Top Online Mic Recorder to Use

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:42:53 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

We hardly remember anything specific such as any moment or any particular sound without getting back to the recorded memories. Recording an act or capturing a picture will allow us to keep reliving that memory over and over again. Apart from that, the pandemic has shifted a significant workflow to a virtual setup. Students are also attending their lectures online and to smoothly go through the transition, you will need to have a few tools. Among them, the one that's a must is an online mic recorder that will allow you to record audio for future references.

The virtual meeting with your client or a set of instructions from your boss should be recorded so that you can get back to it and precisely know what you have discussed. Students will also need to record their lectures so that they can get back to them while they are self-studying. A mic recording setup will also significantly help you with exercises related to speech improvement. Another useful case for this tool is to create an audiobook for your kid. It will help them understand and engage with it better.

Why to Use An Online Mic Recorder

There are multiple recorders available online and there are high chances that you will end up getting confused. The basic functionality of this tool is to allow you capture the audio without any extra effort and once recorded, these audio sessions can be shared across your multiple devices or to any third person.

Each recorder has something unique to offer and we will discuss a few in details in the latter part of the blog. Once you are settled on the fact that yes, you do need a recorder, there comes confusion. There are two types of recorders in major,

ⅰ) in the form of an app,

ⅱ) browser-based utility.

There are various cases where this recording tool will help you. The best use case for a professional is to record their meeting. It's not only efficient in terms of smooth workflow, but it will also enhance the delivery of the service. The offices can also use this feature from their end and share it with the employees for better productivity. If you are the one who is taking interviews, it's a necessary tool for you. It's quite difficult to jot down everything that the person is saying. It will let you focus on the body language and the responses made for the cues that are non-verbal.

Along with these cases, there will be times when you might have recorded yourself and said "what gibberish am I uttering? if yes, you are in desperate need of an online microphone recorder to exercise on your speech. It's the most effective way to keep practicing until you are able to make your voice extremely clear. You will also portray yourself as a less confident person if you use multiple "um", "you know", or any other filler. It is also the best tool when you are learning any new language.

5 Best Online Mic Recorders

To get you out of your confusions, we are going to provide you with a few options for the recorders you can use. We will also discuss a few key features for your better understanding.

1. SpeakPipe

If you have an online audience, what can be a better tool to interact than voice? SpeakPipe is a web-based tool that will offer you the capability to receive voice messages from the visitors. They will be able to do it right from the browser they are using without any need to install an app. The visitors can be anyone from your podcast listeners to the blog readers or your fans who want to interact with you. You can also add the tool to receive any sort of testimonial or the feedback for the services that you are offering.


The developers are also aware of the fact that everyone wants an intuitive interface and for that, they are offering a dedicated voicemail hosting so that the website owners don't need to install any plug-ins on their website.The best part about this app is that it allows the sender to listen to the audio message that they are going to send. It will also provide the visitor's contact details and you can send personalized voice messages in response to the ones that you receive.

Key Features

  • Crisp audio recording
  • Best for website owners to get feedback
  • Added calling functionality
  • Send & receive voice messages
  • Register to save recorded audios on SpeakPipe server
  • A simple and straightforward interface

2. VirtualSpeech

Everyone must have heard of Virtual Reality and it's an app that works based on that advanced tech. If you haven't used a VR box yet, and this is your first time, you might feel a little bit disoriented. The primary purpose of the app is not to just allow voice recording but it's an advanced training app.

It can be downloaded on your smartphone or if the VR box supports direct installation. VirtualSpeech is the platform that offers a wide range of courses to significantly boost your confidence in public speaking. As it's based on virtual reality, you will feel like you are on the stage and it is quite helpful as there is nothing to worry about any consequence that might come with any mistake.

virtual speech

The key to master public speaking is to keep practicing.Among various features that we will just jot down in a moment, the one that makes it stand out is that it will perform an analysis and will give you the feedback. You must also keep in mind that all the features on this app will require you to connect to the internet. You can opt for various scenes such as speaking in an auditorium, in a conference room, etc.

Key Features

  • Close to real experience and avatars to select from
  • Detailed analysis of your speech
  • Will point out how many times you've used fillers
  • Use Record Voice button to simply use it as the mic recorder
  • Can also enable live feedback to train you for better speeches
  • VirtualSpeech offers better results on longer speeches

3. Rev Online Voice Recorder

You must have heard of this transcription service where users will have their article or any write up fully transcribed by a human. The app can also be used as a studio recording microphone online free of cost and you will also get to save the file locally. The interface that you get here is quite straightforward and user-friendly to use. The transcription and other advanced features will require you to pay for a subscription.

rev online voice recorder

For a simple recording session, there is nothing that you need to juggle through, all you need to do is simply hit the Record button and you are good to go.The tool is considered as one of the best recorders not only because it offers an intuitive interface, but you will also get an integrated editor that will allow you to edit the recorded clip in terms of trimming and adding external audio clip at the end.

Key Features

  • Rich dashboard and a completely free voice recorder
  • Can be used on any platform, be it Windows, Android, Mac, etc.
  • Transcription service at an extra cost
  • Though it has an editor, there is nothing much to do with it.
  • Can get access to recordings right from the app
  • Recordings can be downloaded in .mp3.

4. Online Voice Recorder

A web app of 123Apps, the tool offers a very simple approach and you can start recording audio through your mic without any hassle. There are also a wide range of web tools offered by the developers and you will get all the features completely free. There is also an integrated editor that comes with it that will allow you to trim the sections that you don't need. As it's a web tool, you will also not need to go through any hassle and it can be easily used with a straightforward and self-explanatory dashboard.

online voice recorder

There will also be no subscription fee or any payment required to unlock any feature. Online Voice Recorder will also offer you an advanced setting of tweaking the volume to reduce the noise/echo and adjusting the input volume.The dashboard will have a small gear icon that you can use to select the preferred mic that you want to use. Another amazing feature that makes this mic recorder stand out is that it will trim the silence parts that might have been recorded in the start and the end.

Key Features

  • Can save the audio locally in the .mp3 format
  • No subscription fee to use any feature
  • No audio is saved/uploaded to the 123Apps' server
  • Users will get to adjust the mic input volume and echo.
  • Auto-silence feature will trim the silent parts in the beginning & end.
  • The web tool will also allow you to edit the start and end point.

5. VoiceCoach

It's a feature rich tool and the platform that it's based and works upon is Artificial Intelligence. The app will be a perfect fit for the users who are trying to enhance the skills in terms of public speaking. The tool focuses on multiple aspects and it will train you to improve the voice and shape it so that it is able to reflect the boosted confidence. It will include a total of 12 ways/tips that will make you work on having a deep pitch along with better breathing.

voice coach

It will also help you in maintaining the perfect pace.This recorder will let you save the audio in the .WAV format and it will let you play the file on any device. The file can also be shared to any device. The interface that you will get here is also highly intuitive and user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Audio can be saved locally.
  • The dashboard will indicate the recording duration along with the speech duration.
  • The play/pause button will let you take breaks.
  • It will indicate the pauses along with syllables.
  • It's a web tool and you will not need to go through any installation process.
  • The cloud service can be used to save/process the audio that you recorded.


The apps that we have discussed above will allow you to record crisp audio using the online voice recorder no microphone externally set up. The tools have become quite advanced and you will not find the quality to be compromising in any way. Privacy is also given significant importance in these apps and you can find the interface to be also quite simple and easy to understand. Among all, we would highly recommend using the Rev Online Recorder as it not only offers an intuitive interface, but the features are also quite advanced.