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You may want to record YouTube videos to watch them offline later. Tons of screen recording tools are available to download YouTube videos. But they export in low quality.

It can be challenging to find software that downloads 4k UHD videos. Let me tell you what's 4K in brevity 4K mean other pixels than HD or Full HD.

But we'll help you in this regard by telling you some amazing video capturing tools having desired features.

In this article, we'll come across you through detailed features of the 4k UHD video downloader.

Let's get started.

Part1 What is a 4K UHD video?

4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos, a new standard that delivers an unparalleled level of detail and renders more than four times higher image definition than 1080p HD videos, are gaining popularity among users.

4k videos offer higher image definition quality, more detailed pictures, seamless motions, and extensive projection surface visibility as the next generation of digital video delivery and entertainment.

Why will you need to record 4K UHD videos?

4K ultra HD Television picture is x pixels, further than 8 million pixels in total, four times the number in' standard' high- description ( x).

There is such an important detail and depth in the picture that it nearly feels 3D at times-and you will not need unique spectacles to watch it.

What makes 4K so unique lies in the unique advantages of the 4K ultra-high description. It provides advanced image description quality, a more detailed picture, better fast-action, and more immense projection face visibility.

No wonder numerous a stoners speaks primarily of 4K and regards it as an advanced technology that is shaking up the industry.

When we're used to watching videos or pictures in 720P and 1080P, it would be strange to see the coming-generation resolution called 4K UHD. Why it's called 4K? I assure you that there would be someone having the same question mark like me.

Ultimately, I figure it out. Generally, the industry is named 1080/ 720P resolution after image height, but this time 4K marks a switch from the former generation. Since the images in 4K are around pixels horizontal resolution, it is named 4K after the image width.

Though 4K enjoys great popularity currently, it does not mean all your devices and operations are compatible with 4K UHD vids. iMovie and Final Cut Pro are unable to import 4K at 60 fps videos for editing; iPhones and iPad packed with an A8 chip or latterly can play 4K videos indeed, but the resolution won't exceed the iPhone models'1334 × 750 and 1920 × 1080 resolution; likewise, You cannot watch HD videos with original quality on Mac book and PCs.

How can you download 4K videos without hassle?

Part2 4K UHD video downloader

There are many 4K video downloaders, some of which are discussed below

1. 4K Download

2. Jihosoft

3. Recoverit

4K Download:

record 4k demo video

It is an open-source download application specializing in videos that will enable you to download any video and audio included from YouTube in HD.

Using such an application is as simple as copying the address of the video you want and pasting it into the program's interface. You can also download the entire playlists from YouTube or even user channels with just one click. It performs the following functions;

● When it comes to saving videos, you have various options. You can save the videos like MP4, MKV, or 3GP files and audio as MP3, M4A, or OGG files.

● 4K Video Downloader is a downloading tool that is quite complete and easy to use, letting you download dozens of high-definition videos from YouTube to your hard drive in minutes.

● 4K Video Downloader downloads any video with ease. It's a simple tool for downloading videos from the web. It is powerful, easy & free to use the software.

● 4K Video Downloader is different from other video download services. It is not like other online services that promise you to download videos from the internet, but finally, turn up as a trick stunt to grab your attention for marketing purposes. It is not a web-based program. Instead, it's a comprehensive desktop application that downloads the video.

record 4k demo video

Features of 4k video downloader:

Here are the seven key features of a 4k video downloader:

Multiple video formats

You also can convert your videos into any format you want. If you are not satisfied with the 4k format or if there's a requirement for some other video formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, or M4A, etc., the 4k video downloader allows you to convert your video into your favorite format according to your wish.

Audio formats

You can also convert your locally stored videos into MP3 audio formats if you want to. You have to use a 4k video downloader to do the job.

Editing effects

This platform allows you are editing and add effects to your videos so that you don't have to go anywhere else. This app also offers a face detection facility for its users.

Download channels

Along with audio, video, and playlists, the 4k video downloader also downloads channels, subscription functions, and subtitles for you.

