Marketing Video Ideas for Small Business

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:08 • Filed to: Marketing Strategy

It's not very difficult hard to see why marketing videos for small business are so popular these days. For one thing, marketing video is an easy-to-digest format that offers our eyes a rest from the excess of textual data present online. This might be why the world supposedly viewed 1 billion hours of social video daily on YouTube.

And those of you who are shifting towards video marketing ideas for small business must have a complete knowledge of the power of video marketing. This is not only because they may be eager in creating amazing videos, but also they will possibly have to learn to add video into their content so as to stay competitive.

Let us have a detailed look at the video marketing tips for small business as well as benefits of video marketing for small businesses. Read below to know more.

1. What is video marketing?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much more precious a video is? That is the base of video marketing, a forward-facing marketing technique that adds engaging video within your marketing strategies. Video marketing can be employed for everything from developing customer rapport, to marketing your services, brand, or products. In addition to this, video marketing can act as a medium to promote customer testimonials, show how-to’s, deliver viral (entertaining) content, and live-stream events.

2. Video marketing ideas for small business

Here are some video marketing ideas for small business. Read below to know more.

Educational: Educational videos teach us about some subject or topic. Normally, when employed in video marketing, these will either teach the audience about the business itself, or about something associated with the company.

Product: Product videos showcase a product, usually in creative manners. This lets users who have already seen something same to take interest still and will let you to save a spot in their mindset.

Announcement: Announcement clips can assist generate buzz and create anticipation around a new product you are rolling out to hype an audience prior to the release.

FAQs: Regardless of your sector, users will always come across questions, and FAQ videos are a great method for making an engaging and interactive experience with customers directly.

Tips and Tricks: These kinds of video are an outstanding method to faintly establish your proficiency in your field and display users why they can trust your word.

3. How to create a marketing video clip

Creating marketing video clips is not an easy task. But this becomes a child’s play while using Wondershare DemoCreator. The software is the product of Wondershare Technology, which founded earlier in 2003. This recording tool has been developed to offer users with a platform where they can record the screen easily and edit or share it for marketing purposes.

The software is not any ordinary editing or screen recording tool. It is the best software that will assist you to use your creativity in converting your ideas into reality, such as a product demo video, customer guide, employee training and brand building. This tool is simple to use. Follow the below steps to know how to record and add effects to your marketing videos.

Step 1: To record your marketing videos, click on the Capture option in the main menu of the app.

democreator start capture

Step 2: In the Settings window, you can modify your recording settings. Users can select their recording area on the screen and frame rate in the Screen window.

screen setup

Step 3: You can select the source of audio and whether to use microphone or not in Audio window.

Step 4: You can select whether to capture from the webcam or not and adjust the setting accordingly in the Camera Window.

Step 5: Once the recording ends, you can edit the clips and add effects as you want.

recording screen

4. How to use video marketing to boost small business

Video clips lets allows you to understand a story from all viewpoints, and will offer you a lot of methods to tell different portions of your story. Once you have made your objectives clear in the users’ mind, you will be well on your way to enhancing the reputation of your small business. With different kinds of videos relevant to your business, you will be capable of more clearly communicating with your possible customers, and you will be capable of telling them a clear story, which will then be simple to pass on to other people, and allow you to build your customer base! Here are some video marketing tips for small business.

Add a video on your landing page: Add a video in your landing page assist keep users engaged for more time. This can also result in higher rates of conversion.

Show how your product works: Demo videos are one of the most famous forms of video marketing for small business since they show how your product works rather than describing its features via text.

Publish videos on social media: When engaging locally, websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram stay the first point of contact for users getting in touch with your business, and a profitable marketing outreach tool.

Use video to create hype for your products: You can use different tools to create engaging, short “hype” clips to create buzz about product launches, upcoming events, or promotions.


In short, you just had a look at what is video marketing for small business and the benefits of video marketing. You also saw that Wondershare DemoCreator is the best video reocrding tool for business and marketing.