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Record Presentation with Google Hangouts

David Wilson
2023-09-11 17:44:54 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Google Hangout is an instrument that aids in connecting companies and teams via video meetings and text chats. And when it arrives at sharing crucial details or statistics, recording these conferences can be a beneficial implement to include in your arsenal. It is incredible to record presentation with Google Hangouts for individuals who couldn't catch the forum. Once the presentation is taped, you may share the link with the people who couldn't join the meeting. Hence you can be sure that everyone is aware of what's happening.

Recording digital video or Hangout communication is an efficient method of examining subject matter professionals or recording presentations with distant employees. Before you begin, you must be acquainted with the potential of recording Google Hangout is solely accessible in G Suite Enterprise Education and G Suite Enterprise editions that are paid subscription assistance. 


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Part 1 Google Hangout Recording Settings

Do you want to set up the right ambiance for creating a fantastic recording? If you're recording a company's complaint call, a video/ phone interview, or even a call between friends, assuring you're in the proper place and setting the location can create a massive difference to the recorded call's quality. 

1. Arrange your machine

There are a few steps you must keep in mind before opening the web browser and clicking on record. Firstly, you should be aware that it takes enough processing power for the computers to record screen with Google Hangouts and run this program simultaneously. To obtain the best outcome, you've to shut down all unnecessary applications. You need to turn those applications off and not minimize them.

Google Hangout Recording Settings

It'll boost the overall working of your computer system. Further, you must be sure that all your notifications are deactivated, as apart from ruining your recording, it feels inept when it occurs. 

2. Set up lighting and camera

So, you're done with arranging your machine? Next, you've to adjust the video light, camera, and the space you're recording in the system. The video shall run over everything, so you must know regarding setting up the workstation for the webcam screencast. When you're utilizing audio as well as video, setting good light is very crucial. Phone cameras and webcams cannot alter to swift light changes.


Thus, sitting still and having anticipated lightings that brighten your face yet not much is recommended. You don't have to move to a darkened room or expert studios for quality outcomes but look for a place with a good amount of light and minimal changes. If you don't have natural lighting, you may put in additional lights in front of you so that there are no accidental shadows formed on your face. 

3. Audio settings

Audio recording can be problematic, particularly as you won't have complete control over it, yet you'll prefer to have your client's audio very clear. Think about suggesting a microphone before proceeding to Google Hangouts record presentation as the microphone present in their laptop or PC won't implement standard audio. These built-in mics function well over normal conversation; however, they seem disappointing in a recorded presentation.

Audio settings

It is worth providing your client with a headset or USB microphone, though wearing headphones appears awkward while in a meeting. Most importantly, you must make sure that your microphone is picked up ahead of you begin recording.

4. Video settings

Like the incorporated microphones, laptops with built-in cameras aren't the best except for the MacBooks and iMacs. Ask your client to look for a webcam that provides standard video quality streaming to avoid such problems. The video quality is impacted by how fast or smooth your PC operates camera quality, and internet connection. 

5. Limiting background sound

It is time to review the sound in the recording space. There's always a chance of ambient noise, yet you must try to eliminate it if possible. Smartphones and webcams possess sensitive microphones that'll take up all kinds of surrounding noise.

If you're recording a presentation in a café, the sound of coffee machines, spoons and cups can prove to be a distraction. It is not that noticeable in your daily lives, but in cameras, these noises are evident. Thus, you must be aware of this problem before setting your camera.

Video settings

6. Framing

When you're recording a video, framing your interview makes it a strongly preferable presentation. Whether interviewing anyone for streaming or broadcasting, you'll need your audience in 1/3rd of the frame, the other 2/3rd as background. You'll also require a static environment to minimize distractions.

Moving locations are good until they aren't fast-moving or exciting. Furthermore, your subject should be the star of the presentation and not what's happening behind them!

Part 2 How to Record presentation with Google Hangouts?

There are several choices to record presentation with Google Hangouts. You may record the video with or without audio, PowerPoint slides, or even screen activities. After you pause the recording, you may save it to your PC and thereby send it to whoever required the information. Following are the steps you need to perform for recording a presentation with Google Hangouts:

Join or start the video conference. If you don't have the meeting link, go to Google Hangout and begin your meeting by clicking on 'Video Call.' If you wish to start a video meeting, you can proceed with it from the Google Hangouts homepage. 

video conference

Click on ' People ' in the top right end whenever you wish to begin a new meeting and add a participant. Further click on 'Add People' and following type their email-id in the pop-up window. 

begin a new meeting

Immediately after you're all set to begin the presentation, click on the three dots towards the low-right screen corner.

Click on 'Record Meeting.' 

Subsequently, wait for your recording to begin. Any person present at the conference shall receive a notification that the recording is in progress and another message after the recording ends. 

To stop recording the presentation, click on the three dots and tap on 'Stop Recording.' The recording file takes about 10 minutes or more to generate. The video is then saved to the folder 'Meet Recordings' in the Google Drive of the meeting's organizer. The organizer shall also receive a confirmation email after their presentation is ready, along with a link. 

Part 3 Alternative Way to Record Presentation Videos

Wondershare DemoCreator is an instrument for video and audio recording of the Windows platform PC screen. The audio and screen recorder produced by this tool is available on macOS as well as on Windows. It can record PC screens with webcam video and mic. and system audio. These oddities satisfy inexperienced gamers, teachers, and Vloggers who wish to create gameplay, tutorials, presentations, and even more. Here are the steps to record presentation videos with Wondershare DemoCreator:

Download Wondershare DemoCreator concerning your PC.

Carry out a short configuration of webcam settings and audio recording. You can even record the sound from its webcam. 

Record the presentation video. You may even choose your preferred audio source.

Now set the recording space. Here you have an option of recording a particular area or the entire screen. You may even operate numerous annotations while recording is in progress.

set the recording space

Click on 'F10' when you wish to stop your recording.

Furthermore, you may edit your recorded presentation as per your desire. 

Part 4 FAQs

Q1. How can you record free video and audio on Google Hangouts? 

  • Step 1: You've to open the screen recorder.
  • Step 2: You need to set its recording specifications- system audio, webcam, screen, and microphone.
  • Step 3: You may now record your desired Google session, thereby saving this file to your PC. 

Q2. Where are the recordings of Google Hangouts stored?

Google Hangouts stores all your recorded meetings to your Google Account's 'My Drive.' 

Q3. Is Google Meet and Google Hangouts the same? 

No, they're not the same. Google Hangouts is free and can support almost 25 participants. It has simplified settings. On the other hand, Google Meet is paid assistance that supports many participants and even holds a great call settings variety. 

Q4. Can you record a session from Google Hangouts? 

Yes, you may record your session in Google Hangouts free of charge. You may use its online screen recorder and finally save the conference in high resolution to your desktop. You won't require separate software for recording sessions. 

Q5. How to save, share or play Google Hangouts recordings?

To share or play the recorded presentation, double click on Google Drive's file link. You've to wait for a while until it opens, thereby selecting if you wish to save it to Drive, play it, or even share it with your friends and colleagues. 


So, now you know Google Hangouts allow you to perform text chats and video meetings with your work partners. Other people or even you might face difficulties attending a conference and don't want to miss the crucial information shared in the discussion. Recording the session with Google Hangouts is the easiest solution. It is beneficial to record screen with Google Hangouts when you wish to analyze the meeting later or send it to those who couldn't attend it. Once the presentation is recorded, you may go through the information, knowing what's happening quickly.