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Pluralsight Review

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:28:28 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

About Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a well known online education platform that is owned by a private firm. It offers video training lectures to various professionals from different sectors like IT administrators, software developers and many other creative professionals. This company was launched in year 2004 and the headquarters are operational at Farmington, Utah. Below are few interesting points to know about Pluralsight:


  • Presently, more than 1 million students or learners are registered with this website and it serves about 9500 companies with creative content.
  • Pluralsight has its reach up to more than 150 countries throughout the world.
  • It offers more than 5000 courses online whereas the content is mostly in form of videos.
  • The courses are prepared in Standard English language that are easier to understand for all. Whereas they can further load the transcript in more than 50 different languages.
  • Some of the popular courses available on Pluralsight are from the field of software, IT, creative professionals, manufacturing and design, architecture and construction etc.
  • People who want to sharpen their skills on professional grounds or wish to prepare for certain exams can prefer to join this site.
  • There are more than 1000 skilled instructors.

Key Features

1.Learning Paths

Learners on Pluralsight platform are able to follow right learning paths for overall skill development of whole team. It helps users to stay focused and determined with specific goals.

2.Skills Measurement

This site follows adaptive skill measurement process. Just within 5 minutes you will be able to rate your skills by answering 20 useful questions. This skill measurement tool assists learners to discover new opportunities of learning and growth.


If you find yourself stuck with some difficult portions then you can demand expert help immediately. The professionals from pluralsight will provide you complete assistance.

Pros and Cons of Pluralsight


  • Those who are looking for in depth content are welcomed to Pluralsight platform. This site is rated much better as compared to Lynda for some heavy duty type programming needs.
  • You will be able to access videos with rich quality content especially for IT sector. Further, it extends quality to internet branding and soft skills.
  • There are so many downloadable exercise files related to every course.
  • Great news is here for you that Pluralsight has signed a bond of partnership with Microsoft for MSDN subscribers as well as visual studio enterprise, so users will be able to access pluralsight library with ease and can follow courses related to visual studio.
  • Learning paths of this site help users to stay focused on right skills.
  • The skill measurement tools are of very good quality and help learners to rate their skills.
  • The skill measurement tools are of very good quality and help learners to rate their skills.


  • This site is not developed for beginners.
  • You will find many course contents that are outdated.
  • Best for IT sector only.
  • They follow high level course content that is difficult to understand for basic learners.

How to be an Instructor on this Platform?

If you want to be an instructor with Pluralsight then you can easily apply online. You can send your basic details along with the course topics for which you are interested to teach. You can also submit a form on official website by entering your name, email address and targeted audience details or specific course topic details. The professionals from Pluralsight will soon catch you back.

Pricing Plan of this Platform

Learners: If you want to be a learner at Pluralsight then there are two types of membership options available. If you want to join the annual subscription then you will be able to access it with payment of US $105 per year. Other option is to get annual membership with payment of 3 months on repetitive basis. In that case you have to pay $35 after every 3 months. With this membership you will be able to access the complete course library, skill measurement tools, skill paths, learning checks, mobile applications and exercise files etc.

Business professionals: Those who want to join the business plans are advised to make payment of US $499 per users on annual basis. You can easily manage a team of 2 to 2000 members at the same time. The fast access to whole team can be granted via LMS and interactive lab practices are also offered for efficient skill development. It also offers free of cost team trial so that organizations can test the platform and if they need any customization in course work then they can ask Plurasight professionals online. The one to one mentoring program will be soon launched for all team members. Your team will love to access the dedicated portals, SSO support, learning checks and the active learning platform that works for 24 hours and can be accessed from any corner of world.


If you are an IT professional or want to work in this field then Pluralsight is best platform for you. It offers quality content to all learners in form of video lectures and if you are stuck somewhere then you can call professional for help immediately. It is also possible to create customized training platform for government organizations and various educators. With all such incredible features we can say that pluralsight is a useful learning platform for all those who want to sharpen their skills to be a recognised professional in IT domain.

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