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How To Record PowerPoint Presentation With Audio And Video Windows and Mac

Alma Elliott
2024-02-22 17:46:19 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

You might have to record your show as a video for your understudies, you might have to make a video slide show for your partners, you might require it to prepare representatives, and the rundown continues. Here is an aide for you to make a video show with sound portrayal on your Windows 11/10 PC. A video show is a sight and sound show where every show slide shows up for a specific span. Presently, assuming you need to make a video show with recorded voiceover portrayal, you can allude to this nitty-gritty instructional exercise. In this article, we will talk about various ways of making a video show with sound portrayal on your Windows 11/10 PC as well as record audio on PowerPoint windows 10. You can make a PowerPoint video with voice utilizing the Add Audio/Record Audio highlight in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint is generally utilized all over the globe by understudies and experts in various fields. The better you are at making introductions, the better the shot at you conveying the idea. As far as we can tell from the learner’s perspective, and as an expert, we have understood that the better your show making abilities are, the better the odds of coming out on top. With this guide to record PowerPoint presentations with audio,  you’ll be able to record your voice portrayal in the slideshow and afterwards save the video PowerPoint show in WMV or MP4 video designs. Additionally, there is some other outsider software that permits you to make PowerPoint video introductions with voice portrayals. We have shared the point-by-point steps to record PPT with audio in windows 10, which you can look at to learn on your own.

Part1. How to Add Audio to PowerPoint Presentation When Recording

PowerPoint has an in-assembled recorder to allow you to record your show with the portrayal, your show with the portrayal and a camera input (Office 365), or simply your screen. You can utilize Microsoft PowerPoint to make video introductions with the sound portrayal. In PowerPoint, you can record sound portrayal or even add a current sound document to a show and afterwards trade the show to a video record with your sound. Allow us to look at how!

Step 1: Launch PPT and Insert the Media

Right off the bat, dispatch the Microsoft PowerPoint application on your PC. Then, at that point, open a PPT, PPTX, or some other upheld show document or make a new show without any preparation. This Microsoft Office support article covers the strategy for Office 365, prior adaptations of Windows, Mac OS and PowerPoint on the web. This choice can be found on the 'Slide Show' tab under 'Record Slide Show'. PowerPoint introductions cut sound while evolving slides, so take a short delay before moving to the following slide.


Step 2: Add Audio File

Assuming you need to record something which isn't in PowerPoint, You can record a part of your screen, by tapping on the 'Addition' tab and choosing 'Screen Recording'. Presently, select a slide to which you need to add or record sound portrayal and go to the Insert tab. From here, click on the Media > Audio > Record Audio choice. On the off chance that you have a sound portrayal saved in another sound document, utilize the Audio > Audio on My PC choice.


Step 3: Set the Playback Menu

Then, record the sound utilizing your mic; tap on the record button and when done, click the stop button and press the OK choice. This will add a sound portrayal component to the slide. You can choose the sound portrayal and afterwards alter some sound choices from the Playback tab. You can manage sound, enter the blur span, tweak the volume, make a circle sound, select beginning occasion, and alter some more settings.


Step 4: Save with Desired Format

From that point forward, you can record portrayal or add sound to every one of your slides in a show. Presently when you are done, you want to save the show in a video design. For that, you can go to the File menu and select the Export choice. Then, at that point, click on the Create a Video choice and select video quality. Likewise, ensure the Use Recorded Timings and Narration choice is chosen. At long last, select a result record design from MP4 and WMV to save the video show.


Part 2: How to Add Audio to PPT Presentation in PowerPoint for MacOS

PowerPoint 365 for Mac empowers you to work with different kinds of sound records like MP3, AIFF, or WAV. Naturally, embedded sounds are constantly installed inside your show, even though you do have a choice to connect to sound records rather than implant them. The default choice has an or more sides since you don't need to stress over connected documents getting lost or lost. On the other side, this conduct can expand document sizes. Having said that, it is as yet a decent practice to keep your sound documents in a similar envelope wherein you save your PowerPoint 365 show—even before you embed them.

Regardless of whether you're making a show for work, school, or individual use, PowerPoint is an extraordinary and simple to-utilize program. Notwithstanding, a portion of the less well-informed clients might battle with sorting out some way to play out specific errands with PowerPoint, such as including sound and voiceover. You can undoubtedly add sound to PowerPoint introductions utilizing macOS also. At the point when you add sound to a PowerPoint show, it can truly assist with lifting it and add a layer of clean to it. PowerPoint includes choices inside its foundation that let you record and add sound to your show. This is the way to add voice to PowerPoint utilizing its inherent elements.

Step 1: Launch PowerPoint and Refer to Audio Selection

In case you'd like PowerPoint to peruse out one specific slide or segment over and over (for instance, if there is significant data you might want to accentuate), it's best not to record PowerPoint perusing out the whole slideshow. All things being equal, it very well may be smarter to record the voiceover for every individual slide or area that needs it. Click Insert–> Audio–> Record Audio–> read PowerPoint through your specific slide


Step 2: Insert Audio File to PPT

To do this click at one or the flip side of the course of events in many more than one PowerPoint has begun playing back your slides. At the base left corner of PowerPoint, there ought to be a little bolt. Tapping on it will help PowerPoint hop back or forward on schedule to a specific point in your slideshow.


