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What Should You Do Before You Record Your PC Screen?

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:07 • Filed to: Screen Record on Windows

Recording a video isn't as simple as it seems, especially if you are handling professional projects. No one wants to view a video with lots of background distractions. And what matters most is the point at which you hit the 'Record' button. It may either break or make you as far as your video outcome is concerned. So, Before Record Your PC, certain observations must be made. Check out some simple things – better if you draw a checklist – and act confidently, knowing that your audience will see the best out of you.

5 Tips Before You Hit Record Button

Here are some small fixes that can make a big impact:

1. Clear off your desktop

This is a habit I always find myself in. Many a time, have I recorded a video while my desktop is full of opened tabs. You can't guide your audience when your desktop is loaded with numerous unrelated windows that are open. They will distract your viewers and you as well. Imagine trying to fumble through tones of open windows and expect to bring a point home? I learned to clean off my desktop before hitting the road on video recording. And that's the best way. Ensure you only keep the necessary programs or windows open. That's definitely what you plan to use during your video show.

2. Turn off notification

Nothing should come in between your video and the audience. And notifications are notorious for causing distractions while watching a video. So, before hitting that 'Record' button, ensure all notifications are off to avoid unnecessary walloping.

3. Use a simple desktop background

Much attention ought to be on the video rather than the background. So, once you use a complicated desktop background, little attention will be geared towards your recorded video. You can use a mild color or simple art. Let the focus remain on the video.

4. Hide unnecessary elements (browser extensions, bookmarks, etc.)

Various elements aren't necessary while recording a video. Check out for the unnecessary ones and keep them far. Your viewers won't be interested in your browser extensions or bookmarks. In fact, they'll end up confused over the entire video clip. Just hide them and head on to record a clean and wanting video that is easy to follow up on.

5. Adjust cursor speed and size

Knowing the workflow so well doesn't mean your audience will pick up at the same speed. So, before you hit the record button, just adjust the cursor speed to give ample time for the recorded video to be understood by your audience once it's done. Also, make the cursor size visible enough to facilitate explanations and let the audience follow up the steps. When all is set, you can now hit the 'Record' button and produce a professional video for your audience.

The Best Screen Recorder for Windows or Mac

To sound as professional as possible, go for the best screen recorder for your Windows or macOS – Wondershare DemoCreator. It encompasses unique features to help you record, edit, and output your video. Use it to record a full screen, a portion, or directly select a window. And when it comes to editing your video, it offers a powerful built-in editor that can change the video speed, denoise, detach audio, add annotations, and other transitions, among many functions. Likewise, you can easily share your video in any output format like MP4, AVI, MOV, and many others. The only drawback is that it will leave a watermark on your video when you use the free version.

Features of DemoCreator

  • Records the screen with your microphone on and even makes narration to the video.
  • Export your videos in 4K video quality.
  • It also comes with Advanced Green Screen Technology for a cool background change.
  • Get perfect and clear video quality with the denoising function.
  • It has powerful editing functions that you can use to change the scale, rotate your video, among other functions.
  • Voiceover ability to record the screen with a microphone.
  • Cursor modification that lets you change the scale and opacity of the cursor. This is crucial when you want to stress a specific point – just add a highlight or ring to make it bold.


How to organize and prepare your computer before recording is as equally important as the recorded video. There is where the perfection begins. We have tackled 5 tips to help you record a video like a pro. Better still, you can engage the best screen recorder and editor – DemoCreator. It works in a few steps to produce stunning videos. It has no boundaries when it comes to professionalism. This app suite both novice and professional users.