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2023-04-20 19:43:04 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

If you wish to enhance your game recordings with some power to showcase to your friends and fans then PlayClaw recorder is just the application you are looking for. This game recorder has been specially designed to function effectively with multi-core processers and codecs and produce the video quality that you have been seeking without inconveniences or hindrances, including causing major impact to your computer systems performance.

PlayClaw desktop recording software is one of the best video game recording software that combines good performance with rigid features. However, there are more negatives that positives to it and so you may want video game recording software with not only the ability to record the audio of the person but also other aspects including reliability. Such software is Wondershare DemoCreator. This article has more details.

Key Features of PlayClaw Recorder

PlayClaw overlays game recording and streaming feature -The incorporated webcam overlay allows you to record your face and expressions, and thus interact with your viewers on a deeper level and motivate viewing. The frame rate is customizable and so can be set from 1 to 200fps, giving you more options and ensuring that your recordings run flawlessly.

Unlimited capturing- Having no capture limit ensures that your videos continue running smoothly. Majority of your viewers do not wish to watch videos with issues multiple times. So, keep freezing or jumping if you must and of course keep the recording interesting.

Cool overlays- Adding video sound and text overlays allows you to give your viewers more information and a better viewing experience. You can add your website/blog if you have one, show walkthroughs and visually show what you are doing with your equipment to get the result you are showcasing. It's up to you as the recorder and you are in control every step of the way without having technical skills.

Pre-installed overlays- More pre-installed PlayClaw overlays for game recording and streaming include system Information, Web Browser, Webcam, Frame Rate (FPS), Teamspeak 3, Discord, Twitch chat, Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Window overlay, Text and Image overlays.

Online streaming- PlayClaw game recorder allows you to stream your videos using your chosen of favourite streaming service such as popular Twitch and YouTube. You can even add webcam feed along with Chroma key and a variety of graphics to make your video stand out from your competitors. If you are an experienced gamer, you can stream your game from well-known services like YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Restream, Hitbox, GoodGame, CyberGame, etc.

Local video recording- PlayClaw game recorder has more to offer aside from capturing gameplay. You can also use it to capture your desktop if you want to do a walkthrough, graphics apps and benefit from the real time encoding using an accelerated codec or software codec. Such fast desktop recording is available in Aero is enabled Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 computers.

Video encoding -PlayClaw can use hardware accelerated codecs as well as AVC MPEG-4 codecs. It supports three technologies, Intel QuickSync, AMD APP NVidia Encoder, which increase its convenience among users

Audio processing- the software provides you with 16 audio sources that allow you to use your current sources for streaming and recording simultaneously. You can mix audio data in one track since the software supports writing audio to separate audio files. You can also add numerous microphones, which is great for dual play, adding music and much more.

How to Use PlayClaw Recorder

Having acquired knowledge on what PlayClaw desktop recording software has to offer, you should learn how to use it effectively. The process to use the software has be outlined below, and made extremely easy for beginners.

Step 1: Download and Install

Begin by downloading PlayClaw recorder form a reliable sources and proceed with the installation process. The program is ready to work right after installation. But we recommend to check basic settings to be sure that they're suitable for you. First check the hotkeys for various actions, like recording start and stop, streaming, pre-recording, taking screenshots, etc.

Step 2: Choose Video codec

Select a video codec that will be useful in encoding captured video frames. PlayClaw supports built-in software MJPEG codec and hardware /AVC codecs, which are available if you have appropriate hardware. PlayClaw can use the following technologies: Intel QuickSync, Nvidia Encoder and AMD AMF

Step 3: Set the presets

Since there are presets for every codec, it is important to try as you set. You can begin with Balanced preset. If you wish to customize settings, then click Settings button and you will have access to all custom options available for the selected codec.

Ensure that you set the destination folder for local recording, and then start your favourite game and record it after clicking OK.

Best PlayClaw Alternative

Although PlayClaw desktop recording software is great, it has numerous limitations that affect how you function with it. If you are seeking a more reliable game screen, webcam and audio recorder, you have to choose one that overcome such issues. PlayClaw recorder's limitations include inability to record browser elements. Additionally, it provides a free version that is never helpful. It only records for 30 seconds and watermarks the recording to ensure that you cannot share your clip online. You do not need to deal with such disappointment when you can choose a much better option, Wondershare DemoCreator.

Wondershare DemoCreator is a video creation and editing tool that allows you to screen record games, other activities, and also record webcam and audio on your desktop. As gamers screen record their games with Wondershare DemoCreator, others record webcam for presentation recording, training courses, game recording, and video tutorials. This PlayClaw recorder alternative gives you an innovative interface and multiple features to easily create and edit all videos. You should be able to capture real-time videos and edit them like a pro.

Key Features of DemoCreator

  • Screen, webcam and audio Recording- This software allows you to record in multiple ways. The only requirements are selecting the area of the screen that you wish to record and choosing the resolution manually or setting the boundary by using the cursor. It also allows you to record yourself through the webcam. When recording audio, you can use the in-built or separate microphone. You also get the option to either shoot the audio and video separately or use everything simultaneously.
  • Unlimited recording time- There is no time limit for recording the video as well. You can record the videos of long durations and probably edit them to keep only the important portions. You can also record videos into fractions and later merge them to make one video.
  • Video Editing- This feature makes your video more interactive through multiple options to elevate your creativity and turn your ideas into reality. It allows you to crop the videos and change its speed. You can also add text, title, subtitles, credits, annotations, stickers, screen transitions, different screen effects, and cursor points. You can also crop, split, or merge different videos.
  • Importing- you can import media in different formats. Video formats include AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, MOV, MPG, MPEG and VOB, whereas audio formats are AIF, AIFF, FLAC, APE, OGG, WAV, M4A, MPA, MP2, MP3, RA, WMA, among others.
  • Export- This feature allows you to export and thus share with friends.

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator

Step 1: Download and Install the Wondershare DemoCreator

To download and install the Wondershare DemoCreator program, visit the official site of Wondershare DemoCreator. You will find two options; to download a free trial version or a premium version. To download the free trial version, hit the Free Download function and wait for the file to download on your desktop and click on the downloaded file to install. Once this PlayClaw recorder alternative is installed, you now prepare to use your desktop screen.

Step 2: Plug in Mic and connect the Webcam with Your PC

Before recording your audio and screen, set the screen, microphone and webcam. Make sure your webcam is connected to the desktop, and your microphone is plugged in. If you are using a laptop, then turn on the built-in webcam and external microphone. Make sure that your mic and webcam are working correctly.

Step 3: Launch DemoCreator and Choose setting preferences

Now go to the DemoCreator desktop app and run it and then click on the New Recording option.

Set your recording preferences, such as the recording area for recording the screen and recording device. If you want to record the webcam, mic audio, and PC screen simultaneously, you have to ensure that all the tools are turned on.

Step 4: Start Capturing

Then click on the Red icon to start capturing. Once the recording is finished, the recorded files will immediately show at the demo creative video editor window, where you can proceed with editing.

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PlayClaw is an amazing desktop recording software for gamers and it could probably suit you in your gaming endeavours. However, the free version make game video production hard due to its 30 seconds time limitation and watermarking. Recording will get cumbersome when playing for several minutes only. You need the best PlayClaw recorderalternative the best experience. The free version is much better and more flexible, and you will definitely share your video recordings without watermarks. DemoCreator provides better features such as video editing that you can exploit to make your clips much more interesting as you showcase your gaming skills.