Save TikTok videos

Do you use Tik Tok? Making Tik Tok videos is your habit if you are into Tik Tok. Suppose you like accepting challenges from that social media platform. In that case, a 4k video downloader is the best for you as it mass saves your Tik Tok videos and everything you have on the Tik Tok account, including Tik Tok captions and challenges hashtags, etc.

Create back-up

It helps you create backups of Instagram pictures.

Auto download

It auto-downloads new videos from your subscribed YouTube channels or the places from where you have mostly done your downloading.

record 4k demo video

List of the websites which are supported by this software:

● YouTube

● TikTok

● Facebook

● Vimeo

● DailyMotion

● SoundCloud

● Metacafe

● etc

Supported Operating software:

● 4K Video Downloader is available for:

● macOS

● Ubuntu


Supported Formats:

4K Video Downloader lets you save your downloads in the below-supported formats:

● MP4



● 3GP

● MP3

● M4A


The speed is set to unlimited to utilize the full potential of your network connection. But in case you have a slow internet connection, you can limit the download speed by changing your connection preference.

4K Video Downloader provides you with extensive customer support. You will get help and support from their team, even if you use the free version.


● The free version is available at no cost. You can download it freely and start using it.

● They are also offering a licensed version as a family pack at a special price. The paid license lasts a lifetime.


According to the users, one of the most remarkable features of this application is that there's ultimately no compromise in video quality.

Another thing that makes it one of the most user-friendly video downloading applications is its fantastic User Interface. You will see many instructions popping up and elaborated steps displayed on the screen to help you use the app effortlessly, even when using it for the first time.

Whether to remove any existing bug or introduce new features, the app is always on an alert to inform you about important things.

While editing a video, if you are looking for plenty of customization options, then go for a 4k video downloader.


You'll have to be patient with the advertisements if you want to use the free version.

A free version of this application allows you to download a limited number of playlists.


record 4k demo video

It is a safe and free video downloader that allows you to download YouTube videos, music, covers, and subtitles. You cannot download videos from YouTube only but other websites as well.

It also has a conversion function that lets you convert the downloaded video desired format.

Features of Jihosoft:

● It allows you to download videos from many social sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

● You can download high-quality videos such as 4K, 8K, 60FPSand 360 VR.

● It lets you download the whole playlists of the YouTube channel.

● You can convert any video into an audio format such as MP3.

● It enables you to convert WEBM to formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc

● It has unlimited download speed on the premium version and 1Mbps on the free version.

● It has a one-click download mode.

● It provides technical support in both versions.

● Jihosoft made it easy for you to merge subtitles with video permanently.

Supports resolution:

● 720P

● 1080P

● 1440P

● 2160P

● 4320P

● 360 VR

Websites supported by this software:

● YouTube

● Facebook

● Instagram

● Twitter

● Soundcloud

● Dailymotion

● Vimeo

● Metacafe

● Tumblr

● Twitter


Free and powerful downloader.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

It offers many video and audio formats.

Provides you with high-quality videos



You’ll have to buy its pro version to use features unlimited.


record 4k demo video

Wondershare recoverit is powerful window data recovery software that allows you to recover your deleted, formatted, lost, and unreachable data.

You can recover your data from

● Pc

● USB drive

● Mobile phone

● Digital camera

● iPod

● External hard drive

● Other storage media

Features of recoverit:

● It has the highest recovery rate.

● It is easy-to-operate software that works in three easy steps and saves you time by providing a user-friendly interface. The steps are

- Select

- Scan

- Recover

● You can experience efficient file scanning to scan and recover deleted or lost pictures from the only targeted source.

● It can recover all data types, including many images and multimedia formats.

● Once you've reviewed all the data, you want to recover after scanning. Click to do this job. After that, you can transfer them to a safe location in Pc.

● The risk of losing images is high when you use external devices daily. Recoverit can save them as you can recover data from external devices, such as USB drives and music players.

● It’s an easy-to-steer interface that provides you to find whatever you need to look for.

● It provides free updates as well.

● It protects you from unexpected loss of valuable data.


