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How to Record Screen as a GIF?

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:18 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

GIFs return probably as long as the Internet has been mainstreaming, but how to screen record a gif requires some notable task performers promptly. The configuration itself isn't the best for sharing moving pictures, with more proficient arrangements not too far off like GIFV. However, the renaissance of animated images has prompted many GIF destinations and an entire harvest of particular applications that let you make and offer a wide range of energized GIFs. GIF allows you to send them to various companions on a web-based media stages or through email. Besides, GIF's are less space-burning-through, and you don't need to buy another hard drive or some other fringe putting away gadget to record screen to GIF.

Genuinely, a single animated picture merits a thousand words. One of the more pragmatic enhancements of animated GIFs is making screen chronicles, which would then be embedded into instructional articles, presentation videos, and many other niches to more readily represent a point or cycle simply recording screen as a GIF. While you can generally screen-share with an individual to walk them through a product arrangement or settings change, you can likewise make a brisk enlivened. GIF that addresses their inquiries and skyrockets the idea and the viewpoint accordingly and efficiently.

The Best Screen Recorder & Video Editor: Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an excellent and powerful GIF screen recorder that you can record, alter, share, and tackle without any problem. It is a far-reaching GIF screen catch that functions admirably on both Windows and Mac PC. This multipurpose GIF recording software will help you record the full screen or choose precisely a locale of the screen with the video or picture you need to change over to GIF. Other than that, you can control your caught video's nature and the size of the recorded screen dimension also. You can also screen record as a GIF with this software handy as it has a specified section to provide this extra cool feature with screen recording ability.

Special Features

  • Simple to utilize and give a set of the recorded document
  • Can record a screencast at a low frame rate with or without sound as well
  • Effectively share the GIF to different web-based media locales.
  • You can show/hide the cursor movement within the recordings handily.
  • It has alternatives to change the frame timings later and erase/add outlines through an implicit manager toolkit.

How to Record Screen as a GIF in DemoCreator?

Contingent upon your usable OS, you can pick explicit Windows or macOS GIF screen recorder to record screen to GIF. In case you make a GIF venture, for entertainment, school, or work introduction, on Windows, you will require a more flexible toolkit like this Wondershare DemoCreator. That can record your screen and transforming it into a GIF with only a couple of clicks. Additionally, it can change the clips you make on the webcam into a GIF document. It's useful software for any website composition venture. Presently download it and have an attempt. It will never baffle you! But how can you record the screen as a GIF? And the answer with Wondershare DemoCreator is affirmatively simple. Follow our steps below to find out how you can genuinely perform this particular task with this software.

Step 1: Download and install the DemoCreator program

To dive into the screen-recording as a GIF capability, you need to download and install this software on your sophisticated PC with some prompt and easiness. Here we've provided you the links to ease your research. Follow the specified links for you and make it installed on your systems.

As soon as you're done with the installation, make it a blow and open it effectively right from your desktop as follow:

Step 2: Set up your recording preference

In this step, you need to make sure that you're going to record your screen for the GIF creation. After that, click on the Capture button as follows, which shall effectively take you into the recording window, where you can have a variety of settings already displayed swiftly.

Step 3: Start recording

Just as you're done with your recording interface settings, hit the button, which is red dotted and clearly shows the recording starts as follows. Now just after the short tenure on the screen, your recording shall begin without any interruption with effectiveness.

Step 4: Stopping the Recording

As you think your recording has gotten to its finish line and you've successfully recorded the screen, you need to stop the recording handily. You can easily do it just by clicking this button we've specified below:

Just as you stop the recording, this software opens the main screen, which comprises your recording file within the software, ready for the altering purpose promptly.

Step 5: Drag and drop the recording clips on the timeline

Suppose you want to make your screen recording ability more effective and altered. In that case, this is the step for you as you can do it just by adding your masterpiece clip to the timeline, which allows you to make the necessary enhancements to your video. Just drag and drop your recorded pin within the timeline as follow:

Step 6: Edit your recording clips

Here's the kicker with the Wondershare DemoCreator, as it allows you to edit your recorded clips handily. You've got plenty of options as soon as you added your recorded clip within the timeline. To opt for the video editing option, hit the video within the timeline, which can open up the essential video editing toolkit on the right side of the screen as follows:

Now, if you want to go for the audio editing side of your recorded video, you can only be doing it by scrolling the right-side section of your software screen and opt for the audio editing options.

In addition to the necessary audio and video editing, you can effectively do the specialized altering to your recorded clips with this software. It allows you to add Annotations, Effects, Cursor Movements, and much more. Follow the simple steps below to make it a blow:

To opt for the annotations and titles addition task, you can go for the vertical menu bar of the software at the very left side of the interface and hit the Annotations menu as follow:

If you want to add some special effects to your GIF video so you can make it a standing out one, then opt for the Effects menu from the menu bar of the software interface as follows:

In addition to that, you can also set the captions to your recorded video with a single click as follow:

Stickers are the elements that can add more to your GIF than any other transformation tool. To add stickers to your GIF recording, hit the Stickers menu from the menu bar as follows:

You can also make your GIF video standing out just by adding the transitions to the starting and ending point of it. To do that, hit the Transition section button to proceed with your favorite transition effect as follow:

Step 7: Export it as GIF format

In the final step, now is the time to get and preview your masterpiece GIF, and for that purpose, you need to Export your quality recorded and edited video clip to your required destination. You can proceed just by hitting the Export button as follows:

Now you can have various options and formats to pick from, but as you're here for the GIF creation, you must choose the. GIF format and hit it with the Export button, which promptly saves it to your PC's required destination. Now the best part is that you can also add your masterpiece directly to the YouTube channel. To do that, hit the YouTube menu bar on the screen window and proceed with it promptly.


Some free Windows GIF recorder permits you to catch a screen to a GIF document; however, many of them have just essential usefulness. If you need a unique and adaptable yet savvy software, you need to attempt DemoCreator. It offers a lot of pre-altering capacities when you are recording and changing the video over to GIF. During the change stage, you should follow not many starting advances, and low size GIF will be made to impart to companions over the informal communication locales or transfer it on the web. Just in case you're wondering about the MacBook task performer and how to screen record a GIF on mac, well, you can easily follow the steps below as it's the same for both Windows and Mac versions of this software.

Wondershare DemoCreator comes up with the specialty of performing various tasks including editing of both audio and video part of your recorded screen, making it simplified for you to perform the record screen video mac task which goes same as for the Windows OS users as well. Hence to perform these tasks, you first need to make sure you've installed this masterpiece from these below links efficiently and effectively.