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Top 9 Game Screen Recorder for Windows 11

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:43:50 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Windows 11 has brought so many updates. While fixing so many bugs present in Windows 10, it has certainly become much easier to use. The interface of Windows has been carefully redesigned so that the users can easily familiarize themselves with it. Some of its most exciting features include the snap groups and their layouts, improved file explorer, and many others too.

You can also screen record on Windows 11. DemoCreator is the best screen recorder for Windows 11. It is not only efficient and accurate; it is also a very easy-to-use tool. It can be used in different sectors such as video production, business, education as well as gaming.

This article is comprised of the following parts.

Part 1: What's New on Windows 11?

Windows 11 has got the best features for gamers. As compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 is a lot more efficient in terms of gaming. With all of the amazing options provided by Windows 11, it has taken gaming to the next level.

Ever since the release of Windows 8, it shows that Microsoft has started giving a lot of attention to gaming features. Windows 8 was launched with Xbox Companion Application. Microsoft strives to make Xbox be more than just console hardware. Gaming experience got better in Windows 10 too.

But in Windows 11, there are several other options that make the gaming experience much better. It offers so many new features that are exclusive to gaming. Some of these amazing features are mentioned below.

1. Auto HDR

To make the gaming experience more attractive for gamers, Windows 11 offers the feature of Auto HDR. The basic function of this feature is to convert SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) into HDR images. By capturing images from three different exposures, the resultant visual appears to be more realistic. With Auto HDR, the colors, shapes, and each and every dimension of the image become clearer for the user to see and enjoy his games more.

windows 11 auto hdr feature

2. Xbox

Windows 11 becomes more interesting for gamers as it also supports the prior gaming accessories. Unlike the previous situation that was a lot messier, in Windows 11, Xbox Game Pass can be incorporated directly into the Xbox built-in Application. It also allows the user to download several games using their Game Pass. All of these are high-quality games.

xbox feature of windows 11

3. DirectStorage

The main purpose of DirectStorage is to load the graphics memory directly. It bypasses the CPU, hence speeding up the loading process. With the help of DirectStorage, the GPU can access the data at a much faster rate from the storage.

windows 11 directstorage

4. File Explorer

The File Explorer has been redesigned completely. It no longer shows the thumbnails of the files present in the folder. It helps to make the folders look more distinctive. All of the folders, such as downloads, documents, pictures, appear in more vibrant colors.

file explorer interface enhanced

5. Microsoft Store

In terms of functionality, the Microsoft store is still the same. But the User Interface has been made much easier and approachable. The categories are reduced to Games, Apps, TV Shows, and Movies for the user's convenience.

windows 11 microsoft store

Part 2: How to Record Screen on Windows 11?

Wondershare DemoCreator is the best screen recorder for Windows 11. It offers several editing resources for the best output. With the help of DemoCreator, you get the best version of your gaming screen recording. It allows you to add a green screen, remove noises and work with various formats too.

With the help of DemoCreator, screen recording has become so much easier. You can also screen record on Windows 11 very easily. By reading the following steps, you can understand how to record the screen on Windows 11.

Step 1: Launch the DemoCreator Application

After you download DemoCreator, you can simply launch it on your PC to continue the process of screen recording.

Step 2: Choose Screen Recording Option

To screen record on Windows 11, you can select the "Screen Only" to record screen and system audio easily, or the "Screen+Webcam" option to record screen with webcam, audio, and screen drawing tool. Sure, you can also adjust the system audio at your convenience.

Step 3: Initiate Start Recording

After you finished the settings, you can start your Windows 11 screen recording by pressing the F10 key. And you can also start it by pressing the red button on the screen.

Step 4: Export Screen Recorded Video

Similarly, you will have to either press the F10 key or the red button to stop recording. DemoCreator will let you preview your recorded video, and you can save it on your device by clicking on the “FastExport” button.

Sure, if you're using the "Screen+Webcam" mode, the recordings will be shown at DemoCreator video editor. You can edit your recordings as you like. To improve it more, you can cut your unwanted parts, add music, add captions, transitions, audio effects, or other video effects as you like. You can also adjust the speed of the video.

