How to Make Presentation Videos

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Do you have an approaching online presentation? Are you ready to make one? You've possibly seen hundreds of virtual presentations. And, based on experience, online presentations need lots of preparation to deliver them well.

I'll share the basics to aid you to save time and deliver your next successful presentation.

Part1 Why you will need video presentations

An online presentation is a planned speech or discussion. It is hosted by a visual presenter or a group of people. And it is conducted through the internet. It gives you information. It introduces a novel concept. It also uses a video call to present a new product or service. These presentations are done in a business setting.

According to science and study, sight is reliable for roughly 75% of learning. This is why effective presentations expect the use of images. The virtual presenter makes sure to highlight the core message. This is why he uses Visual Presentations. Visual aids, when used, can assist your audience to understand the message. Having visual aid does not guarantee a good presentation. This is why you'll require the services of a virtual presenter. As a result, a virtual presenter, as well as visual assistance, are essential elements of a successful presentation.

Virtual presentations are made using a variety of applications and platforms.


Today's corporations are turning to virtual webinars. That's why it is important to add video presenters and presentations in webinars.

The amount of face-to-face meetings is decreasing as webinars become more popular. Also, it's time-saving and cost-effective. This strategy is used to educate and engage a larger audience.

A virtual presenter and audience connect via audio-visual means in webinars. It could be a live event or a pre-recorded one. This is to make it easier to communicate with everyone. As a result, it is regarded as a strong means of communicating information to your target audience. It could be to inform them about your firm or to sell them things. With this, you might express an important message.

What is the role of virtual presentations in Webinars?

Because virtual presentations allow for effective data visualization, they increase engagement. Slides can include a variety of interactive features such as Q&As, surveys, polls, and so on. This encourages players to interact in real-time.

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Virtual Class

Adding video presenters in virtual classes is significant. Teachers understand the value of a visual presentation and a visual presenter in assisting pupils.

Classes are being shifted online in educational institutions all around the world. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this is being done. This is why video conferencing is becoming the new "normal. Many teachers use systems like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex. These are what they operate to meet with their students and give them instruction.

 It aids them in understanding content. Teachers appreciate the help it provides in the classroom. Especially when it motivates students. Especially for forming connections between bits of data. Take in large portions of course material fast.

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Virtual presenter and presentations are very popular in Livestream. Here's why:

Livestreaming is the practice of recording and broadcasting media over the Internet in real-time. It is referred to as "streaming." A visual presenter can assist you in making your message more memorable to your audience.

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Adding a virtual presenter in conveying Presentation is a plus. Let's explore why.

Virtual presentations might help your company gain social proof. You can improve your web visibility. It could be in the field of education or business. It will improve your customer outreach and brand recognition.


Most importantly, adding a virtual presenter in Communication is a vital way of successfully delivering messages to audiences. Let's dive in!

In the business world, for example. On significant projects, virtual presentations help collaborators stay on the same page. Virtual presentations are an effective sales strategy for increasing profit margins.

Part2 How to Record Both Your Screen, Your Webcam Video, and Audio

The recording has been a special task in this modern generation. How to record virtual presentation videos? In this part of the article, ill introduce to you how!

This is how you record your screen. It's simple to record both your computer screen and a camera video at the same time. If you're using Windows, there's only one tool you'll need: DemoCreator Screen Recorder. This tool is ideal for software tutorials, reaction films, and gameplays, among other things.

We'll show you how to use VSDC to record yourself and your screen at the same time in this short guide.

1. Start DemoCreator screen recorder on your computer

The screen recorder dashboard will appear on your desktop when you've installed and opened the program on your computer:

There are two things you should verify before you begin recording. To begin, ensure sure your computer is equipped with a webcam. Second, choose whether to record the entire screen or just a fraction of it.

2. Choose a screen-capture option that best suits your needs.

Select fullscreen mode if you wish to record your complete desktop. Among the screen capturing modes, it is the bottom left choice. You can manage to rally draw the capturing area if you wish to record a part of your screen. Also, right-click to choose a resolution preset.