Step 3: Setup the Slideshow

After PowerPoint has been set up with voiceover, it's significant for PowerPoint clients to review the sound timings and slides together before recording a genuine PowerPoint show. To do this, click 'Slide Show' from the top menu bar–> 'From Beginning' – > use bolt keys to explore through PowerPoints slide timings and voiceover–> press spacebar or Esc button when wrapped up.


Step 4: Setup the Playback

PowerPoint clients have a great deal of force with regards to changing PowerPoint sound playback choices, regardless of whether it is changing the PowerPoint voiceover's speed, volume level, circling the sound, or playing it across Slides. Click Playback> and select any choice that you want. Decide to blur the sound in and out, circle the brief snippet interminably, trim it however you would prefer, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


5. Upload and Save Presentation

At the point when you're happy with how your slideshow peruses out loud with voiceover, PowerPoint clients can decide to distribute their show utilizing any of PowerPoint's distributing choices. This permits others to see your slideshow completely or view specific areas of it with PowerPoint worked in PowerPoint perusing voiceover.


Part 3: Alternative Way to Record PowerPoint on both Windows and MacOS

Picking the right and shopper cordial decision screen recorder for Windows 10 can be a confounded undertaking particularly when you don't have the ability of current instruments. Notwithstanding, what you should require is a product that is not difficult to use, fast to set up, and successful too. We're here to brief you on the most effective way to use a free screen recorder for Windows 10, and even adjust the recordings you record. Adhere to this article to discover more with regards to Wondershare DemoCreator featureful stage.

Steps to Record PowerPoint with DemoCreator

How about we jump into the bit by bit guide of how might you use this product to do free screen accounts inside your Windows 10 OS framework. We've clarified the short investigation of this product in the progression beneath:

Step 1: Install the Software

The first and foremost step before we dive into the use of this screen recorder is downloading and installation of this handy tool. To download this software, follow the link below which can take you to the .exe file download of this software.

After the download gets finished, now is the time to install this masterpiece, and to do that, open the downloaded .exe file from your Windows 10 file explorer. Now you’ll be asked to give access to your Microphone and Webcam, go ahead with giving access to this tool.

Step 2: Adjust the Capture Settings

As you’re probably into the software, just hit the New Recording button which shall take you towards the screen recorder of Wondershare DemoCreator. Within the screen recorder, you’re facing numerous features of this software. You can add your webcam recordings by hitting the Integrated Webcam button. You’re also given the option of capturing sound as well as an additional audio file from your desktop. If you want to include your microphone just in case for capturing your voice-over, click on the Mic button as follow:


The best part of this recorder is that it allows you to select the specific window screen for your recording purposes. Hence, using the drop-down menu, you can direct this recorder to your specific screen which you want to record via this software.

Step 3. Capture Screen Activity on Windows 10

Now if you’re ready, begin with the PPT with audio screen recording. You need to start your PowerPoint slideshow screen recording with the customized settings, hit the red circled button situated within the recording interface as follows. It will begin a countdown to 3 which can give you time to get ready. You can also pause the screen recording just in case you remember the points to include in your explanatory or presentation video. You can also press the F9 key from your keyboard to pause the PPT screen recording on the go.

Step 4. Edit Your Recorded PPT File

After you’re done with the PowerPoint screen recording with Wondershare DemoCreator, now it lets you into the built-in screen recorder of this software. Here you can do a lot of magical editing which can turn your dull recording into a stunning and professional video everyone would prefer to watch.

With the Wondershare DemoCreator, you can add numerous numbers of transitions to your PowerPoint recording right within your timeline. These transition effects have a huge impact on your final slideshow video. You can add them from the Transition button on your software interface as follows:


Step 5: Export your Recording

With Wondershare DemoCreator has plenty of options and customizable settings for your final output to be saved into your system. You can choose between the various video formats to optimize the quality or output size of your video project. Furthermore, within the less consuming time, this software will save your output videos to the destination folder which shows its fast access and time effectiveness.


Export your screencasts to MP4 if you want to upload it to the YouTube channel as you’ve other option of MOV which is purely for the web content videos. You can opt for any of these formats which is feasible for you. Within the export settings, you have got the option to choose the encoder from the dropdown menu list, we recommend using an H264 encoder as it's meant to save the memory and the best codec for video output.

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The primary concern of this article proposes that whether you're offering content to the organization workforce, giving an expert show, or planning for an online class meeting for your students, you want a recorder. That is the reason we suggest utilizing Wondershare DemoCreator, as its Screen Recorder following video editorial manager for Windows 10 and Mac is an optimal choice for you to pick assuming you plan to accomplish viable advertising. With Wondershare DemoCreator, you can undoubtedly catch your screen recording in only a couple of snaps, and save the result document in MP4, MOV, or MP3 design acceptable for both sound and video content all around the world. In the interim, you can likewise alter your recording for better lucidity with this product altering device and make your video a reasonable piece of content for your end watchers.

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