How to Record Lync Meetings

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:14 • Filed to: Video Conference

Microsoft Lync permits individuals to have internet meetings, video or sound discussion and you can record Lync Meeting to catch the video, sound, texting (IM), screen sharing, PowerPoint slides, whiteboard, and surveying. Don't how to record Lync Meeting on your PC? Find the arrangements here to figure out how to record Lync Meeting with audio effortlessly. You can record Lync online gatherings, calls, or discussions if your association has an empowered account. Microsoft Lync is a discussion stage that empowers you to hold online gatherings, settle on record and sound decisions, and send texts. By recording Lync, you can save meeting substance, recordings, sounds, introductions, meetings, and that's just the beginning. The inquiry is, do you realize how to record Lync's meeting?

Even though Microsoft will, in general, supplant Lync with Skype for Business for years, there are still clients utilizing Lync for holding gatherings. Microsoft Lync is a famous stage that is accessible for holding on the web gatherings, sending texts, settling on sound and video decisions. In contrast to Skype, which is chiefly intended for individuals to have individual talks, Lync goes past the individual requirements and considers visual gathering and work process correspondence. Along these lines, it's no big surprise why Microsoft Lync has won extraordinary prevalence from middle-class laborers in organizations. Nonetheless, a few groups need to record Lync meetings for the folks who neglected to go to the gathering or for later audit. For this situation, you can have a glance at the arrangements underneath.

Part 1: Record Lync Meeting Directly

Even though Lync offers an underlying recorder, you may in any case feel complex to coordinate and record a Lync meeting or call. In this way, we will give you a nitty-gritty manual for the record Lync 2013 gathering. Before you begin, ensure you have joined your Lync meeting and have the gathering window pulled up!

Launch Lync Meeting
Select "More Options", then click "Start Recording". Microsoft Lync will warn you that you have started recording the meeting or phone call.

start recording in lync

Start Recording
At the bottom of the meeting or call window, there are options to stop or pause the recording.

lync meeting recording

Stop Recording
When you're done recording, click "Stop Recording".

Locate the Recording
No need to worry about saving your recording-Microsoft Lync does this for you automatically

save lync meeting video

Part 2: Record Lync Meeting with An Easy Recorder

Regardless of whether it's school exercise or office gatherings, everything was going on in the virtual space because of the online applications. Likewise, nowadays, screen recording is getting urgent. With Wondershare DemoCreator is a full-highlighted however lightweight free screen recorder from a designer known for its free transformation application. It can record Skype discussions without any limits and is consequently valuable for Skype interviews and online phone calls. Likewise, various Windows applications can be singled out and caught as discrete components. Included is an essential easy-to-use picture proofreader that is shockingly useful for accomplishing a cleaned look.

Individuals need to make recordings of their works, for example, recording their ongoing interactions, instructional exercises, make an expert course, preparing recordings, and considerably more. What's more, for doing all that, you need two things, a recorder, and a supervisor. DemoCreator is a basic free screen recorder with an underlying sound/video editorial manager. The alluring and natural interface permits you to make screencasts without breaking a sweat of an expert. This easy-to=use platform makes it super easy for beginners to know how to record Lync meetings with audio. Here we've compiled the necessary steps for you as well.

Download and Install DemoCreator
In the first step, all you need to do is download and install this software to your PC so you can use it on various occasions and for various purposes like screen recording to recordings editing. To do that, follow the link below to download this software for MacBook.
As soon as the download finishes hit the launch application to execute the installation process so you can follow the default steps to get this software in your Windows applications in a ready-to-use form.

Start New Recording
In this step, you shall have installed Wondershare DemoCreator, and now is the time to launch it from your Desktop. As soon as you launch it, you shall see a window interface appearing for two options of recording screen to editing your previous videos or creating videos with this software. Here click on the New Recording so you can note down the recording agreement.

run democreator

Manage Audio and Webcam
As soon as you hit the recording button, the software will lead you into the recording interface which is the intuitive platform to customize the audio and webcam settings according to your requirements. To include the microphone or system audio, you can hit the required buttons to that specified field as shown below:

customize recording settings

Start Recording
Now as all the settings are done and dusted, it's time to hit the recording button and be with it. To proceed with the recordings, hit the red circled button which after giving you a specific 3-5 seconds, eventually start recordings the customized screen of your Lync meeting efficiently as shown below:

Stop Recording
After you're done with the screen recording and webcam recording of your Lync meeting, now you can hit the red square-shaped button which will stop the recording and take you towards the software interface. All you need to do for stopping the recording is hitting this button as shown below:


The Internet's abundant inventory of screen recording items implies that one makes certain to discover free and minimal expense alternatives. Nonetheless, while looking for top-notch execution, elaborate show, and master specialized help, numerous clients are prepared to put their cash in a paid application. Utilizing the DemoCreator toolbox, During the how-to-record skype Lync meeting, you can take notes on the screen utilizing Drawing devices that will add to the recorded video. After the gathering, again press the Recording catch to stop the chronicle and to get the yield recording. That's why we recommend trying out this toolkit to perform this Lynch meeting recording tasks handily.