Remote Professional Development For Teachers

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:37 • Filed to: Remote Learning Engagement

Remote learning has become the new normal where the learning is concerned and this is extremely different form of learning from the earlier ways of learning in the previously physical classes. This has meant that the teachers in the modern world would have to also adjust to the new normal and develop themselves professionally in the field of remote learning. Teachers may be experts in their own subjects however they would have to also become up to date with the concepts of remote learning and the professional development will go a long way in developing them into better teachers for the future.

The remote professional development for teachers will be explained in detail in the article. The schools in the coming years will require the teachers to be developed properly in the online teaching concepts which would mean that they would not only require to have knowledge of the subjects but basics about how the online teaching concepts work.

A teacher may well be very well equipped with their own subject however not being professionally developed in the remote learning concepts will certainly peg them behind as teachers and this is why we have tried to cover the need for the professional development in remote learning.

Part 1
Why Professional Development Is So Important For Remote Learning

By developing professional skills in remote learning there are a few benefits that can be accrued by both teachers and students. These are mentioned below

Students get better teachers

The remote learning concepts are new to the teachers and students might have to face difficulties if the teachers are not completely trained in the online training and therefore it is more important for the teachers to become professionally developed in the remote learning basic.

Teachers get to teach better

Through remote learning professional development, they get trained in teaching techniques that they are not really aware of. This certainly needs to a value addition for them and it becomes an important skill that is added to their repertoire because the future seems to be going in favor of remote learnings so it would be a valuable skill to have in their arsenal.

Industrial Awareness

Professional awareness gets people aware of the happenings around the industry and the things that are going on all over the world where the educators are able to understand the new technology and the complex relationship between a student and a teacher better than they already do by this skill addition.

Learning for the teachers

Through the remote learning pd for teachers, they get to learn and that makes them realize the importance of continuous learning and development which they would impart to their students in the future.

Part 2
How to Make Successful PD for Remote Learning

Through the following ways the educator will be able to develop professionally in the field of remote learning and will be able to get better at the art of distance learning. The professional development for teachers during remote learning can be done by doing the following ways.

Way 1: Communication online

This is where through the concept of professional development, the educators and content creators will get to experience the nuances of how relationships can be built with the students online during the online sessions.

This will be helping the teachers in understanding how the communication tools work and how can they become viable for the teachers in the practical world for the teaching for their students. The communication online will help the teachers in discovering the various tools which are available to them for creating videos classes that are useful in making the communication effective between the educator and the student.

Effective communication is an important tool when it comes to the online classes because the students will have to be eased into this new concept and their anxieties which already are at an escalated level due to the Coronavirus pandemic will be eased a little when their teachers comfort them. This will make the process get simpler for them when they are aware of all the tools that are at their disposal and what all has to be done in the processes to make their students react and engage in the conversation of the lessons which are being dealt with.

Way 2: Design Blended Classroom

A personalized classroom where the learning environment is blended with the students being treated in a personal manner and teachers giving the students tasks which they can later discuss as a classroom activity is an effective new innovative tool for teaching. This has emerged as a form of education which can absolutely reform the way education is done and in the personal goals which can be aligned with the classroom activities and problem solving is done individually or in the form of a classroom activity where the students get together and discuss on the illustrations that have been given to the students.

The professional development courses help the content creators and Educators in creating a design blended classroom which can be effective in making students and teachers be on the same page and create a layout by which they are able to figure the best way out for their students to learn properly and also contribute in an engaging manner to the lessons so that the lessons are more than just PowerPoint slides being read by teachers. The design blended classrooms are the futuristic approach to development of the online classes however its development is something that is still being worked at so the teachers who learn this will surely stay ahead of the curve.

Way 3: Create Video Courses

The teachers in terms of professional development can learn to create the online videos by translating their lectures into the video classes. This can be done the help of a screen recorder and here we recommend the use of Wondershare DemoCreator. This is perhaps one of the easiest and most basic software which works wonderfully whenever it is applied and is one of the favorite software for the ones who are beginners. This is the perfect tool for creating videos for lectures, tutorials, presentations and other activities. The process of screen recording in the DemoCreator works in the manner below.

Step 1: The educator will have to get the Wondershare DemoCreator on their computer and then launch this software. Upon launching it, there will be an option to start the capturing which will have to be pressed. There are hotkeys available for this process too where the F10 key will begin the recording process automatically. The same key works while stopping the video as well. F9 is the key which can be used for the function of pause this video.


Step 2: There are many tools which are offered by the software to edit this screen captured video and also effects can be added to the video to make it look like a professional video which is engaging.

Step 3: This video can now be saved after the recoding and stored wherever the user wants to save it and also options are available to save it in different formats.

Way 4: Make Digital Assessment

A key aspect of teaching is how the teachers assess their students’ performance and how the assessments are conducted. This is a major area of concern in the online classes since the teachers cannot physically analyse how the students are doing therefore using an option such as the digital assessments makes it viable for the teachers to analyse how their students have actually been performing and see what corrective measures need to be taken if any. This is where digital assessment becomes a critical part of the learning process online. Through PD, the assessment understanding is given to the teachers.

Teachers learn why assessments are important and what tools can be used to make these assessments even more successful. They also discuss the various strategies which are prevalent in the market for the online assessment and educate the teachers with how these tools can be used to sketch out an effective strategy for the students. The students often find online assessments an effective tool to monitor their own progress too so it is a very important part of the Performance Development process without which the aspects of remote learning would end up being incomplete and would have no benchmark to weigh in the successes of the concept.


Virtual professional development for teachers has emerged as being one of the most important aspects of remote learning with teachers doing a role reversal and attending the classroom on how to make remote learning a more engaging and fun process which is best for the students who would like to be taught in the manner that does not make them miss their physical studies. The future is going to see even more innovation and with innovation, there will be a need for more professional development as the educators will have to make sure they keep up with the trends and manage to ensure that they do not get left out.