iPad Video Recording

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:38 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

A majority of the workflow and businesses have now shifted to a virtual setup and the conferences are conducted online. For this, you will desperately need to have a few tools right at your disposal and one of them is a screen recorder. There are also various professionals and students who are not comfortable with a whole desktop/laptop setting and they settle for a more compact and powerful device, i.e. iPad video recording. The tablet or iPad will hold all the video conferences and meetings for you without any jitter.

You might also need to record the session and in this guide, we are going to discuss the tips on iPad video recording so that you don't need to go through any hassle. We will introduce you to a few options that you can go for to record the iPad screen. You might be surprised to know but the Apple tablet that you are using is equipped with a screen recorder. Let's dive in:

Part 1. How to Record iPad Videos

Before introducing you to a few advanced apps that offer way more functionality, it's necessary for you to know the basic tool to execute the task. The screen recording feature can be used to create a demonstration on any particular topic and the Apple pencil can be used for the annotation requirements. We are going to jot down the steps that you need to follow to start recording on your iPad.

Launch the Control Center on the tablet. You will find a wide range of options. On the right, you will get a circular icon that will denote the Record icon.

If you are unable to find this option, here are the steps you need to follow to enable it on your iPad.

ipad screen recording

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPad and you will need to scroll down to find the Control Center.
  2. Tap on it, and then navigate to the Customize Controls tab. Under the More Controls section, you will find Screen Recording.
  3. On the left, you will get the ‘+' icon to move it to the Include section.

Now, coming back to the 'how to record video on iPad', launch the app that you want to record and then bring up the control center.

Tap on the Record button and it will start the recording with a buffer period of 3 seconds.

ipad screen recording process

However, there is one thing that you must note. This direct record option will record the screen without any mic input. If you want to include the mic input, you will need to long-press this Record button. It will give you the mic icon to select and enable the recording.

Once the iPad starts recording, you will get a red-colored icon on the top to indicate that the screen is being recorded. When you are done, you will need to tap on the indicating icon and tap Stop to save the recording.

The video will be saved in the Photos app.

Part 2. Record iPad Screen with Record It App

The app that we are going to discuss here is the one that has the ability to enhance the overall recording functionality. The reason we are considering it as such a feature-rich app is that not only it allows you to record the screen with a basic mic input, but you will also get to add a full commentary on the recorded video.

Well, if you are not impressed by it, the app also lets you add your face in the PiP form so that you are able to interact with the audience in a much better way. There's nothing to worry about as the interface that you will get here is quite intuitive and straightforward. Let's dive into the steps that you will need to work around with this app.

  1. Launch the Record It app and tap on the big record button present on the screen.
  2. It will ask you to select the app that you want to use. It can either be WebEx, Skype, or any other tool that is available on your phone.
  3. Once you have selected the app, hit the Start Broadcast button. As you will press the button, it will give you a buffer of 3 seconds to start recording the screen.
  4. Just like the standard recording, you will also get the same red-colored indication. You can tap on it to stop the recording.
  5. Now, as you will hit the Stop button, it will replay the video with a few options. You can tap on the Face Cam option to add your face to the commentary that you are going to make. The commentary is basically just an advanced voiceover.
  6. On the commentary screen, these two options will help you resize the size of the video you are creating from the front camera. Also, another option that you will get will help you in the easy placement of your face.
  7. As you will hit the Record button, the recording will start after a buffer of 3 seconds. This is the feature that compelled us to include it as the best iPad video recording app you can get on your tablet or smartphone.
  8. Apart from the Face Cam option, you will also get to use the Video Editor option. Here, you will get a number of tools to tweak the video that you have just recorded.
  9. Hit the Save button on the top to export it to your local storage.

Part 3. How to Find the Recordings on iPad?

As the video is now recorded, you might find yourself in a confusing spot in order to find where the recording is saved. All the media on the iPads and iPhones will be saved directly in the Photos app. You will also get to edit the video with very basic settings.

  1. Launch the Photos app on your tablet and the media will be sorted in the latest to old preference.
  2. You can also slide left to access the Albums where you will find the media according to their category.

Note: We have used to reference images of the app being used on an iPhone. The same interface will be on the iPad, as well. In the following section, we will discuss a few tips on how to record screen video on iPad to offer you more of a complete guide.

Part 4. Tips for iPad Video Recording

iPads have One of the most promising camera configurations that's available on the market. And to work with such a camera, you won't need special skills. The camera itself is very capable of making amazing videos. But to add a highlight to those videos, here are some tips that can make your videos more elegant:

  • Say no to the default iPad camera app: There is no doubt that your iPad has a great camera app that can be used to create stunning videos. But to get the highest quality from your camera, use premium apps such as Filmic Pro from your app store.
  • Lighting conditions: You should be always cautious about what lighting conditions you are in and what you can do to enhance it. Lighting is a big part of the whole shooting process and if you have good lighting; your videos will subsequently look spectacular.
  • Setting up the white balance: The white balance is an important element of any video. Any miscalculations regarding the white balance can alter the course of the video. So set it to the desired degree.
  • Use of the grid: The grid provided in any camera app is a great tool that can help you align your video properly and the orientation of the same will look more emphasizing than without the grid.
  • Set AF and AE: Autofocus and auto exposure are the basic building block of any video since they decide the tone for the entire movie length. You need to correct the AF as well as AE to get a good amount of quality from your video.
  • Use steady support: Using a tripod when you are at rest and trying to capture something or using a gimbal when you are shooting motion pictures is another way to enhance the beauty of any video.
  • Always have backup power: We all can admit that iPads are not built to last too long when we are using camera apps. So always you should have backup power in case your battery gets low.
  • Use external mic: The primary mic given on your iPad is sufficient for recording normal videos, but any movie needs to have good sound quality. This is why you should always use an external mic for audio in the recording.

The iPad OS has improved quite a lot and it won't be wrong to state that Apple has made its tablet no less of a computer. The chipsets used here are so powerful and the screen recording tasks are quite power-hungry which the iPad manages to tackle without any hassle. The standard option that you will get here is an integrated screen recording and it will record in high resolution. The meetings and lectures are also recorded with full internal audio, as well as a mic input. Record It will allow you to add voiceovers or commentary to the video. You will also get to turn on/off the mic input.