Free version

Restore data from hard-disc

It also restores data from external devices.

Recover damaged file.


It cannot recover overwritten data from the computer or memory card.

It doesn’t recover pdf, excel, and Microsoft files.

Part3 How to Record HD Video for Watching?

Recording the video is also a method to download HD videos.

If you're learning how to record online videos, it could make you the following great YouTube creator. The right video recording software is crucial whether you want to record video for business, education, or entertainment.

 Invest in some good recording software to capture online vids using a laptop. You can find numerous videotape recording software programs, and choosing one can be quite an undertaking.

Use the following tips to simplify choosing a recording program and find the stylish one for your recording needs.

1. If you want to produce consistent content, find the software that doesn't depend on the internet for quality recording. Never compromise on quality.

2. Choose a recorder that has an intuitive interface.

3. Choose the recorder with the capability of recording live streaming as well. It will help you to interact with the audience fast.

4. Keep in mind that the recorder should have the ability to record multiple screens simultaneously without any error.

Record videos with DemoCreator:

record 4k demo video

It is a screen recording and editing tool that lets you capture whatever happens on your screen without any hassle. It is a free and web-based recording tool that offers multiple features.

Let's discuss this in detail.

Features of Wondershare DemoCreator:

● It allows you to record anything that happens on your screen.

● You can record the screen with a microphone.

● It allows you to record any video, whether a presentation, webinar, tutorial, or gaming video with Webcam.

● You don’t need to save the whole video. You can use the excellent feature of cut/trim to keep the desired portion of the content.

● You can also combine different videos and make it one.

● If you want to interact with the audience effectively, you can add captions. In this way, deaf and people who speak another language will be able to understand your content.

● You can also add an annotation to highlight some essential points to the viewers for their better understanding.

● Content should be entertaining so that audience doesn't get bored quickly. For this purpose, DemoCreator has prepared a variety of stickers with animation effects such as education, game, gif, etc. Add it into your videos and make your content engaging.

● People attract to natural things. You can also give your content a natural or relaxed look by adding transitions such as fading, blur, evaporation, etc.

● It provides you with high-quality videos.

● It allows you to record multiple screens at a time.

● With DemoCreator, you can create any video

- Promotional

- Instructional

- Testimonial

- Interviews

- Tutorials

- Record lectures

- Etc

● You can use drawing tools while recording, such as a pen, arrow, circle, highlighter, etc.

● It also enables you to record the screen with your voice.

● DemoCreator, with its advanced feature of green screen technology, allows you to change the background.

● You can present virtual presentations by using its outstanding feature.

How to record with DemoCreator?

To record with DemoCreator, first, you need to

1. Visit

2. Download it.

3. After downloading, click on "install."

4. Open DemoCreator.

5. Click on "Start a new project."

record 4k demo video

6. A pop-up icon will appear.

7. Click on “Capture area” to select the region you want to record.

8. After selecting an area, enable it if you want to record with a microphone.

record 4k demo video

9. If you want to record the screen with Webcam, enable it. Make sure that it is well connected to the computer.

10. After adjusting settings, start recording by clicking on the red round button.

11. You can pause the recording if you want to by pressing the F9 key.

How to record demo video with virtual avatar

DemoCreator is going to introduce a new feature soon with which you can record a demo video.

● For this you will have to open DemoCreator and click on “Start a Demo project”. A Window will appear with multiple features.

● If your background is not suitable you can change it in this feature. There are many options available that you can use.

● You can also record your voice with microphone.

● You can use Webcam to record with camera.If you don’t want to appear in the video, you can add a human avatar in DemoCreator.

record 4k demo video

● You can also use your PowerPoint presentation to highlight the points for better understanding of the viewer.

record 4k demo video

● while presenting you can also use drawing tools.

How to edit a video?

After the recording is over, it will be uploaded to the editor interface.

It has four functional areas.

1. Media library

You can import images/videos here from your computer.

2. Timeline

You can drag files from the media library to the timeline, where you can cut/split/trim them.

3. Preview window

You can use the forward, backward, play, and pause buttons. It allows you to see the changes you're making.

