How to Record BlueJeans Meeting

Alma Elliott
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BlueJeans is quite possibly the most mainstream internet meeting and video conferencing arrangement accessible today. Organizations and people wherever use it since it's open for anybody on any gadget, without downloading applications. What occurs on the off chance that you need to get in the same words record of information exchanged during your occasion? Utilize these basic hints to record BlueJeans sessions. BlueJeans enables you to record your gatherings, catching sound, video, screen shares, PowerPoint slides, or other substance you may share during a video meeting. However, what occurs with that account after the gathering is done?

BlueJeans is a decent video conferencing administration. It permits the moderator to speak with different members across various gadgets and conferencing stages. On the off chance that somebody can't go to this gathering, or the BlueJeans meeting is significant, you can record BlueJeans gatherings to make a duplicate. Consequently, others can watch the recorded BlueJeans meeting to get similar data. In any case, the BlueJeans Standard clients can record gatherings on BlueJeans for close to 5 hours. Even though you buy into BlueJeans Pro, you can record BlueJeans gatherings for as long as 25 hours. Just the BlueJeans host can get to the BlueJeans recording capacity.

Part 1. How to Record Meeting in BlueJeans

The BlueJeans network has made it exceptionally simple to get to your account to impart to your group. You can likewise download recordings straightforwardly to your PC or PC. Ensure you have given the worker time to measure and transfer your video to your dashboard. Then, at that point, follow these means to download the mp4 video record of your web-based gathering.

On the off chance that you are a BlueJeans meeting arbitrator, you can record gatherings on BlueJeans straightforwardly. Simply sign in to your BlueJeans account. Afterward, do as the accompanying advances show.

start recording bluejeans

Step 1. Launch BlueJeans
Run BlueJeans app. Commence your BlueJeans meeting.

Step 2. Start Recording
There is an option with Start Rec Highlights, click it to start BlueJeans recording.

Step 3. Stop Recording
You can click this option again in the same place to stop screen recording on BlueJeans and then click on the Stop in the popping-up notification to confirm.

Part 2. How to Download and Share BlueJeans Recordings

BlueJeans is quite possibly the most notable brands out there on the lookout for their video conferencing arrangements, even before the Covid drove the world into lockdown, and everybody started bouncing on the video conferencing train.

All things considered, they're quite possibly the most solid stages for online visits, gatherings, and online classes. Furthermore, when it's finished, you can save an account to watch it again at whatever point you need. Yet, what do you do as the number of gatherings shoots up, the chronicles start to accumulate, and dealing with every one of them as it ends up being a not-so-natural assignment? That is the place where we come in. When the meeting is finished, BlueJeans will deliver the chronicle and send a connection to your email. You can download the account in your email. Another approach to discover the gathering recording is the Recordings tab in BlueJeans. Since you've recorded your gathering, it's an ideal opportunity to get to it. You can do this in one of two different ways.

download video bluejeans

Methopd 1. Via Email
The first way is to check the email inbox that is associated with your BlueJeans account. After you have recorded your meeting, BlueJeans will automatically email you a copy of your recorded meeting.
Go to your email inbox, and click on the message from BlueJeans. The message will look like this.

Method 2. Via BlueJeans Account
The second way to access your recording is through your BlueJeans account. 

All you have to do is log in to your BlueJeans account via the URL: .

Then, look at the top navigation bar and click on “Recordings.”

How to Share Recording

To share the recorded content in the BlueJeans streaming platform, follow the steps below:

share screen bluejeans

  • Select "Recordings" in the top menu.
  • To work with a specific recording, click on or near its title to go to that recording's page within your BlueJeans account.
  • Copy the recording's URL for later sharing, using the blue copy icon with two overlapping rounded rectangles, shown to the right of that recording URL:
  • Also, confirm that the SHARING setting is not set to Private; this can happen sometimes without warning

Part 3. Use an External Tool to Record BlueJeans Meeting

Proficient screen recorders are consistently useful to tackle issues like 'can't record full-length recordings, 'no authorization to record meeting', 'record screen alarms all participators', and so forth BlueJeans upholds gatherings for up to 25 video or sound members in a standard gathering mode, and up to 100 with the Large Meetings add-on. Members can share the content of top quality and offer recordings with all members all the while. You can record, store, offer, and watch gatherings back. You can likewise send connections, questions, and other content interchanges through the gathering text visit highlight. Proceeding with the subject of more modest, more straightforward screen recorders, we present DemoCreator for both Windows and macOS. It has every one of the highlights you're probably going to require, none of the puff you don't, and is especially acceptable with regards to sharing caught recordings and photographs with others.

Concerning the fundamental catching cycle itself, whenever you've made a record that isn't discretionary, you can be recording your PC screen several ticks. Drag out the space you need to record, click the beginning catch, and the DemoCreator recorder easily handles the rest. Also, it's as simple as that on the off chance that you need to add comments or record anything longer than five minutes, you'll need to move up to the paid-for variant of DemoCreator. For basic screen recording and simple sharing to places like YouTube, however, it's ideal.

Download and Launch DemoCreator
In the very first step, all you need to do is grab this software to your PC so you can use it to record your screens as eLecta live screen recorder alternative, and to do that, here are the links to download Wondershare DemoCreator for both Windows and Mac users directly:
In the next step, launch this intuitive platform which will help you capture BlueJeans meetings while recording screen at the same time. Hence to do that, open the software from the desktop of your PC where you've installed recently following the step above.

Setup DemoCreator Recording
Now from the initially launched screen of DemoCreator, hit the New Recording button which will take you to the recording window interface of this software as follows:

democreator start

Start DemoCreator Recording
Now in parallel with the slideshow of PowerPoint, from the DemoCreator recording window, turn on the Screen Drawing Tool slider and hit the recording button as follows:

democreator settings

Export and Share the Recorder Video
In the last step of this screen recording tutorial with DemoCreator, you need to export the screen recording to your desired location and in addition to that, you can also hit the direct share to your audience of YouTube right from this platform. Here's how.

To advance towards the exporting options, hit the Export button from the top-right corner of the screen as follows:

Now in the next step, specify the desired location on your PC and specify the format of your output file of screen recording, and hit the Export button:

To advance with the sharing option to YouTube, simply proceed to the YouTube menu and sign in to your YouTube account, and hit the direct share button from this software.


BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing arrangement that helps mid to enormous size organizations with text talk, content sharing, various members, and meeting recording. BlueJeans is a video conferencing device that assumes an imperatively significant part in telecommuting. This product, alongside its adversaries like Zoom and Google Hangouts, drives the pattern of distant work. This sort of application empowers your partners to convey together giving no contemplations to their dissipated positions. You can utilize this product to direct video calls, video gatherings just as recording, replaying, and imparting your gathering recordings to other people.