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Lynda Review

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:28:20 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

About Lynda.com

Lynda is a popular learning platform hosted on cloud that deals in all interesting courses like creative skills development, technology, software as well as business so that learners can achieve their professional as well as personal goals. With continuous efforts of last 20 years, this online learning platform is currently serving approximately 10000 organizations with all top-quality courses that are handled by various industry experts. Lynda is rated as a global learning platform and it serves people with five different languages. The video library of Lynda is often accessed by individuals, for academic learning, at the corporate level as well as for government subscriptions.


About the Course of Lynda:

  • Presently, Lynda library contains more than 5467 courses online. As most of the learning activities are completed with the help of video lectures so currently it possesses about 203,603 video interactive tutorials. Experts keep on adding hundreds of videos to this platform every month.
  • Lynda generally offers courses related to software, business and technology as well as for creative skills development.
  • This platform is gaining more and more popularity especially for photography, creative writing, graphic designing etc. Customer skills and Microsoft skills are also some of the useful courses.
  • All the videos are of very high audio/video quality.
  • These courses can be easily accessed on TV, Phone, Tablet, PC as well as on other popular devices.
  • Some of the major features of these courses include: Active playlists for all kind of topics, Bookmarks can be created wherever you want. It allows access to transcripts and notes also whereas time to time updates for assessments over exercises files are also available.
  • It serves learners with five different languages like Spanish, French and German etc.

Price Plan:

Lynda offers subscription based services whereas few preview courses are also available for free but only with basic information. If you are a beginner then you can start with its 10 days free trial but in that case also you have to provide your credit card information to the website.

The basic plan of Lynda is available with Payment of $25/month or $240/year and it provides access to unlimited videos but the disadvantage is that users are not able to download project files as well as they cannot watch videos offline. To activate these services you need to join premium membership with payment of $35/month or $360 for year. Also note that if you join monthly premium membership then also the offline video access is not provided so it is better to go for yearly subscription. It is a great idea to start developing your skills with Lynda experts as it offers trainings as per your interests and works like an interactive learning platform. With your subscription on this platform you are not just enrolled for a course over here rather as a learner you are able to access complete library of Lynda to gain more and more knowledge. The flexibility of learning at this online platform is really impressive and useful for industry level learners, big organizations and for individual learners.

How to be Instructors on Lynda?

If you want to join Lynda as an instructor then it will be a great idea for bright future. Lynda always welcomes skilled professionals who have knowledge and expertise in their field. It is possible to create exciting and profitable collaborations with Lynda. This platform demands instructors who can create interesting content for learners in form of videos and are capable enough to be active member of this talented workforce. In order to join this team, you need to fill a form online and submit that to Lynda platform. If your skills match with their requirements then the professionals from Lynda will soon contact you back. As this is a big platform that works on global level so it is difficult for them to process each and every application individually but once you fill out the form online then your application is definitely placed on scrutiny desk and if you serve then you will soon receive a positive response.

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