4. Properties window

In the properties window, you can adjust the following settings, such as

- Speed

- Denoise

- Compositing

To edit the videos first, you need to

Import files:

In the media library, import the images/videos saved on the computer.

1. Click on the big plus sign.

2. Choose import files

3. Select files from the computer

4. Click OK.

Drag It to Timeline:

1. Drag the files from the media library: audio and video, and drop them into the timeline.

2. You can cut/trim, split, and crop the video the way you want.

How to cut/trim

1. Click on the video to view the thumbnail of the clip.

2. Double-click on the file to play it.

3. For effective video trimming, set the cursor to the clip of the edge after opening a particular clip.

4. Drag the clip in any direction, which you can achieve by setting a Marker.

How to combine:

You can combine multiple clips in one video through DemoCreator.

1. Drag the first clip to the timeline

2. Then, drag the second clip and place it above the first track.

3. Repeat this process, and place all the files you want to combine accordingly.

4. Place the videos on the top of the previous clip.

5. Use the scaling handles to resize the video clips.

6. Position the video at your preferred location on the screen to adjust.

7. Repeat this process.

How to crop

1. From the timeline, click on the video.

2. Select the crop ”button” to change the portion you want to crop.

3. After that, click ok.

Add Voiceover:

To add your voice to the videos,

1. Click on "Voiceover" from the toolbar" in the timeline.

2. Adjust settings.

3. Click on the red round button to start recording the voice.

4. Ensure that your microphone is well connected.

Add captions:

1. Go to the “Captions”

2. There will be many options which you can select as per your need.


 You can select it to add at the start of the video.


The end of the video appears to credit all who've worked to create the content.


It appears on the screen to narrate the dialogue.


It is three-line captions that appear in a video at the bottom of the screen.

Add stickers:

For this,

1. Select stickers from the toolbar above the media library.

2. There will be many options, such as

- Education

- Game

- Emoji

- Gifs

record 4k demo video

Add transition:

1. Click on “Transition”

2. You’ll see options such as

- Basic

- Color

- 3D

- Wrap

- Slideshow

- Speed blur

- Ripple&Dissolve

record 4k demo video


To remove the unwanted background noises

1. Go to the properties window

2. Select audio

3. Drag the slider to adjust. Drag it to the right to increase and to the left to decrease the sound.


1. Go to properties window.

2. Select video

3. Adjust compositing and opacity of the video.


You can also adjust the speed of the video.

1. From properties window

2. Select video

3. Scroll down to see the option of speed.

4. Increase or decrease it through the slider.


After the editing is over, you can now export your video.

1. Click on the “Export”

2. A pop-up window will appear.

3. Select the format in which you want to export your video.

4. Formats supported by DemoCreator are;

- MP4

- MP3





- Etc

5. Choose the name of the project.

record 4k demo video

6. Select the location on the computer where you want to save the video.

7. Adjust the further settings such as

- Preset

- Resolution

- Size

- FrameRate

8. In the end, click on "Export."

9. In case you want to remove the watermark, buy a subscription.

You can upload videos directly on the YouTube

1. Click on “Export”

2. Select “YouTube”

3. Sign in to continue.


It has a user-friendly interface

It is an easy-to-operate software

It provides free updates

Multiple features are encapsulated in this tool.

It allows you to export videos in multiple formats.

No need to learn any skill to use this.

Record screen with microphone and Webcam without any hassle.


After the recording is over, the mic stays on, which can cause privacy concerns.


While watching a video on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or any other social site, have you ever thought of recording it? If yes, then DemoCreator is best for you. Recording a video is just like downloading it.

In addition to this, you can record any type of video, whether you're a businessman, teacher, educator, or gamer. It captures and provides you with high-quality 4k UHD videos.

DemoCreator is free and, best of all. You don't need any professional skills to handle this. Record the screen while watching videos and save it to watch later.

DemoCreator has made it easy for its users. They can create any content because it is an interactive way to engage the audience.

Download this all-in-one recording tool and create the type of content you want.