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Record Live Stream Video Conference

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:41 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

No matter whether you are running a business, working in the corporate world, or a student, the pandemic has confined everyone to their homes and the workflow has shifted completely to the virtual mode. The meetings and conferences are now happening on the virtual apps and we assume you plan to keep the sessions for future reference. To easily record live stream video conferences, you will need to get a screen recording application for the same. There are various tools that you will find online and before settling on one, you should weigh the pros & cons of different applications. 

When the workflow has shifted to the virtual space, the users will need to have a set of tools that can offer a smooth transition. The most important tool of all is a screen recorder that will help you in sharing something with your colleagues. These tools will also significantly help in making a virtual presentation. The tool is also being widely used by creators who share guides and tutorials with their online audience. 

Part 1 Live Stream vs. Video Conference

You must know by now that a majority of people want to keep their social life online, especially until everyone is vaccinated. All the big events such as concerts, happy hours, talk shows, etc. have gone digital and the mode chosen by the hosts is either video conferencing or live streaming. Here is a brief description of both options for your better understanding.

1. Live Stream

In the simplest words, it’s a broadcasting method that is being done in real-time and the stream can be brought to multiple platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, etc. The biggest advantage that comes with this method is that hosts can keep it small or big, public or private, there are absolutely no restrictions to the number of viewers.

Live Stream

A live stream session will be hosted by someone who will be the host or the director. They will further send the invites to the guests where they will be presented with the planned content. It will also make the interaction quite easy where the host can take in questions and answer them one-on-one.

live stream session

2. Video Conference

On the contrary, a video conferencing session is strictly restricted to limited people where it can be a private family gathering or any company meeting. These conferences are held on virtual apps such as Meet, Zoom, etc.

Users will also get to set the grid view or the speaker view. In the grid, there will be small tiles and the speaker view will highlight the speaker on the full screen. A majority of the online classes and family functions are held through this mode and there is an unsaid rule of a video conference where you should not record the session without everyone’s consent.

Video Conference

3. Key differences between Live Stream and Video Conference

  • The live stream will allow you to have unlimited viewers through any streaming platform whereas video conferencing will just be a limited gathering. 
  • Hosts will get to add various elements to the screen to enhance the overall appeal. The video conferencing will just be a one-on-one interaction.
  • Another significant characteristic that puts these two apart is the part played by the audience. In a live stream, the joinees are just there to sit and go through the session whereas, in a video conference, everyone can take the equal part as the host. 

Part 2 How to record a stream video conference?

Now, after enough influx, it’s time to dive into the steps that you need to follow to easily record the live stream conference call. You will need to download a screen recording tool that is capable of capturing the screen in the best resolution possible. There is an inbuilt recording tool that comes with all the operating systems; however, these are not able to offer a good set of features. We would recommend going for a third-party application that is feature-packed and easy to use. The one that’s best for beginners and professionals is Wondershare DemoCreator. The application comes with an integrated editor where you will get to tweak the details. 

The best part about this recording tool is that it doesn’t put any restrictions on the recording limit and all the features are laid out under a simple and straightforward dashboard. The users will get to add a voice-over/commentary to the recorded session and this feature will be significantly helpful for the creators who are creating a tutorial, guide or unboxing. 

1. How to Record?

In this section, we shall be discussing the steps that you require following to record video conferencing without any extra effort. As it is a private session, you must have everyone’s consent before hitting the record button. Let’s dive right into the required steps:

  • Launch the DemoCreator app and you will be greeted by an intuitive and compact dashboard with a few options to get started with recording.
  • For those who want to record a new meeting, opt for clicking on the New Recording button. Another dialog box will open up with a number of options. 
  • Here, you will get to set the Recording Area by selecting the presets from the given drop-down menu. You can also set the custom size of the screen that you want for recording. 
  • Below the screen resolution, you will also get the option to set the frame rates. As you are recording a meeting, you can easily go for the 30FPS.
  • On the extreme left, you will get all the options related to the input devices. The first will be to turn on the system sounds. You should enable it for recording the speakers.
  • The second will be the mic input that you can select any external one that offers good quality recording.
  • The third option will allow you to turn on the webcam. However, while you are planning to record the conference, we would recommend turning it off. 
  • Under the resolution and frame rate section, you will get a toggle to enable the screen drawing tool. It will be helpful for the tutors and guides who are trying to explain a certain method.
  • Once everything is set and configured, it’s time to launch the live stream conference software and hit the Record button. You can also use the hotkeys to control the recording session by using F9 to resume/pause and F10 to stop/start.
  • It will give you a buffer of 3 seconds and the recording will be started. 

2. FAQs

❶ Will the joinees be able to speak in a live stream?

The simple answer to this question is no. However, if the host wants to take someone on call or wants to take input from the viewers, they can enable the chat option.

❷ Can I add any screen element in the live stream?

There are a number of elements that you can add to the live stream for a better appeal. The host can create a graphic that illustrates the event or they will also find the plug-in to add a live viewer count.

❸ Will the DemoCreator application let you color grade the recorded footage?

Yes, users will have a comprehensive editor integrated with the application. There will be an option to add a voice-over or a commentary if you are planning to create a promo or a trailer for the online event.

❹ Is the Wondershare DemoCreator a paid tool?

There is a paid, as well as a free version. The free version will come with all the features but the final product will carry a huge watermark. You can get rid of it by simply opting for an annual subscription.

❺ Will there be any extra options in the drawing tool?

The screen drawing tool on this recorder application will come with a number of options. Apart from choosing from different pen styles, users can also go for various shapes and texts. 


The guide that we have created here is quite straightforward and we hope that you are able to understand the basic difference between the live streaming and video conferencing setup. The recorder that we have discussed here is also loaded with features and you will find it extremely helpful to keep your favorite streams saved in the archives for future references. If you are confused in deciding which mode is better, for the one-on-one interactions you should go for the video conferencing option and if you just want to announce something to the viewers, live streaming is the better option.