The world has gone digital with the introduction of the internet and associated applications that drive different utilities across computing devices. The simplest form of meetings has been directed into webcam meetings, which can be covered without getting into physical contact. While this turned out to be a time-saver, different improvements were required to set a similar impression that can be magnified across a physical meeting. The first thing out of it was to make yourself look pretty.

How can it be done with ease? There are many ways to execute it, but the final touches are directed onto the tool used to record you. The recording tool being used is the perfect resource for enhancing the user's outlook. From the use of facial beauty, they can look for better results. Wondershare DemoCreator provides a system that allows the user to execute such tasks with ease. Go through the guide to understand how you can utilize the touch-up appearance while facecam recording across Wondershare DemoCreator.

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Part 1: How to Look Pretty on a Webcam?

Since you are seeking ways to look pretty across a webcam, the first answer lies in your recording application. Wondershare DemoCreator features a system that provides users with a complete outlook on setting up the facial beauty function. However, what does this facial beauty function represents? As you define some dimensions and the user's outlook, this function gives you a better display in operation. Using the function was quite different, which can be observed across the guide provided next.

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As there are two different ways to execute the process of how to look pretty on your webcam, you need to have control over every element. The provided space would allow you to represent yourselves with ease, which can be seen across the following file:

Way 1: Using the Screen Recorder

Step 1Start with Opening Recorder

You need to start by launching Wondershare DemoCreator on your computer and clicking on the "All-in-One Recorder" option to continue with the process. As the new window opens for initialization, you must proceed with the basic recording settings.

select all in one recorder
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Step 2 Define Basic Recording Parameters

Starting from the "Capture Area" tab, you need to define the boundaries of the recording screen. You can also use the rectangular area to set the dimensions of the recording manually. Following this, look into the settings of your "Microphone" and "System Audio," as required. Define the recording scheme with the options presented below and set up the webcam according to your requirements. You should select the camera that is supposed to be used in the recording.

select recording settings
Step 3 Manage Facial Beauty System

As you work through the basic settings, hover your cursor on the webcam display and click on the "Facial Beauty” icon under the bar across the display. This will open the section showing all the properties for enhancing facial outlook. You can activate and set the sliders of the available properties according to your requirements.

customize facial beauty settings
Step 4 Record and Conclude

Once you define all the properties, click the "REC" button to start the process. You can also use F9 as a shortcut key for initiating the process. Additionally, to stop the recording, either uses the “Stop” button on the top of the recording screen or use F10 as a shortcut key. The video will be processed according to the recording scheme selected by you.

stop the webcam recording

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Way 2: Coming Through a New Project

Step 1 Launch DemoCreator for a New Project

Open Wondershare DemoCreator on your computer and proceed to the "Start a New Demo Project" option to open up a new window. You'll be setting up the recording system for your stream or meeting.

create a new demo project
Step 2 Set Up Recording Parameters and Streaming System

Define the properties of your webcam, microphone, or system audio, depending on the available options across the buttons on the top. Following this, specify whether this is a "Live" recording or a "Meeting" that is to be streamed across a meeting platform.

select recording settings and mode
Step 3 Define Camera Properties

Move into the “Camera” section from the right panel to set up the backgrounds and frames for your recording. You can set up a green screen or an AI background according to your requirements.

choose camera settings

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Step 4 Set Up Facial Beauty Properties

Next, direct yourselves across the “Dressing” tab for setting up the enhancement of the video recording. You will find the facial beauty settings across this section too. Next, after setting this up, you can also go directly into the "Filters" section to manage the beauty filters to a better extent. Once done, you must click on the "Demo & Record" button to start the process.

adjust dressing tab features
Step 5 Conclude Video Recording

To stop your recording, you must click the "Stop" button. The recording would then open up across the editor, or you can save it across a location and conclude the process.

stop the demo project recording

Part 2: Other 5 Useful Tips to Look Good on Camera

While you use Wondershare DemoCreator for an effective touch-up appearance while facecam recording, other tips can help you make yourselves look good on camera. It's not all about providing good beauty filters for you; thus, you need to implement other options that are available in the market. Let's find out what you can do to look good on webcam recording.

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1. Use Appropriate Lighting

The first thing always best in putting up a good look on the camera is using good lighting. If the lighting of your work is not good and you are sitting in a dark place, the results would be substandard and not good in any case. Try to put the light into a position that shows your face best with no shadows. Casting shadows can also get quite unprofessional.

2. Using a Good Amount of Makeup

This is a very important thing to understand in a lot of ways. Using makeup is essential to make yourselves look good and fresh. However, the excess of this gives the viewer a very bad impression. Where it shows that you are not aware of using makeup, and it does not give your best output as a professional individual.

3. Wearing Proper Clothes

Looking good on camera is not equivalent to having good makeup and face shape. It's always the personality that you show across the meeting and cameras. If you were in your night suit and taking up an important meeting, it would show a lack of interest in making yourselves look good in webcam recording. Wearing good clothes is always the key, and it will indeed remain a good reason for a great outlook.

4. Get a Good Green Screen

Although video recording tools offer you the option of virtually putting up a green screen, it is always better to bring one for yourselves. A green screen would give you clear results, and you can also edit it according to your desire with a better outlook.

5. Defining Camera Angle

A proper camera angle provides the perfect outlook for you as a user. If the camera is not angled properly, multiple issues can arise it. Shadows and other basic camera issues are common, which can be resolved with the help of a proper angle on the webcam. The camera should show the complete picture of the presenter with the right amount of negative space.


This article has presented some impressive tips on enhancing a user's facial beauty during a meeting. While you can use Wondershare DemoCreator for effective results, the features offered make it one of the best in the market. You can easily use an all-in-one recorder and video editor to give a touch-up appearance while facecam recording.

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Alma Elliott Mar 09, 24
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