3. Turn on your webcam and microphone

If your computer already has a web camera and microphone connected, DemoCreator will recognize them automatically. You won't have to do anything further. Simply select Enable camera from the drop-down menu. On the dashboard, turn on the microphone buttons.

The webcam footage will then appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, capturing the frame. Take a thorough look at it to make sure your position, the background, and any other information you might want to include in the movie are correct.

How about we try Replacing Webcam Background? Let's dig in!

Make use of a "Virtual Background." If you want to have a little fun with your video presentations, you could look into projecting a virtual background behind yourself. Depending on the image you choose for your backdrop. You can utilize it to show important information or inject some levity into the proceedings.

This is accessed in Zoom calls via the little arrow next to "Stop Video," which works best if you have a green screen. Zoom can also set the background behind you automatically, though this does not always function effectively on slower systems.

Part3 How to edit video

Let's get to the third point now. Here's how to make a video out of a presentation you already have.

1. Import PPT

Let's make a film out of your presentation by importing PPT. Here's a quick and easy procedure.

All of the features of a presentation are saved when you record it. In essence, the presentation is transformed into a movie that your audience may view in PowerPoint. So, if you want to turn your presentation into a ready-to-view video, you have two options:

Save/export your presentation to a video file format (.mp4 or .wmv). This saves your presentation as a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) file. Save as a PowerPoint Show.

When someone accesses a PowerPoint Show file in Slide Show, it shows full-screen. The presentation is immediately started by the spectator.

● Select Save from the File menu to ensure that all of your recent work is saved in PowerPoint presentation format(.pptx). Save As is located on the File menu.

● Select the location in which you want your PowerPoint Show to be saved.

● As a video file, save it.

After you've built your slides and recorded any timing, narrations, or laser pointer gestures you'd like to incorporate. You're all set to make a video. Save all of your recent work in PowerPoint presentation format from the File menu. (.pptx).

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2. Add auto-caption

Subtitles and captions are both used to depict the message of a video. How can we add auto-captions? Let's begin!

 They are not the same object, despite their similar appearance. One thing mostly shows the words spoken by a movie character. They are usually included in a foreign language film to aid comprehension. Captions are used to depict all of the sounds that occur in a film, such as knocking on the door, yelling, and the phone ringing.

This is the Easiest and Quickest way to Add Captions to Video. I've compiled three free websites for you to peruse.

Now choose whether you want to upload a ready text or captions file, transcribe and auto-sync your video or create a new file right on the way.

3. Add captions, annotation, transitions, sticker

Let's make your video interesting! Let's Add captions, annotation, transitions, and stickers!

Would you like to include text in your videos? Do you want to be able to put stickers with your logo on them, as well as annotations? So, I recommend that you use DemoCreator. Add text to your video in a variety of quick ways and less. With a simple click, you may resize it.

Adding text to a video has never been easier than using DemoCreator. To show how simple it is, they provide a variety of editing tools. You can add text, select a font, and adjust the size. Choose a color or go with the flow and sketch it on your films by hand. You can add a sticker with your logo to your videos once you've added your text.

make presentation video

4. Export Video

Select the video quality you want in the first drop-down box under the Create a Video heading, which refers to the finished video's resolution.

● Under the Create a Video section, the second drop-down box indicates whether your presentation contains narration and timings.

You have to take note. Don't Use Recorded Timings and Narrations is the default choice if you haven't recorded timed narration.

For the final task, Export. How to export finished products?

After you create your PowerPoint presentation, you can save it as a video to share with others.

Select File > Export > Create a video.

● Select the quality of the video:

● Ultra HD (4K) - Largest file size and ultra-high quality (3840 x 2160).

● Full HD (1080p) - Large file size and full high quality (1920 x 1080).

● HD (720p) - Medium file size and moderate-quality (1280 x 720).

● Standard (480p) - Smallest file size and lowest quality (852 x 480).


Using the tips and tricks above, you will be able to deliver a successful presentation. It will be easy for you to create winning virtual presentations. Every time you have to give a presentation, go over these ideas. Surely, your collaborators and mates are turning to you for help when it comes to creating a virtual presentation.


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