How to Record Skype Calls on Mac

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:49 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Video calling has become part and parcel of our life. Soon after the global pandemic, human beings have very well realized the power of social media and have joined hands and came together to make their lives better. Today every household is aware of what a Skype call is. Every household is earning as well as paving their ways to earn by this method. Education, work, business conferences, summits, and even entertainment shows are being arranged online.

This has dissolved all the international boundaries and has helped people staying in any part of the world connected to the globally acclaimed service. The Skype video calling app or software is a great communication tool for free calls as well as chats. It is a very affordable tool for international calling. It can be used in any platform or operating system, be it Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. Hence if you are facing a problem recording the Skype call, then you can follow this article.

Way 1. Record Skype Calls on Mac with its Built-In Recorder

If you think that recording a Skype call will help you, you can do so with some quick features. The first method is by recording the call by using the built-in recorder in the Skype app. You have to note that you can only record calls if you are on your computer.

You can follow these steps if you want to use the in-built recorder of the Skype calls, after downloading the software in your system.

Step 1: Make a call to your friends or your colleagues.

mac skype recording

Step 2: Once you start the call, go to the more option on the bottom right corner and choose the start recording. You will get the notification that the call is being recorded, and so will the rest of the participants.

Step 3: Once the call ends, you can end the call, and an option to save the call will pop up, or you can press the stop recording icon from the more icons and after saving the call, you can share the video with your team.

save skype recording mac

This is an easy way to record Skype calls Mac, windows, or Linux. This is the in-built system of skype and is a convenient as well as quick method. However, you have to note that you should try this beforehand in any proxy calls or individual calls, or else you may face problems.

Way 2: Use Mac Screenshot Toolbar

If you are using Mac OS and want to record Skype calls Mac OS, you can record your screen by the screenshot toolbar that Mac OS provides. If you use this in-built recorder of Skype, you don't need any other external software, and the screen recording is also unnecessary.

Follow the steps to record the call:

Step 1: Hit the keys shift+command+5- These are the hotkeys that are required to open the drop-down menu.

open toolbar on mac

Step 2: After this, a toolbar will appear, and you have to select the square with dotted lines. - This is the screen recording logo, and with this, you can record only those portions of the screen you find suitable.

Step 3: After choosing that, you can highlight the portion of the screen which needs to be recorded.

Step 4: Mac will be recording the screen and will end after you stop it.

These are the ways you can take advantage of your Mac OS screenshot toolbar. This is a pretty simple method, and there is no tension in getting it wrong. While you will conduct your meeting, the screen recorder will keep recording it quietly.

Way 3: Record Skype Calls on Mac with DemoCreator

It is possible to record Skype calls Mac-free by using an external app. If you don't want to use your Mac OS toolbar or Skype's recording features due to some reasons, then you can try Wondershare DemoCreator, which is great software to record your video on.

If you want an improved version of your call with your colleagues and an improved version of the recording, you have to follow these steps while using the DemoCreator software.

Step 1. Download the software at first; without the software, it will be challenging to work on it.

Step 2. Complete all the necessary setup that is required for the software. You have to do this beforehand, or else you may miss recording the thing.

run democreator

Step 3. Set the recording preference by choosing the correct option for the microphone, audio as well as video. You can also choose the type of video from there and the format as well.

democreator settings

Step 4. Edit the video. This is one of the most significant plus points of using this software. You can easily trim the parts you want and share them with anyone. It is like cropping the essential parts and letting the other unimportant parts go.

Step 5. Saving and exporting: If you have edited the video, you can go to the saving option and share the edited video with your friends.

This is one of the most effective methods, and you can use this software anywhere. It is also very easy to use the platform and hence will not be a problem to use it in any way.

To record Skype conversion Mac, these are the most straightforward steps that can be used. By following these easy steps, you can surely get the best result.

The Bottom Line

However, the quality of the recording may vary. It may not be possible to use for professional work. On the other hand, if you use the screen recording, the audio can be disturbing. It may crack sometimes. However, that is not a surety. Using an external app will help elevate the level of recording. There will be external modulations that can be used if you are a podcaster. Record Skype calls in Mac using the DemoCreator software to give you an elevated and modified version of the recording. Therefore choose the way and start recording your essential meetings and classes so don't miss out on anything.