Finally, when your screen video is done, you can export your video in any format, like MP4 (HLVC), AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, TS, WEBM, even MP3, M4A, or Gif.

Part 3: Top 8 Game Recorders for Windows 11

As you read before, Windows 11 have a great improvement on the Gaming experience. So, I guess you must want to know how to record your game highlights effectively, except the DemoCreator game recorder, and here give you some other powerful game recorder for Windows 11.

The basic purpose of game recorders is to record your gaming experience in high quality. Furthermore, they also help you to edit these. So that you can share it further on YouTube social media or use it however you would like to. If you want to screen record on Windows 11, the following are the best game recorders in this regard.

1. Camtasia

Camtasia has gained a lot of fame for the most amazing options it offers to record gaming. While recording your screen, you can specify the part of the screen you want to record. This option is similar to that of a snipping tool. If you also want to use a green screen, you can do so by using Camtasia.


  • Camtasia offers a wide variety of features to its users.
  • Camtasia also supports multiple formats of files.


  • It does not offer any advanced editing options.

2. OBS Studio

OBS game recorder does not restrict the time duration of the video. You can get them as long a recording of your gaming as you want. You also get the option of recording any streaming too. It is the best screen recorder for Windows 11.


  • OBS provides several resolution settings.
  • OBS also allows custom backgrounds for recording.


  • It does not allow editing the recorded video.

3. TinyTake

The recording limit of the TinyTake game recorder is up to 120 minutes. You can also zoom in or out during recording as per your requirements. As you save your recording, you also get a link instantly to share on your preferred platforms. It is available for free to record gaming videos.


  • It provides the easiest file transfer.
  • It can easily carry and record large videos.


  • It only records in WMV formats as default.

4. Ezvid

The best tool of Ezvid is that you can edit your recordings without any watermarks. It ensures that the user completes his tasks more easily as it blocks all the advertisements. It also offers a text-to-speech tool. You can also control the speed of your gaming videos easily.


  • It also offers a free video editor.
  • Ezvid has an easy interface.


  • The recording limit is restricted to 45 minutes only.

5. Bandicam

Through Bandicam, you can easily record your gameplay to upload it on YouTube afterward. It produces a very high-quality video. You can record the screen while also preserving the quality of video with a high compression ratio. You can also record 2D/3D games using Bandicam too.


  • You can select the specific area on-screen to record.
  • Real-time drawing is also allowed.


  • It only supports Windows. It does not work on Linux or Mac.

6. Icecream Screen Recorder

All of its rich features in the Icecream screen recorder are available for free to use. Despite being lightweight, it automatically updates to the latest versions. It is ideal for recording games on Windows 11.


  • You can record multiple screens at one time.
  • You can also select the quality of output.


  • It has limited capacity for editing.

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft does not require Java to function on your PC. Instead, you have to install the launcher to use it. It provides output in multiple formats for the output of the gaming videos such as WMV, FLV, GIF, VOW, etc.


  • It allows real-time editing during screen-casting.
  • While recording, you can also make annotations.


  • You cannot record on secondary Monitor while using Apowersoft.

8. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi screen recorder is an easy, Windows 11 screen recorder. You also set the starting and ending times of the video recording. It is very suitable for gamers who want to share their gaming experience with the world.


  • You can perform screenshot editing.
  • You can also make shortcuts of your own.


  • It is not available for Linux.

Except for the Windershare DemoCreator screen recorder, here are the top 8 game recording tools for Windows 11. How to choose the best video game video recording tool for you? You must have your own choice!

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Wrapping Up

Windows 11 offers some of the best gaming features to its users. With the help of Windows 11, your gaming experience can be more exhilarating. In addition to gaming, you can also record it by using DemoCreator. DemoCreator not only lets you record it in high quality but also provides a powerful video editing function. You can record your game video, edit your game video, and share your game video to YouTube easily with DemoCreator!

If you are looking for a screen recorder on Windows 11, DemoCreator is undoubtedly the best tool available. To use this amazing tool, just download the tool right away.