’t started exploiting it, it is time to start it. The following are some of the reasons and benefits to an organization holding virtual meetings.

It is Cost-Effective

Holding online meetings only need the participants to have a mobile device or a computer and an internet connection. The virtual meeting is then held at the comfort of your house or office without the hustle of traveling. However, physical meetings require money and time to travel, meeting facilities and accommodation expenses. Using virtual meeting software for holding virtual meetings saves the organization a lot money and resources.  

Eliminates Geographical Barriers

Technological advancement has increased internet connectivity and people can now communicate and interact regardless of the part of the world they live. Virtual meetings save on the space that would have been occupied if all the people met at one place. Through online meetings you get all teams to take part regardless of the region in the world they are. All the participants get involved in real-time and share their suggestions and inputs in the form of files and documents online with ease

Increases Teams Engagement

Participants of online meetings only need a specific link, and then enter their username and their password. Sharing of audio, video and texts slides and graphics increases the interaction of participants of virtual meetings. The participants should know how to video record a meeting save the proceedings for sharing with colleagues who did not attend the real-time sessions and for future reference.

Increases Opportunities

It is always impossible to attend all the physical meetings you receive an invite. However, holding online meetings increases attendance since one can take part when at home or at workplace. The online meeting is an efficient and quicker way of conducting and coordinating meetings among employees in different departments and locations of the organization.

Increases Efficiency and Productivity

Online meetings highly rely on effective flow of information and the ease of communication among the participants. A clearly uploaded PowerPoint file viewed on the screen offer a good online video presentation together with audio projection offer the participants a similar feel and personalization that they would get as if you were physically meeting. Participants collaborate properly leading to fast decision-making, timely completion of projects and an overall increase in productivity.

Offers Real-Time Views

The use of Webcam allows the participants to have a real-time and personalized feeling of participating the meeting in the same room. Use of the desktop sharing tools allows participants to virtually make a follow-up of the proceedings of the meeting on the screen. This is very important for online meetings for documents review, interviewing and training of the employees.

Allows Effective Illustrations

The Whiteboard features provided on online meetings allow the participants to draw and type on the screen by sketching illustrations of their ideas as well as capture notes. The text chatting feature allow for easy questions and answers interactions, polls, surveys and sharing of addresses and information related to the agendas of the meeting in real-time.

Contributes to Health and Environmental Protection

By Online meetings work on green technology by reducing the carbon emission in the environment. This is made possible by reducing travelling and use of paper printing in both the large and medium scale businesses. The user-friendly method of communication allow for electronic transmission of documents and video footage from any part of the world. With increased global pandemics like COVI-19, online meetings greatly reduce the travel and physical interaction among employees, thus reducing the rate of transmission. This is in line with advices of health officials and national and international travel advisories to protect the health of the participants and the presenters.  

Can You Record Meetings Online

Using the right online video and audio recorder like DemoCreator, it is possible to record online meeting sessions for reference at a later date. Follow the following steps to make the best audio and video.

  • Have a good online audio and video recorder like
  • Ensure that all the participants’ speakers, webcams and microphones are functional.
  • Before the call begins, enable recording.
  • After the end of the call stop recording.
  • Save your recording on your computer.
  • Upload your recordings to your specified location.

For an effective and successful virtual meetings, make sure that you set the meeting agendas forehand. Prepare all talking points, the members to attend, meeting structure, responsibility of each participants and any other relevant research, document or file.

How to Record Online Meetings

Online video and audio recording is no longer a thorn in the flesh, thanks to Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool makes it easy to record skype online meeting and edit it for sharing and future reference. This makes it perfect for demo videos, tutorials, gaming vlogs, presentation recordings and other knowledge related videos. Other than editing the captures from your screen, the program allows you to edit imported and previously recorded videos from other sources. It allows you to cut, crop and even rotate video clips and adding captions, customized cursor effects and annotations. The videos you create with DemoCreator can easily exported in the form of GIF, MP3, MP4 or MOV and even shared on social media platforms.

Step 1: Open your DemoCreator and select the Get Started option to select the audio settings, recording region size and webcam parameters. You can also select Quick Capture for the default recordings parameters.

Step 2: On your screen tab, choose target of your recording, which can be customized screen region or full screen and the frame rate.

customize recording region

Step 3: Setup your audio by choosing whether to record from your microphone and computer or either of them by clicking ‘Don’t capture’.

Step 4: Setup the camera by choosing the resolution and its frame rate.

setup camera

Step 5: In the advanced setup, choose where to save the files, the encoder, enable GPU and then setup the hotkeys.

Step 6: In order to start recording press F10 or click ‘Start Capturing’ button. The DemoCreator counts up to 3 seconds and then begin recording your screen. In case you want to pause, press the F9 button. To resume screen recording press F9 button again and recording resumes. The recording is saved in the specified location on your DemoCreator and accessed in the Editor Interface.

start capturing

Step 7: The DemoCreator records full screen of your computer by default. However, it can be customized by adjusting the border size of the region through clicking and dragging the red circle area. Use the magnifier for precise adjustment of the region size by either increasing or reducing the size. Press the Shift key and F key to go back to full screen mode of recording. The size of the recording area can also be adjusted by using the Recorder window.

Step 8: In order to adjust the volume of your microphone drag the volume slider to the right to increase and left to decrease

In the current ever changing business world, the most effective way available for connecting with employees of organizations residing in different parts of the world is using online meetings. Running a successful online meeting seems to be overwhelming, but it should not be when you follow the above guidelines and with the help of video recording software like Wondershare DemoCreator for recording and saving the proceedings. Virtual meetings have many advantages for the staff members, business shareholders and the organization in general.  If you want to see an exponential growth in your business, increased profits margins and an overall productivity, invest in online meetings now!

Free Google Chrome Extension to Record your Meeting

If you are using a Chromebook or you would like to use an online screen recorder that will not occupy CPU memory. We recommend you try DemoAir free online screen recorder. It'd a web-based extension for Google Chrome. All the recordings will be saved to Google Drive so it is very safe and convenient. Following are the steps for you to record screen, audio, or webcam for your online meeting with DemoAir.

  • Go to Google Chrome store and install DemoAir to your extension.
  • Give access to your microphone and webcam.
  • Choose Desktop, Current Browser, or Webcam only recording mode.
  • Prepare for your representation.
  • Click share to start your recording.
  • The recording will be auto-saved to Google Drive.
  • You can trim videos with DemoAir.
  • Share to YouTube, Gmail, Classroom if you want.
  • DemoAir is also integrated with Github, Jira, Slack, Asana, and Trello. You can instantly share your workflow.


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